03:37 AM on 12/12/12 
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I don't see any questions. But here's an answer for you. Life is hard for everyone. Lose some weight, fix your dick, and get out there and meet people.
09:42 AM on 12/13/12 
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You have to be a troll; you always seem to post the most insensitive and absolutely unintelligent statements.

Insensitivity is my shtick. However coddling people isnt beneficial. Life isnt roses, it's hard. Youll eventually learn that and realize that "ive been right all along."
11:25 AM on 12/13/12 
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I believe that being rational and being insensitive are two very different things. Coddling people isn't beneficial, but neither is cracking cruel jokes or offering intentionally terrible advice. I challenge you to find one element of my comment to OP that was unnecessarily coddling or rationally unsound.

There are scenarios that call for bluntness, and I definitely lean towards being too blunt than tactful. However, you failed to offer useful advice while being blunt; and as a result, it was entirely useless. I'm pretty sure OP recognizes that life is hard, and doesn't need you to reassure him of that fact.
I was not saying you were coddling him. IMO, and I may be wrong, but I truly DO NOT believe I gave poor advice. Without going and re-reading my post, because I can't right now, I believe I told him to lose weight, fix his dick, and one more thing that I can't remember. All of which is true in order to help him out of the depression that he's in.
If I was insecure about something and it troubled me I would seek help in order to fix it so I can move on to the next one. That's all my post said. I was not mocking him, making a joke, or anything. Why? Because I know exactly what he is going through. Simple...I said that all before in fewer words.

"And get out there and meet people"- What world are you in where telling someone to go out and meet people is bad advice?
Many of you have followed my many glorious posts, and if you truly actually read them, I am in fact giving advice to the best of my abilities. Sure I know many of you people are going to bitch and moan about it, maybe simply because my advice isn't the same thing you hear every damn time everyone else replies--But sure, I'm no follower
11:26 AM on 12/13/12 
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Your schtick is unnecessary. Stop being a dick.

Also, you have a fucking Vampire Diaries avatar...so nothing you ever say will be right.
Damon Salvatore and Hank Moody were Gods to me.
12:06 PM on 12/13/12 
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Your advice was basically restating things he knew: he needs to lose weight and fix his sexual problem. "Get out there and meet new people" isn't strictly bad advice, but I think we can agree that if he just did it now, without adjusting his lifestyle at all, that would be bad.

I don't complain when someone gives advice with which I disagree. Normally, I wouldn't even have said anything to you except maybe that I disagree. However, the combination of my disagreement with you and your seeming inability to convey information kindly led to me take it up with you.
I never convey things kindly unless I feel it necessary. The only time i deem it necessary is with loss. Anything else that can be changed/fixed need not be addressed kindly. Whatever he's going through can be fixed, thus all he needs to do is fix it. So that's the best advice I could give him. If he came and said "Guys my leg needs to be amputated," which is something that my friend came to me and said recently, then you best believe I would coddle the fuck outta him. But that's not the case, he has superficial problems, as do most teenagers and young adults, therefore I give it to them as I see it. Cold, simple, truths.

Couple days ago I told this dude on here how to get girls and everyone lost their shit, kinda like how you got angry at me. And tbh, I gave him the best advice I could give him. Don't be needy, don't be too nice, and most importantly don't show her too much interest. Why did I give him that advice, because that's what works for me. And people lost their shit. You can see it as trolling, and this is the first time I actually responded to being called a troll because I'm bored. But the truth is, most of you say the same things,respond the same way, and agree with each other. Very rarely are any of you unique. And those that are hardly put in their 2cents in fear of getting berated. There will be 10s of people ready to back you up, run to your defense, and call me a troll. Because you are all seemingly like-minded. It's the machine.

In real life people think I'm really nice. . Maybe I'm just a bad writer.
12:38 PM on 12/15/12 
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Ive yet to make a troll post. All the effort I do seems to fall on deaf ears. But ultimately my "quit complaining" mentality has dawned on you. Good luck with your future.

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