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Posted by: Jason Gardner (02/22/13)
In anticipation for the release of the band's upcoming record Live By The Code, we're teaming up with Victory Records to give you a chance to win one of five Terror prize packs that includes a t-shirt, poster and sticker pack. Hit the replies to check out the rules, and be sure to enter by next Friday, March 1st.
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09:28 AM on 02/22/13
Jason Gardner
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Terror just released a brand new music video for “Live By The Code”, the title track from their forthcoming album out April 9th. Produced by Chad Gilbert, Live By The Code is the “dirtiest, rawest and most hardcore” record that Terror has ever done. Watch the video here and answer the question in the thread below by Friday, March 1st for a chance to win a Terror prize pack.

Tell us about your first hardcore show experience. Who did you see? Did they make an impact in your life? Something crazy happen? Go!

One entry per person please, limited to residents of North America.
09:28 AM on 02/22/13
Jason Gardner
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Be sure to post your entries in this thread, and feel free to quote this if you have any questions. Thanks!
09:47 AM on 02/22/13
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First legit hardcore show was last weekend when I went to see Terror / Bane / Backtrack / Code Orange Kids headline the Tough Love Fest. It was an insane night in a small intimate venue. One of the best shows I've been to ever! Terror killed! Now I'll be heading out to hardcore shows more often! The commradre of the hardcore fans was unprecedented in any genre of show I've ever been to. They would beat themselves up in the pit only to go hang out outside in between sets. If people would pit like that at a metal show their relationships would be different. Terror was the first hardcore band I really got into and I hope to see them come back to Seattle soon!
10:03 AM on 02/22/13
Traci Rae
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mintybaby's Avatar
One of my first hardcore experiences was seeing Evergreen Terrace open for Sounds of the Underground in Denver. I remember the singer telling the crowd that it was his birthday and that he just turned 17 years old and me almost beliving him (I literally turned to my friend and said "he can't be 17 he has way too many tattoos"). I really went into that show not knowing a single thing about heavy music and coming out wanting to know more. Here I am 7 years later and I made sure I saw Evergreen Terrace on their last run through here and I just saw Terror in Denver on Wednesday!
10:09 AM on 02/22/13
I'm Only Here to Disappoint
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NickIsI's Avatar
I had seen hardcore bands before, but it was always at festivals or on tours where there was more than just the hardcore genre being represented. But one of the first all hardcore shows I went to was in early 2011 to see Wisdom In Chains, Grave Maker, Backtrack, Expire, and a local band at the time called Shades of Red. It was in the basement of a frat house in Ann Arbor, Michigan known as The Metal Frat. This was one of my favorite venues to go to back in the day because all of my friends were always there, the bands were always great, and there was a small burrito shop nearby that made bomb-ass burritos. This show in particular showed me how amazing the hardcore scene was, and also introduced me to some awesome bands that are finally getting the exposure they deserve. In my opinion, the best shows are the ones that help you discover your new favorite band, and this show helped me discover two of my favorites today, Backtrack and Expire.
10:27 AM on 02/22/13
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joppyxtsl's Avatar
One of my very first Hardcore show was seeing Rotting Out at a house show back in 2008. My best friend threw the show at the time and I didn't know what to expect. Once they started playing, kids went off immediately; singing, moshing, and even some attempts of crowd-surfing (which I thought wasn't possible since it was a small room). I was completely hooked after that. The energy packed in a small room did not match what I would normally see at a indie show or a pop-punk show. It was raw, angry, bitter, and there was no rockstar god-complexities to the members of Rotting Out (at that time). Everyone was friendly and supportive of each other. The show ended on a bad note after someone broke a window plus complaints from my friend's sister and parents but after that expierence, I started going to more hardcore shows. Mike and the boys from Rotting Out even payed to have the window fixed, now that's support from the hardcore community. This was my very first hardcore show.
11:17 AM on 02/22/13
Inside of your heart always
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johnnyferris's Avatar
My first actual hardcore show was the first Keeping Warm in A Cold World Tour with Stick To Your Guns, Sleeping Giant, Darrusum, and Volumes at Chain Reaction in December of 2010. What was neat about this tour was that it was all for a good cause. It was four shows through Southern California and to get into the show all I had to do was a bring a package of socks or a sleeping bag. These would be given to homeless shelters throughout Orange County. All four of the bands were from Southern California so the shows sold out pretty quick. All four of the bands brought intense energy and the crowd fired back. It was a totally different atmosphere than any other show I had been too. There was a sense of community that I had never felt before. We were giving back to those who had nothing. Instead of feeling lonely I felt like I was around all of my best friends. STYG played such an amazing set. Without that band, I would not be the person I am today. One of the craziest things I was part of that night was when half the crowd were up on stage during the ending of "This is More." I was just amazed on what we as a hardcore community can do. I loved hardcore more and more ever since.
12:31 PM on 02/22/13
I want a new username.
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PirateSkater182's Avatar
I saw Comeback Kid, Bane, and With Honor on the Wake the Dead tour in 05 for something outside of our local hardcore scene. I don't have some cool story like it changed me, but that show was insane.

