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11:49 AM on 02/07/13
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You know this guy isn't a bad vocalist, but damn if his vocals for DGD sound like this. Way too high.

He'd fit perfect in a post-Cove, post-Anthony Saosin.

In a post-Jonny, post-Kurt DGD though?

I'm always excited for new DGD, but I still don't see him fitting well.
01:11 PM on 02/07/13
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I disagree. I think the new DGD could be more similar to the S/T if they do it right. Tilian has a unique sound too that wasn't in the last record, and I actually enjoy a lot of songs on DBM2. Despite being one of their weaker efforts.
I just don't see it. I know his sound, and I don't hate it. I just don't think it fits with DGD. Would you listen to Death Star or Happiness if it had Tilian on vocals? I wouldn't have. I'd listen to this guy if he was still in Tides or if he joined Saosin. But the nasal, super high clean vocal thing doesn't work in DGD.

Worked in Tides, worked in Saosin, worked in SWS, works in PTV, etc.

Too many post-hardcore vocalists sound like that. That was actually one of the few things that made DGD stand out, that their singers didn't sound like their balls were in a vice grip, you know?

If Geise would have joined DGD, it would have been a much better fit. I barely even like Jonny, but I'd listen to another record with him before a Tilian cut.
01:38 PM on 02/07/13
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Yeah, but we still haven't heard anything yet. We should wait for a song to be released before we make these claims. I agree though that it is a strange choice/fit for DGD. Like I said though it could bring a new unique element having his super high falsettos. Well see.
Only reason I say this is because when it was first announced that he joined, there was a full live set posted of him with DGD. Some people liked it, because they were Tilian fans. It worked with some of the back catalog, but it was too off for me I guess. Like I said, if they would have gotten a guy like Matt Geise? Next record would have been damn near guaranteed to be golden. Some of the early live videos with Matt were terrible quality, so you didn't really get a good judge of his sound with them, but some good ones came out later and he fit almost perfectly. Just saying if not live, going purely off of studio recordings, would you rather have Tilian Pearson or Matt Geise?
01:57 PM on 02/07/13
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I'm not sure because I'm only familiar with Geise on Rock Solid, and he did a great job. Though I felt his vocals didn't match very well if he was going to be the main clean vocalist. I also haven't listened to Tides, but I was one of those people who enjoyed the live videos of Tilian. I should probably start listening to Lower D.

04:16 PM on 02/07/13
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Such a boring, generic pop song.

I'm a huge DGD fan and i'm really not excited about him being the new frontman at all.
This. Whether you're a Jonny or a Kurt fan, anyone can agree that they're somewhat hesitant towards a guy like this taking over frontman duties. He's fine if you like the super-nasal-vice grip vocals a la Kellin, Vic, etc. But as a DGD vocalist? I'm not convinced yet.
05:06 PM on 02/07/13
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I was pretty vocal about believing Tilian was a bad choice.

Then I saw him on the recent tour. It works, amazingly well.

There were a few stylistically choices I didn't care for, but he KILLED it on Kurt songs (they actually played more Kurt era than Jonny era).
I'm more of a Kurt era fan to begin with, still say Happiness was them at their peak.

I saw the live set that was posted on her with him in it, and I wasn't too impressed. It's like he tries to do his own thing and improvs over the songs and it becomes grating. Could it become polished? Yeah, I'd say so.

I just feel like if Will decided to do a project with Geise anyway, why not add him in DGD over Pearson?

I get it that guys like Tillian Pearson, Kellin Quinn, Craig Owens, Vic Fuentes, and others have their "high voices are the best voices" cliques, but come on, you know?

The highest DGD vocals ever were on WISIRO, and it didn't stick because the band progressed.

I feel like this band was on the right track, then they went off course, and phoned in a cheap reunion record.

Last thing a band like DGD needed was another ridiculously divisive decision.

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