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09:16 AM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
Still think this is a band who is more hype than anything, specially live. Live show is hilarious, but mostly because of the awful, awful crowd and the "so over it" attitude of the band. Record was quite good though, and i am interested to listen to this new one. Would be interesting to see this band progress into something more mature like Title Fight or something.
12:34 PM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
You start by saying they're more hype than anything, diss them because of their fans and their attitude, then go on to state you enjoyed their record? What the fuck is wrong with you? The band sounds exactly the same live as on album, and their live show is intense. What more could you ask from a pop punk band?

The album was good for a debut LP from a pop-punk band, definitely quite a few notches above a lot of their 'peers'. What makes the album stand out from other albums is the crisp production. Live, however, the band does have a weird stage presence/attitude. The only way i can describe the crowd is that the kids at a TSSF show are usually the same kids "hardcore dancing" to the "breakdown" on Montrose by Man O.

Crisp Production vs. One Dimensional instruments and overpowering vocals is what is the downfall of this band live. If what you are into is hearing vocals, noise, and the crowd singing, that's cool, but i think the instruments are a big part of their sound on-record.

Also, the what more could you ask from a pop-punk band point is simply stupid. What keeps you from expecting more from a band simply because of genre? Maybe a live show like The Wonder Years or Fireworks? Maybe some more passion like Forever Came Calling? I don't know. Pop-punk is not a cop out for anything. Some pop-punk bads can put on amazing shows regardless of genre, and even skilled Metal players can put on a bad show.
04:00 PM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
What a douchey diatribe you just posted. This is a band thats been touring for slightly over a year. And before that they had never played outside the surrounding california area. Have you ever taken into consideration they feel awkward up there playing to that many people when they're still a small band? It can't be easy jumping from unknown pop punk band to everyone knows us and we're opening for new found glory. Give them time to adjust to the spotlight and work their live show into it.

Difference between awkwardness and not giving a fuck. see: Title Fight's DIY forever attitude. (not that these bands are on the same level at all.)
04:16 PM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
I've seen them seven times now and I've loved every show, but that's because I love the band. Personally, I don't understand the complaints about the band's stage presence. They take hits before every show. That shouldn't really be an excuse, but I can see that it affects them. Parker obviously is the star and I think he handles the crowd, and responds to them very well. Both Ryan and Kellen bring a lot more excitement to the live show since they've come back. I think most of the people that complain about their stage presence are people who are a little so-so about the band.

For instance, I like I Call Fives, but they aren't my favorite band. I saw them live and was a little let down by the lack of new material in the set, which made it a lot easier for me to look at certain aspects of the band and be able to find flaws, like stage presence. Nothing against them, really cool dudes making awesome music.

I just can't see someone being in love with TSSF and being let down by their live show. Just because Will and Kevin don't go absolutely apeshit doesn't mean they don't have stage presence. It's not like every guitarist in every good pop punk band goes completely nuts every show. They don't.

Dudes perform stoned every time, not against it if it doesn't impact the live show, but it does, but that is just my opinion.

As i said, production on the record makes it shine, but live it doesn't hold up, but that's just my personal opinion. Not sure why pop-punk and guitarists have a standard for stage presence. Every musician has their own way. Some are crazy but are terrible players (see: Tom Delonge on his bad days.) But look at ATDI, they are nowhere near pop-punk, have a stage presence that is unparalleled, and they still play some rather technical music. Now, Now is a slower band, but they seem much more interested in it than TSSF. Hellogoodbye and Motion City both not move a lot, but charisma is a big part of it. Parker has that over it, fuck everything thing going for him. Seeing TSSF is pretty much like seeing Parker preach to a bunch of angsty kids with a backing band with poor sound. I have seen them at multiple venues and the sound is very good, but it just doesn't translate live as well.

