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11:48 PM on 02/01/13
Geology Rocks!
Why are you so afraid?
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The Gaslight Anthem are probably the best band going around right now, their album Handwritten has shot them into scenes where they should've been much earlier than now. This poster was my favorite because I love the style and the way it's painted and the design is fantastic.
01:11 AM on 02/02/13
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It is not easy to pick one from all the great posters, so I would go personal on this one. I decided for this, because even though I am from the other side of the world, thanks to great planning (or rather sheer luck), me and my wife could go and see our favorite band play in Brooklyn last year.

01:17 AM on 02/02/13
Fight the Cancer
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This is my favourite El Jefe poster because 2 Chainz.

so you win.

Mickey Explosion and Latitude/Longitude Tour Dates

Hey we have the same avatar. Please come to Toronto.
08:33 AM on 02/02/13
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I love this design because of his use of perspective. The bird's eye view of the couple passionately kissing on top of a tall building's window sill is just perfect. They have not a care in the world and their love is so dangerous as to the fact that they rolled out onto the sill and are close to falling off the edge but are so wrapped up in each other that they could care less about their possible fate in death. El Jefe has placed the band name and event information cleverly on the road on the street below, and it reads both ways so that cars driving by can read the info and happily attend the show. Great advertisement. I love all of his work but this poster really stands out to me for the reasons I described above.
09:36 AM on 02/02/13
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A difficult decision but I really love this one. The American Slang tour was the first time I saw the band play and it cemented a love and went on to introduce me to more incredible bands and singers (such as Dave Hause) and a great designer. There's something about the elegance of it which makes it so memorable. I hope to someday have that design tattooed and have a visible memory of El Jefe and the incredible band of The Gaslight Anthem for the rest of my life.
10:24 AM on 02/02/13
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I really like the overall design of the poster. If I could have been at the show that would have been great, however I was not. It just reminds me of the countless hours I have spent watching Brian's acoustic sets on youtube and wherever else I could find them. To top it all off it has one of my favorite lyrics on it.
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Name:	il_fullxfull.330062506.jpeg
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05:27 PM on 02/02/13
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I was born on a Western coast. Born into a close knit family and raised with the knowledge that, no matter how much I loved home, when you’re born on the wild and beautiful west coast, you’ll probably have to leave to make something of yourself when the time comes. Most of us turn it into a sense of adventure; see it as an opportunity to find some dreams to chase. So we hit the road, a sense of wanderlust that for a time dulls the wrench of leaving behind what you love. Time passes, and the more it does, the farther from what you love you start to feel. The void quietly deepens. Cut to years later and you’re eking out an existence but it’s just that – an existence. And you hear a song that turns your head and as time passes and more songs play, your mind and heart open and you’re reminded of that feeling of home, long since forgotten. Then you see the songs live, talk to people, make new lifelong friends – the kind of friends they told you you were too old to make. So THE holiday show is announced – in New Jersey – where family have emigrated to, where friends are stopping off, where you know he (who through your life acted as a musical link to home and family) will more than likely rock up to. And you know you have to go because you know it will remind you of what life is about. So your wanderlust is re awakened, you find more gigs to pad out the trip. You go and discover new music, meet new friends and old friends, see the band that might just have started to fill the void (he ambles out on stage too singing about where the angels and devils meet). This image has been hanging on my wall ever since that show through some heartbreaking and hellish times, and some good times too. All the while reminding me that home isn’t so far away after all and dreams can come true, no matter where life takes you. You've just got to let it.
03:10 AM on 02/03/13
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This picture poster in particular is really captivating because of the way it's incorporated very well with The Gaslight Anthem's theme of The '59 Sound. The delineated imagery this album plays is set accordingly by El Jefe's work of art on his poster. The way he mastered the ferris wheel that's stamped in the background of the couple who are holding each other really captures the sense of this album and the song The Patient Ferris Wheel. By using limited colors, as Jeffrey Everett does in most of his work, he can make something seem so simple and give it a broad meaning. I love the quote at the bottom of the poster 'And If You Never Let Me Go, I Will Never Let You Down', this was taken from the song Backseat featured on The '59 Sound album. I enjoy owning this poster as well as the album and along with The Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallons other work with The Horrible Crowes.
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06:39 PM on 02/04/13
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This is the poster that started it all for me. Being a long term fan I was searching for Gaslight anthem merch and found this piece of art. Searching through is work I found I loved everything he had sone wich has now turned into an art obession. He has a way of the vintage classic rockabilly feel that captures the Gaslight Anthems nostalgic feel that makes you wish you had a highschool sweetheart you could spend a lifttime with over and over. I was later than most getting onto the El Jefe and my favorite works were by far long sold out, until a magical post on El Jefe's facebook page that he found one in storage and was going up for sale. I refreshed the links a bazillion times until it was open for purchase. He certainly knew his worth as the prices was higher than usual but a note that proceed would be going to a local animal shelter there was no hesitation. A hidden credit card statement and now 35 plus posters later you could say Ive been a collector. That is not including the many I have bough for gifts to get everyone else on the poster craze as well.
07:04 PM on 02/07/13
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I love the We Were Promised Jetpacks poster. The art is so beautiful and the band is really great. Look at that sky! And those colours! <3
10:40 AM on 02/13/13
She wears hats above her ears
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As a graphic designer I can't not be inspired by El Jefe Designs. When I was going to college and studying graphic design I would reference his work in my Design 2 class whenever we had to pick a design we liked and had to explain which elements of design they used in it. This one wasn't out when I was in that class, let alone in college or else I would have chosen it to demonstrate it's use of elements and design principles.

With the couple on the left and the text on the right it balances out the poster for symmetry purposes. Also the small use of red in the girl's dress is enough to make the design unified without the red being the most important part of the piece.

Thirdly, the use of typography in this poster is my absolute favorite. I love when type lines up cleanly on baselines and the fact that he has it upside down as well is one of the original parts and best parts of this piece in my opinion.

My favorite parts of the piece:

• Balance of the couple vs. the text
• Texture in building ledge
• Typography
• Pattern and repetitiveness of the people on the sidewalk
• The contrast of "near" vs. "far"
• The direction in "stability" vs "movement"
• Use of color
• The scale of the couple to the people down below on the street level.

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