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Thursday Discussion: Drawing The Line Between Art and Morals

Posted by - 06:29 AM on 12/20/12
Given yesterday's shocking news, it seems like a good time to talk about where the line is drawn between art and morals. This all spawned from a tweet Jason posted yesterday morning. Do you separate a musician's personal life from their craft? If you don't, where do you draw line where it impacts the art or music they have created? This topic has been brought up on many occasions, whether it be Jonny Craig, Ronnie Radke or even The Dangerous Summer. What's more important to you? The music that has the impact to change lives for the better? Or being able to know that you support good people at the end of the day? Head to the replies to talk it out.
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06:41 AM on 12/20/12
Lindsay let me kiss your forehead!
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suicidalmoose's Avatar
in my opinion there are so many great records out there, waiting to be discovered, that choosing not to listen to one or two artists because they're terrible people isn't a big deal. besides, I can't dissociate the music from the interpreter himself - it feels wrong or weird to be listening to a douchebag such as Ronnie Radke, or even that twat from The Dangerous Summer which made those awful rape jokes (I hope those were jokes).

anyway, I never had my life saved by music, as some people had, so that's easy for me to do.

which means I'll probably never listen to Lostprophets, one of my favourite bands growing up, ever again. life goes on.
06:48 AM on 12/20/12
Jake Gyllenhaal
Troll the Respawn Jeremy
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Jake Gyllenhaal's Avatar
For me, it's hard to listen to Chuck Berry knowing that he installed secret cameras in the ladies restroom at his restaurant.
06:49 AM on 12/20/12
Cowboy monkey riding border collies
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XenoAbe's Avatar
06:49 AM on 12/20/12
Regular Member
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jakemuscles's Avatar
i think band members and their band mates should all be accountable for each others actions - it directly effects the public image of the band. I used to hate seeing the band I loved live because you got to know more about them - and than you like less about them.

band members abuse their powers everyday, you give them an inch - they take a mile.
06:50 AM on 12/20/12
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carlosonthedrums's Avatar
I think in an extreme case like the LP scenario, there's just no way a person can go back to listening to that man's voice again if what he's being accused of is true. I've had experiences where I've met members of bands and thought they were rude assholes, but in time you can get over that and keep enjoying their work.

But this...nope.
06:51 AM on 12/20/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Although it may slightly hinder how I feel about a band, I can look past an artist being an asshole. I might not buy their merch, but I'll still listen to them. But something like a child molestation charge means I will never listen to a band the same way nor will I support them in any way. Blood For Blood was one of my favorite bands, but it's strange listening to them now after their drama.
06:53 AM on 12/20/12
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its a hard line to draw. i personally know some musicians who are dicks and have terrible business practices, but i still tend to listen to their music. one in particular though, i stopped listening to his bands music because of a long argument i ended up having with him where he told me he was strictly in music to make money. it completely watered down his music for me and took away any "meaning" his songs had.
06:55 AM on 12/20/12
Dustin Harkins
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Dustin Harkins's Avatar
Although it may slightly hinder how I feel about a band, I can look past an artist being an asshole. I might not buy their merch, but I'll still listen to them. But something like a child molestation charge means I will never listen to a band the same way nor will I support them in any way. Blood For Blood was one of my favorite bands, but it's strange listening to them now after their drama.
Yup, this.
06:56 AM on 12/20/12
Sail Hatan
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Charlesieiy's Avatar
It's impossible to dissociate the music and the people behind it, personally. If I love the music then I want to know who's making it, and I'm hoping that they're not a bunch of assholes. I can hardly listen to The Dangerous Summer - I think they make such great music but that one twat in there puts me off listening to them so hard. I don't like putting my support behind people like that.

That said, if the allegations end up being true, I'm throwing away my Lostprophets CDs and deleting their music off of my computer. That's the LEAST I can do. Used to love them when I was younger, as I'm sure a good amount of people did too. I won't be able to listen to them anymore.
06:59 AM on 12/20/12
is looking for that clearer water
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bduke13's Avatar
I always try to dissociate the art from the artist and judge the art on its own merits. It isn't always the easiest thing though - especially when it comes to frontmen. In general, people will care a lot more about the person singing the songs than the rest of the members of the band. It is an awful thought but I wonder how many people who say they will never listen to the Lostprophets again would feel that way if it was the bassist or drummer and not the frontman who got arrested.
07:01 AM on 12/20/12
Regular Member
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SevenAM's Avatar
I personally feel the music is taninted when the musician acts like a complete piece of shit. It's hard for me to separate the art from the artist even if I really do like the music. I know other people like to give the artist a free pass when they do something horrible, but I just can't seem to look the other way.
07:03 AM on 12/20/12
Keagan Ilvonen
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Keagan Ilvonen's Avatar
I just want to say in no way am I comparing Jonny scamming people, TDS's "jokes" and reputation to what hit the web yesterday. Just drawing similar situations.

For the record, I've never had a bad altercation with any of TDS, I've gotten along with them great.
07:04 AM on 12/20/12
New User Title
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PeeDster's Avatar
It is important. I don't see how it can't be if you take music seriously. The artists represent the music they create. If there is a big gap between the two I cannot be comfortable with it.

No one is perfect and acts like they should all the time but there are limits. Sure the "limits" can be debated but for the most part if you know what you stand for...you know what you want the music you listen to to stand for...and if its crossed, well I can't listen to them anymore. Just can't
07:07 AM on 12/20/12
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B.Leibo's Avatar
Unless you're a person who listens to the music and not the song - I'd say its basically impossible to to listen to a band with out their lifestlye impacting you. Taking into consideration about 90% of musicians write music about their lives, whether it be their childhood, good times, bad times, religious views, political views, etc... I don't know how you could avoid it (give or take the few bands that just put on a massive facade). However, there is a fine line, rather certain degrees of social acceptablity. When you tend to attack your own fanbase as Craig did - you're def going to lose fans. I assume this debate arises because of the Lost Prophets situation, a band that basically got me through highschool. The recent events make me reflect... thats all that can be done - if the accusations stand I will have lost 4 years of my musical life (obviously nothing compared to the children involved in the situation.. just a personal reflection). ... Its not JUST criminal implications however though, I tend to avoid U2 because I think Bono is an egotistical prick and does what he does solely for the spotlight. In the end I think it all comes down to relating to the message the band is sending and if the band is true to that message.

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