Did I win?
01:03 PM on 02/22/13
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First hardcore show I went to was to see Anterrabae and It Dies Today at the Downtown, a classic long island venue that no longer exists. This shit was pure chaos. I bought a bunch of tickets for my friends and we all met up at the venue. My friend got kicked out for trying to help some kid from getting stomped on the floor in the pit and security grabbed him by the arms and legs and dragged his ass out the front door because they thought he was beating the kid up. He didnt even get to see Anterrabae. Hilarity ensued and he spent the rest of the ngiht arguing with cops outside the venue. I stayed and got cracked in the face with the bassists guitar as he jumped into the crowd. Went home with a nice shiner. To this day I talk to my friend about this story ( this was like 2005? 2006?) and it always brings up a good laugh.
01:12 PM on 02/22/13
Registered User
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My first hardcore show was an Earth Crisis matinee at a place called the Bar and Grill in SLC, UT. The opening bands were Downset and Crown of Thorns. I went with a friend who was really into Downset. Up until this point I was really into metal bands. That show has had a profound effect on my music preference over the last 17 years. Hardcore Still Lives!
01:38 PM on 02/22/13
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karadotcollett's Avatar
My first hardcore show was Bane, Terror, Foundation, and Backtrack in Atlanta. Bane and Terror were on tour, Foundation played because it's their hometown, and Backtrack played a surprise two song set. It was awesome because it got me immediately addicted to hardcore. I love metal and always will, but this opened up a whole new genre for me. It's awesome being able to bond with so many new people just because we all liked the same type of music. It's awesome that we can all dance and jump around and hit each other and no one judges anyone no matter how stupid they look doing it. This scene and hanging out with straight edge kids also helped me make a good decision for my life. I love hardcore.
01:39 PM on 02/22/13
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I suppose the first real hardcore show I ever went to was in 2008. Before then I had only been introduced to Christian metalcore and shit like that being from the Southeast. This show was Cave 9 in Birmingham Alabama, which was a diy hardcore/punk venue legend. I hate that I only went to shows there for a year until they had to close the doors in early 2009. It was an entire different atmosphere than what I had previously known. I believe it was during Down To Nothing's set... I saw a dude climb up this ladder to the second floor, back towards the crowd, he didn't even look or care, and just let go. I was floored. The intensity in that room was just something else.
01:50 PM on 02/22/13
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The first hardcore show I went to was in Tijuana, México to see some local bands. It had such and impact on me that I immediately started my own band and have continued to live by it's ways. Making those who feel that fon't belong anywhere belong somewhere; and those who belong somewhere but don't have a voice, be heard of on the rest of the world. Funny how a song called "Out Of My Face" got me hooked on Hardcore and wanting to see more faces that felt the same around the world.
03:17 PM on 02/22/13
PEZ experiment
rollercoaster182.tumblr.c om
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My first hardcore show experience was seeing Terror on this current tour with Bane, Backtrack, Code Orange Kids. I saw them at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. Each band that played at the small venue impacted me by all the passion that they put into their sets. Also, was cool that I ran into Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals at the show too! Looking forward to attending future hardcore shows.
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