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04:13 PM on 02/08/13
Tortoise Tamer
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wtfjaked's Avatar
Because Andy Hull is my single favorite musician in the world. Everything he touches turns to sex to the ears. Well really, it all starts out as plain sex but then listening to an album turns into a massive 1 hour love making session that will leave you both sore and begging for more.
04:22 PM on 02/08/13
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I am beyond stoked to see bad books play the 24 in sc i already have my ticket. they are one of my favorites bands. both albums are beyond amazing. and im not sure but i think my boyfriend might be asking me to marry him at that show. because he knows i love bad books almost as mush as i love him :) the 24 needs to hurry up
04:25 PM on 02/08/13
Gather round children zip it listen
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tossit's Avatar
Because Andy Hull and Kevin Devine together is like dipping fries in your wendy's frosty...you're not sure what you're gonna get at first, but damnn it's goood.

Oh and I was planning on going to the Chicago date next Thursday.
04:40 PM on 02/08/13
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sammyboy516's Avatar
I'm excited to see the band on tour so I can rub my face in Andy's magnificent beard and maybe somehow attain some of his wonderful genius and talent.

I'm not even kidding.
04:46 PM on 02/08/13
Cozy Body
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mka12992's Avatar
I am beyond stoked to see bad books play the 24 in sc i already have my ticket. they are one of my favorites bands. both albums are beyond amazing. and im not sure but i think my boyfriend might be asking me to marry him at that show. because he knows i love bad books almost as mush as i love him :) the 24 needs to hurry up

That's the show I'm going to! Mind if I ask whereabouts you're from? By the way, I hope your suspicions are correct. :)
06:22 PM on 02/08/13
Registered User
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denniseckersley's Avatar
I am excited to see the constant evolving of the many of talent in this band. Not so much how the music changed, or where the album has progressed their writing sensibilities, more so as individuals. Devine and Hull have come a long way, yes as musicians, but as men themselves. The progression of there work is a reflection of their innermost character. They have put such a toll on themselves making them more and more vulnerable each record they write. These guys aren't just writing songs, they are taking a part of themselves to give to you. accept it with joy.
07:23 PM on 02/08/13
When I disappear...
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vaguestcargo's Avatar
Because they're opening for Shone?
08:02 PM on 02/08/13
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First heard of Kevin back in 08 when seeing him live. Been obsessed with his records ever since. Been a huge fan of Manchester ever since "I can feel a hot one". Unfortunately I missed both these men live for the past 5 years I've known about them. Their lyrics, their vibe, its what I live for. Theres no other music I connect to as strongly then the both of them. When they joined to make Bad Books, that feeling only got stronger. My friends ask me what new bands I've been listening to lately, I reply with, "same old shit". I dont think there has been a day where I haven't spun both the Bad Books album, walk to class with 'put your ghost to rest', and go to sleep to 'simple math'.
08:18 PM on 02/08/13
Comrade Tiki
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Comrade Tiki's Avatar
I'm joining the Navy, getting shipped off to boot camp in April, and I don't have a record player... nor do I have the money to go see them this month from Florida... but I envy those who are close enough to see these guys again.

I'm already lucky for having gotten to see them twice. I saw Bad Books in 2011 at a music festival on the beach here, with enough monarch butterflies to make K-Dev remark upon their beauty. And I saw Bad Books in 2010 during the tour for their first album. (They had a show up in Cambridge, which gave me an excuse to fly to Boston to visit my sister. When we arrived, Andy was playing his "Right Away, Great Captain!" solo stuff. I asked my sister what she thought of his sound, and without knowing the RAGC story she said "He sounds lonely"... which fits RAGC to a T!)

So I've been listening to Bad Books "II" for several months now, having gotten the CD in October from a place the recruiting office where I'd gotten the previous Bad Books album. It was the day after "II" came out, and the day I signed my first paperwork. And the lyrics ARE JUST NOW sinking in. More and more, they describe things I feel about my impending career.

I'm excited to see them again, some day, so I can hear the little vocal variations which happen during live performances. I want each song's singer to subtly slip a few of their own feelings into the lines which resonate in me the most.
Things like...
-"It's so good to be alone..." (because I hear the sea is a harsh mistress) "...but I hate to be alone"
- "It's such a lonely life..."
- "I spent the entire last month thinking of ways to scalp my head, impress you with the way I speak..."
Also, who WOULDN'T want the opportunity to be close enough to these guys to feel the bass in their chest on the heavier songs!!!

