Favourite Band?
Jake Jenkins - A Good Beginning 24 20.34%
KenneyBN - Overcast From Giant Apes 27 22.88%
Numero10 - Alex Turner's Summer Knights 17 14.41%
Chris Collum - Mercury Tango 10 8.47%
Spiffa0 - Justin Timberlake presents The Experience 25 21.19%
Georgedcc - The Brassy Knoll 7 5.93%
Incognitojones - Cat Valium 8 6.78%
Voters: 118. You may not vote on this poll

01:39 PM on 02/17/13 
User Info.
The Low-Cal Calzone Zone
spiffa0's Avatar
Westmont, NJ
Male - 27 Years Old
if I make it into the top 3 I'll be happy
02:04 PM on 02/17/13 
User Info.
The Things We Think We're Missing
GetUpAndrew's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
Voted for Kenney.
02:42 PM on 02/17/13 
User Info.
Registered User
kazuma_ootaro28's Avatar
Male - 28 Years Old
Jake's and Collum's are interesting. Loved George's write-up, and Kenney had a pretty good lineup.
02:51 PM on 02/17/13 
User Info.
StepsInADance's Avatar
Miami Fl
Male - 21 Years Old
Shit, surprised I made the short list. Now I get to be dominated by these better bands in public, great. #selfconfidence

If it counts for anything your band was my second choice.
03:54 PM on 02/17/13 
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barkjon's Avatar
Seattle, WA
Male - 17 Years Old
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thanks! <3

fucking spambots
08:27 PM on 02/17/13 
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from Milan to Minsk
vivatoto56's Avatar
Billings, MT
Male - 24 Years Old
Pretty good this time around. Went with A Good Beginning but it was hard choosing between that and Overcast From Giant Apes
09:56 PM on 02/17/13 
User Info.
ChaseTx's Avatar
Denton, TX
Male - 27 Years Old
The last 3 would be great, I went with George though
10:34 PM on 02/17/13 
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Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Ocean City, New...
Male - 21 Years Old
Mercury Tango sounds dank
12:43 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
RTD2's Avatar
Male - 28 Years Old
alex turner ftw!
01:12 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
will be gone till July 2015 on mish
KenneyBN's Avatar
Edmonton, AB
Male - 20 Years Old
All of which were songs written before she joined the band.

I still think she could do the things I stated. I mean, she is obviously contributing to their writing process now, and she plays the key boards. Obviously she is capable of being part of the writing process and working with a band, or else TWIABP probably wouldnt have made her an addition.
02:23 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
Geology Rocks!
Why are you so afraid?
Geology Rocks!'s Avatar
Perth, Australia
Voted for Kenney.
05:25 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
Rob McWilliams
i'm just bad bad bad for you
Rob McWilliams's Avatar
Male - 18 Years Old
I voted Incognito.
07:57 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
This Charming Man
SpyKi's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
My band was robbed.
08:53 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
Anthony Lutz
nextstoptheolympics.tumbl r.com
Anthony Lutz's Avatar
Columbia, MO
Male - 29 Years Old
Kenny's gets my vote
09:23 AM on 02/18/13 
User Info.
kill the switch
surette's Avatar
Boston, MA
Male - 23 Years Old
Voted for spiffa, but Kenney and Jake are a close second and third.

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