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01:13 PM on 02/22/13
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exciting weekend...fight!.

it makes perfect sense that Barker gets some of the proceeds. He lets a drummer take his place and gets 1/3 of the money. Same thing would happen if I had bartending job and let one of my friends take my position. they would pay me a percentage.

The 1.5million to be paid if they use the name Blink is odd. I don't see him saying something like that to Mark Hoppus. They aren't sticklers like...Tom. But alas, business is business. Money comes first. Before Friendship, before Family, before women.
01:24 PM on 02/22/13
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I've never seen "your" been used so wrong so many times before.
03:59 PM on 02/22/13
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This guy isn't doing Travis a "favor." Travis is giving him an opportunity to make more money than he would make in 2-5 years. Travis can simply get a session drummer to fill in. He could ask millions of drummers who would do that tour for free or crazy cheap. It's a business. Travis said, "you drum in my place and give me 30 percent." That's a freaking great and honest deal. He could have said 50% and many drummers would take that deal.

The example I gave earlier came from the TV Show How To Make It In America. You either sit at home and make no money. Or go to my gig and split the money with me...

If My friend. Did me the favour of doing one of my shifts at work, I wouldn't want a single cent of what they earnt

yes, that's what any normal human would think, but we are dealing with a subhuman piece of garbage.

I empathize with Travis about not wanting to fly over there, but the fact that he wants to be paid for something that Brooks Wackerman is doing is laughable
04:06 PM on 02/22/13
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What's even more laughable is your attempt to seem reasonable, despite calling someone a "subhuman piece of garbage" over something that doesn't remotely affect you.
it's as if he's never had a boss before.

Boss sits in the office all day, might even sleep. Salesmen run around getting orders and making sales. Boss collects the money at the end of the day and gives the salesmen a percentage of what the salesmen made.

I mean, how people don't see that that business model is in affect for 100% of businesses in America baffles me.
04:41 PM on 02/22/13
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yes, that is true, but Travis' fans are paying to see Travis, not Brooks or a session guy. You would think this guy would try not to sound like a baby about it
Well, Travis talked smack and the promoter retaliated by airing financial laundry. That's a no no. I don't think Travis sounded like a bitch. He said he tried to make it to Australia and the promoter wasn't accommodating. Celebs get things handed to them and in this case the red carpet wasn't pulled out for travis. I don't mind him complaining. Surviving a plane crash at least in my books, allows him the privilege to bitch and cry about traveling. Now, when celebs like Lindsey Lohan bitch that's another story.

I would much rather Travis be absent from a blink show than Tom or Mark. I mean, that'll just be silly

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