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06:55 AM on 02/24/13
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incognitojones's Avatar
ya'll read this wrong, its like 15 songs, but only 10-11 featuring 2 Chainz.
07:09 AM on 02/24/13
...survived prep school.
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Br&New182's Avatar
Brand new's Deja Entendu is 11 tracks, would have been 10 had it not been for a quick studio session for play crack the sky; Saves the day Stay What You Are is 11 tracks and I still spin that album years later. Am I saying save rock and roll will be as good as those? maybe it will maybe it won't, but the truth is I think the new FOB is going to be dense, and I like that because I'd rather have 10/11 tracks of compact music than 13/14 songs that are just straight up pop-punk.
07:13 AM on 02/24/13
Died from an accident.
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blimpcityhero11's Avatar
People writing off an album due to the amount of songs...
07:15 AM on 02/24/13
World Champs
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drudo182's Avatar
Nothing beats a solid 10-song album. If anything, the last two have suffered from having two or three songs that didn't belong. I love the sound of this.
07:16 AM on 02/24/13
why burn poor and lonely?
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squared82's Avatar
I think 10-11 songs is the sweet spot fr an album. Anymore and there's usually a throwaway track or two.
07:46 AM on 02/24/13
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OctoberOrigins's Avatar
I understand completely, P.S. I have blocked this band from my news feed NUMEROUS times, yet somehow it seeps through... also Fun. is an extremely talented band who (I feel) are 100% deserving of their success. Fall Out Boy seems like a band who saw the attention Blink-182 got by going on hiatus and followed in their footsteps almost as a marketing strategy. I'm 100% positive the "reunion" was planned from the start. Pete Wentz is a fucking tool, but I'm sure he's smart enough to know Ashley Simpsons albums sales won't pay his bills forever.
Do you realize Pete and Ashlee have been divorced for some time?

And why sacrifice a few years worth of income on the off-chance you could generate hype later? That makes freakin' sense
07:46 AM on 02/24/13
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10, and then they're considering maybe throwing on "My Songs"
08:04 AM on 02/24/13
close call
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iden22's Avatar
10 or 11 sounds good to me.
08:10 AM on 02/24/13
dirty sanchez
Rick Rubin, Speaker of the House
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dirty sanchez's Avatar
You should start a new site dedicated to fall out boy; That way your boner for this piece of shit band wont bother the rest of us who want to read news about musicians who don't ruin the world.
I agree
08:22 AM on 02/24/13
The Revisionist
Loves shittyass pop music
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The Revisionist's Avatar
I'm fine with this if it means cutting out the filler from the last album. I think 10-11 tracks would have been the perfect length for Folie A Deux.
08:27 AM on 02/24/13
Papa Bless
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xerickx24's Avatar
10 tracks plus a bonus track (or 2).
i can live with that
08:29 AM on 02/24/13
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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ACA's Avatar
In 2013 where music pretty much free (or dirt cheap), putting together your 10 best songs is more important than ever.

When I was younger and spent $20 on a new album (the equivalent of about $30 today, if not more) without knowing what exactly to expect, I expected a certain product for my money. That meant lots of songs on the CD (many of which the band had no intention to ever play, but hey, 18 tracks is more "valuable" than 10..), a specific sound, etc. This was a product, not art. Bands couldn't afford to drastically change or take take risks. When you drove all the way to the store, paid your hard-earned dollars, and wanted a great punk album.. you had better get a great punk album, not some short "growth" / "evolving" album where the band plays a whole new genre.

I'm glad we're where we are now - musicians are artists, it's nice to see everything about the industry more closely aligning to that. Of course, there's still the pop world, but for much of what this site covers, it's no longer the way things were.

It's fantastic.

Anyway, about Fall Out Boy - this could be awesome. Infinity on High was their best effort, and I think a lot of that came from the fact that it was very focused, very polished, and very refined. I think all the songs on that one fall in range of 3-4 minutes, which is where this band really excels.
08:30 AM on 02/24/13
Papa Bless
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xerickx24's Avatar
You should start a new site dedicated to fall out boy; That way your boner for this piece of shit band wont bother the rest of us who want to read news about musicians who don't ruin the world.
Those are some harsh words, whats with your hate for them it seems pretty deep. What gives?
08:47 AM on 02/24/13
Cozy Body
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mka12992's Avatar
I'm okay with any length. It's new FOB for fuck's sake, I'm just happy we're even getting it.
09:05 AM on 02/24/13
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I'm a pretty big FOB fan, but I get the serious vibe that this album is going to be terrible. The lead single is horrible and it justs reeks of a 4 guys running out of money.
Reminds me a bit of The Strokes when they went on hiatus, except the Strokes came back with a banger of a single, and hit up every late night show and played a DIFFERENT new song.
Fall Out Boy has released probably the worst song they've put on to record and their performance on Kimmel and (especially) the NBA All Star game was laughably bad.

I hope I'm wrong, but my hopes are low

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