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12:58 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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01) Band needed space and didn't wanna come back until they were stoaked on it.
02) The entire time during the hiatus Pete and Patrick were talking and had some song ideas, even when Patrick was touring on his solo album.
03) Tried writings songs once, didn't feel right. Then more recently Patrick wanted to try again, Pete was worried .. but then the music spoke right and it all came together.
04) Even on day 2 of "hiatus" Pete was sending lyrics to Pat and he was sending back song ideas.
05) It was about a year ago that they were excited about what they were working on again.
06) Wanted to make sure it was the right reasons before doing it again ... it had to be about enjoying the music and being around each other.
07) The sideprojects have a "ton" of influence, but in a different way --- that because they got a lot of the "fat" out during the sideprojects what they are left with is pure Fall Out Boy.
08) Joe hadn't written a lot of music for FOB in the past, but on this record he did more. He needed to go away to remove the pressures.
09) Pete's boy was in the inspiration for some lyrics on the new album.
10) Pete felt like he needed to 'grow up' a little before getting back together.
11) Album is varied. Sounds more like the new single than anything else though - sonically. Dirty and more filtered and reverb.
12) Working with Butch was great and really helped them step outside of themselves creatively.
13) Zero dubstep.
14) Hard to describe the album - can't really put it to words in how it sounds and it's "something of its own" -- which they credit Joe's writing and Butch ... and Andy is singing back-ups (quite a bit) on the record.
15) Patrick says its some of his favorite lyrics Pete's ever written.
16) They could have released "Sugar" 10 times but didn't wanna play it safe as a band.
17) The burning was definitely alluding to being reborn.
18) Andy never talks. (Observation)
19) They recorded in Los Angeles. But some pieces were recorded by Patrick in Chicago, himself, and used on the album.
20) Coming back to Chicago was really important to them to do all the reunion stuff.
01:15 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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Yep absolutely no way they were working on the album more than a couple months ago
They started officially recording just a couple months ago.
01:39 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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It's cool they got back together since so many people love them. But I still don't get why they're so popular. Lots of better pop punk bands in the scene imo.

Such as..?
01:41 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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I just thought it was kind of funny how hard you were diving the point that you had insider knowledge of the situation yesterday, which I'm sure you do, and you are probably just really excited about the news just like everyone else.

Also the bullet points are awesome, makes it really easy to see what the interview was about without having to sit down and listen to it. Thanks
Nah, my main point is that they haven't been recording for a year or whatever was said before ... and that was one of the reasons they waited to announce anything, they wanted to make sure the songs were what they believed in first.
02:30 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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Pete and Patrick are both scene queens. Got it.
Not well, apparently.
02:46 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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Pete updated his blog with some q&a:

I’ve had a million questions come my way the last 30 hours, these are the ones asked the most:

Q - what does save rock and roll mean?

A - Rock and Roll is an intangible- its an attitude- something that you feel. Fun, Danger, whatever you want to call it. When we started this band- it wasn’t for anything but ourselves- we wanted adventure, play loud music, and do it with our best friends. fast forward to 2013. we wrote some songs we felt we needed to. we feel like were back there at the beginning with only adventure and loud music again. We just want to feel real again. Save Rock and Roll is a personal statement for the band as much as anything else- because at the end of the day rock and roll saved us.

Q - Does rock and roll need saving/do you plan on saving it?

A - it’s not to be taken literally. One of the problems with rock lately is that people take things too seriously. fall out boy has always played with irony and tried to take the piss out of ourselves as much as anyone else.

Q - Why come back now?

A - The music had to be right first, its all about the music. There was no other part driving this. About 9 or 10 months ago patrick and i wrote a few songs- they didn’t feel right, so we kept our heads down and went about other projects. when we got together more recently we felt like we had written a few of the most compelling and heartfelt songs fall out boy has ever written. besides december 21 came and passed and we decided since the world didn’t end- why not put out some tunes.

Q - Why the hiatus?

A - I think we all needed a break. We toured non stop for 7 years all over the world. There was no real plan with it. We needed to figure ourselves out in being creative and our personal lives. We never thought it would end up being as big of a deal as it was.

Q - What can fans expect of the new album?

A - Its the best album we’ve ever made. It doesn’t sound like the other FOB albums, but it sounds exactly like fall out boy in 2013.
09:19 PM on 02/05/13
Jason Tate
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Anyone know anything about this?

Save Rock And Roll Tracklisting

Star 67/ Intro
Fellowship Of The Nerd
The Legend of the Secret Order
Second Emo
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light em up)
This Ones For The Kids
We Don’t Take Hits, We Write Them
Lake Effect Kid
Austin We Have A Problem
7-9 Legendary
The Vanguard


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