Ultimately, I may not have a record player, but my sister is really into vinyl. For previously mentioned problems, I haven't had the ability to get her many gifts... so, it'd be nice to give her something to listen to while I'm wrapped up in training and eventually at sea.

Anyway, I want to see this topic reach 100 pages. These guys deserve it.

Thank you for listening.
08:50 PM on 02/08/13
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dj92jr's Avatar
I want to hear these guys live because I deserve to way more than my stupid ex-girlfriend in Boston who just started listening to them two weeks ago and now she's all like "Mehhh, free show at Northeastern. You jelly?" And I'm like "Bitch, damn straight I'm jelly," and if there wasn't an awful snowstorm and if I had money I'd fly my ass to Boston or NYC and catch them play. A free vinyl would be a pretty sweet sad consolation prize.
09:10 PM on 02/08/13
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alexis0tto's Avatar
You know what's good on it's own? Andy Hull. Hull has had fabulous success with Manchester Orchestra, Right Away, Great Captain! and his other projects. Hull's unusual voice lends a uniqueness to his music and vocals and engages listeners in a melodic way.
Peanut butter is good on it's own as well.

You know who else is good on their own? Kevin Devine. Devine, although a bit lesser known it seems, has also had success with his solo endeavors- honestly, all it takes is one listen to the dude and you're hooked. His soothing voice and his deep lyrics addict his audience. His songs are songs you can relate to.
Bananas are also pretty great on their own.

What happens when you put peanut butter and bananas together, though?
Something a little similar to what happens when you put Hull and Devine together.


Bad Books is everything listeners want in a band; catchy, deep lyrics that you can of course sing along to, but also feel. The power duo is undoubtedly the next "big" thing to happen to music. It's both of these talented guys channeling themselves into more mature and emotional material and the result is complete perfection. Their first release, the self titled "Bad Books" in 2010 was very, very good. When the duo released "II" in the fall of 2012, though? Nothing short of amazing.

Why am I excited to see them in concert? Because these two guys bring the sort of passion that's meant to be in music back. They're so dedicated to their art and I'm sure it's going to be great to see. This will be my first time since I do live on the East coast, and as far as I know, they've never toured around here. I'm so excited to see their fan base grow so they can get the recognition they undeniably deserve.
10:20 PM on 02/08/13
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because Bad Books will forever be in my good books and when I'm down or even when I'm up or inbetween I can always count on my good books. They're not scheduled to come down to my neck of the woods yet but when they do things can only get better.
11:50 AM on 02/09/13
Fate Has Been Making Me A Liar
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TMS2787's Avatar
Man, why I am excited to see Bad Books next Saturday in Columbus? Where do I start? Columbus is the first place I ever saw either Manchester Orchestra or Kevin Devine, it was back in March 2007 (almost six years to the date!) when they were on the Winter/Spring tour supporting Brand New and I instantly was a fan of both of them, not to mention Brand New played 23 songs, including Deja from front-to-back, but that's not what I'm writing about. After the show I remember having to seek out "I'm Like A Virgin..." and gettings KD's CDs at a local used record shop, they had to get them sent from another location and this was the time before ILAV even had a secuirty strip across the top. But, again this isn't about the "I liked them before they were popular!" siq brag bruh! I just fell in love with the music, the passion, the fire that both of the acts shared. I have seen MO many times over, KD many times over (including trips to Columbus to see him twice, always around this time of year) and Andy as RAGC but have never had the chance to see Bad Books live, I have been waiting and anticipating it so much since I first read the news on this site that they were releasing a joint album and now two fantastic, well played, well placed albums later I will be finally getting to see them live with my girlfriend, who I originally met because of our love for Brand New/ KD/ MO, so it's going to be a great, great time and I am sure an amazing show! Either way, if I don't win... I will be buying the deluxe edition of this soon! :) But free is the best.
02:44 PM on 02/09/13
Regular Member
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jxunit's Avatar
i get to spend my Valentines Day with Bad Books...oh, I'm bringing my girlfriend too. This concert got me out of having to buy dinner and a teddy bear. THANK YOU BAD BOOKS!!!!!
08:56 AM on 02/10/13
Registered User
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Watson's Avatar
I live in Toronto, but I was super excited to see the show in Pontiac, MI with my long distance gf who lives there. We bought the tickets and everything, but my immigration status prevents me from going! I'm still excited for her though. Those are all our favourite bands on one tour!

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