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07:51 PM on 02/20/13
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For people who have one of these services, do you still buy music? I usually buy music so the bands get money, and I feel like they don't with services like spotify. I don't buy a ton of music, probably an album or two a month, but that is still more then 95% of people I know. I feel like most people my age, 20, have not purchased an album in years if ever.

I buy vinyl now more often.

These days, I usually don't buy digital unless there's an Amazon or Bandcamp sale. I've definitely started buying more new albums on vinyl.
08:29 PM on 02/20/13
Running on Fruit Snacks
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Clockwise's Avatar
I've been thinking about switching to Rdio, but I've read a lot of reviews that say it just doesn't stack up to Spotify in a few ways.
08:42 PM on 02/20/13
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phillipjacob's Avatar
I don't think there's a better ten dollar investment a person can make a month. And for anyone that complains about the price

ten bucks is roughly equal to two packs of cigs if you smoke, a movie ticket, and other items that can easily be cut out.
08:56 PM on 02/20/13
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This is ridiculous. I have friends and family who play music for a living, and they hate Spotify.

I understand why they do not like it, but, as an avid music listener, I am trying to pay for something that i can afford. A much better alternative to torrent downloading. I am a premium user and I agree its one of the best things I own. Truthfully, I'd happily pay if it was double the price.

That they're trying to fuck the artists even further while they make a profit is shameful.
09:24 PM on 02/20/13
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buckcheeks's Avatar
Does anyone have spotify premium? Would you recommend it? I'm tired of rearranging my songs to fit on my phone

Best ten dollars I spend a month on non-essentials, going by the classic definition of non-essentials because I definitely consider it an essential.
10:01 PM on 02/20/13
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cshadows2887's Avatar
Cheap bastards.

I love Spotify's convenience. I use it to check out a record one time and determine whether I'd like to own it or not. Then it goes on my buy list to eventually buy physicially. But even then, I feel awful about how little they pay the bands.
10:35 PM on 02/20/13
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I think if Bandcamp were to move towards this streaming content model it would be huge for independent artists. Physical and digital album sales are dying, and streaming is most likely the way of the future. If I could pay for a streaming service that gave more money to the artist I definitely would. I wouldn't even mind paying the $10 a month (which I already do for Rdio) and having display ads, if it meant more money for the artists.
10:46 PM on 02/20/13
this boat is obviously sinking
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thesinkingship's Avatar
For people who have one of these services, do you still buy music? I usually buy music so the bands get money, and I feel like they don't with services like spotify. I don't buy a ton of music, probably an album or two a month, but that is still more then 95% of people I know. I feel like most people my age, 20, have not purchased an album in years if ever.
I buy mostly vinyl records. It's either that or I'll get MP3s from Amazon when they're cheap.
10:59 PM on 02/20/13
Get him a cranberry juice
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Godammit Spotify dont make me hate you
05:10 AM on 02/21/13
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I pay for Spotify Premium, and it's easily the best thing I own. 10 bucks a month for any album I want to listen to, on any device, anytime. It's amazing. I literally use it all day long.

I agree with you. I think $10 is a bargain for the amount of music I get without interruption. No ads, I get the songs I want on and off-line. The service is fantastic. For those who can't afford it -- I think of it as the price I'd pay for Netflix, only with Spotify I'd get way more use out of it. Even today, it's still easier to go mobile with music than video streaming.
06:56 AM on 02/21/13
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jnkbondtrader's Avatar
rdio's interface is better, and their mobile app is leaps and bounds better than spotify's.

there is one glaring flaw though: no gapless playback. it's enough to make me want to go back to spotify sometimes.
06:57 AM on 02/21/13
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Best $10 a month ever spent.
07:12 AM on 02/21/13
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I download music illegally. Ill never try one of these streaming sites. That being said, I buy cd's that I enjoy often to support bands who deserve it and also for physical copies of songs in case I lose digital copies.
08:14 AM on 02/21/13
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Definitely recommended, as everyone above is saying. I'll add in a few things though.

The quality of the music is great, it's MP3 quality. However, if you're using it a lot on your phone or iPad or whatever, remember that it does use a lot of data. If you're on 3G/4G and using it a bunch, watch your data usage, because that'll eat it up real quick. If you're somewhere you have wifi then that obviously isn't a problem. The app's interface rules as well.
I was running into this problem with the data, and I wanted to figure out a solution since my unlimited data plan will eventually go away. You can sync a playlist to your phone/device, and then switch Spotify into "offline mode." Depending on the quality you choose, this can obviously take up a lot of memory, but it is an alternative to overage charges.

And like everyone else said, the upgrade is definitely worth it. I've had Premium since September of 2011 and it is an absolute lifesaver.
09:06 AM on 02/21/13
Spencer Control
Yeah I still burn from time to time
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Godammit Spotify dont make me hate you
This. But, what can we expect? They're a company. Their goal is to maximize profits, and one element of that is minimizing expenses. Still, I wish it weren't so ubiquitously-stacked against the artists. Seems like their only way to catch a financial break is selling out shows. Thank goodness most of them love what they do.

Does anyone know how Spotify pays independent artists? Say, The Classic Crime for the royalties to their new album, which was Kickstarted - how do those payments compare against bands with labels?
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