But once again, that is just my own personal opinion and i think a decent amount of people agree. I, for example, stay away from TSSF crowds because it's just not worth the subpar performance.
04:25 PM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
I totally agree with you. For how intense the fans are, the band looks really awkward on stage. It's like they have no passion and don't really seem to care or appreciate that the crowd is going apeshit for them. It's weird to see a crowd go so crazy and a band not give a fuck at all.

The fans are awful, but so are most pop punk bros so that doesn't really both me that much. I hate most FYS and SYG fans, but both bands bring it live. TSSF mails it in on purpose in my opinion. The vocals are average at best, Parker throws the mic out to the crowd way too much.

They remind me of every time I've seen ADTR live and that's not a good thing. I hate contrived and unemotional live shows. It sucks because the band is really good recorded and has a really passionate, yet idiotic fanbase. They have the potential to have a really passionate, fun live show like Fireworks, TWY, PBC, Swellers, etc.. Hopefully they will grow up some day, stop acting so careless and appreciate the success that they've had.

SYG is another band who has declined live, but some songs are catchy. On the other hand, their new songs sound better live while the glossy production is what kills it on record (opposite of TSSF)

ADTR is the perfect example: Huge band, crazy dedicated fans, catchy songs, flat out boring live show.

PBC is one band that I listen to more live than on record simply because their show is great and the songs sound even better than on record. TWY leaves it all on the stage regardless of any outside circumstances. I saw TWY during a severe tornado warning in Dallas and they still brought the house down. At the same show, AL4W (a band i like a lot) put on an awful show due to the vocals being overpowered by the music live.

Love your examples.

Before i end my "rant", just look at TWY. Their live show has improved so much as the venues they have played have grown. While the stage diving, Mic sharing, pile on singing has gone down a lot, the crowd still goes all out and the band has sounded even better now that they put more thought in their actual performance instead of coping out based on how "crazy" their live crowds get.
04:56 PM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
Yeah, PBC is one band who I instantly fell in love with just from seeing them live. I saw them play a small show with Broadway Calls in 2008 and was in awe of how a band could have such a passionate live show in front of 75-100 people. I had never heard of them before that and was there for Broadway Calls. I left a huge fan. TWY and PBC set the current standard for live "pop punk" shows in my opinion, both bands are an absolute joy to watch.

SYG just depends on the crowd in my opinion. They aren't technically good live, but can have a really fun live show with the right crowd. Giglife was one of the best nights of my life. FYS, SYG, PBC and Fireworks all put on the best shows I've ever seen by any of those bands. AL4W opened the Portland show of that tour and I'll agree with you on the vocals being overpowered. Matty is so awesome recorded and his vocals are too good to be drown out by loud noise. Huge letdown.

I actually enjoyed ADTR when I saw them in 2008 opening for Silverstein. It was before they let the success go to their head and they actually put on an amazing, intense, fun show. I saw them 5 months later at Warped and left bored halfway during their set. It just seemed scripted and came off as one of the least genuine live performances I've ever seen. They looked especially bad because they were right after Story Of The Year who is one of the most intense/passionate live bands I've ever seen.

ADTR is a band that in my opinion literally sold their soul and played by the rules ever since homesick came out. Their tour sick performance was the last good show I saw from them.
Fireworks is also a favorite live even though Dave's voice doesn't hold as well, they are just so damn fun.

Live shows in my opinion are what separate bands that become mainstays from flashes in the pan type bands. Some people only like the early bayside catalogue but will still go to every show due to an incredible technical performance from all members. Same with Saves The Day.

Love how this thread sparked good discussion.

Thank you for your feedback and opinions.
04:59 PM on 01/15/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
I disagree. They've been super genuine every time I've seen them, especially at the smaller shows I've been to, which always have a better sound. But I understand that not everyone has to agree with me.

I see what you mean. I agree they are genuine, I just feel like their genuine feeling is one of indifference as far as their live show goes. This band keeps getting good tours despite their live performance and I don't think the performance will get any better until they mature or their crowds begin to move to another fad. All time low didn't start playing better setlists until their crowd stopped going to shows. Their most recent shows are some of the best but some of the smallest they've played since blowing up.
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