09:03 AM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
plays with squirrels
mattplayscheap's Avatar
New Hyde Park, NY
Male - 28 Years Old
I have this manager at my job that serious does not like me.
He immediately has an issue when he sees me or knows that I am at work and looks for things to come down on me for.
He acts out of character and extremely unprofessional; cursing at me, threatening me, and setting me up.

I get so angry by it and try so hard to stay calm at all times but he continues to push me to the point were I almost go back at him.
My other managers know about the issue between us both but dont seem to help with it.

Anyone have a similar issue?
Share your stories.
09:27 AM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
Cat Lady
marieeboxx's Avatar
West Coast
Female - 24 Years Old
I use to at my really old job. There was this shift manager that I'm pretty sure didn't like me for no reason whatsoever. He would always tell me I never do anything and that I'm always talking, which in no way was true. I'll be multi-tasking by doing something productivite and if I was talking to a co-worker about something work related, he'd be all something like, "you're always talking. You never work." And my expression was like -.- what the fuck does it look like I'm doing right now. And it sucked when there was nothing that I can find to do, because its all been done, so I'd just chat with co-workers for like 5 minutes or until a task came up. I was the only one he didn't this to. I've seen co-workers just sit around and good off, and he'd never say anything to them. Nobody liked him and they hated working with him. He eventually go fired, for too many complaints I think. He also made all the girls feel uncomfortable.
09:47 AM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
Again And Again
Amongster's Avatar
Illinois, USA
Female - 25 Years Old
One of my bosses literally hovers over my shoulder when I work, and before I have an opportunity to proofread my own material, she instantly corrects me and later says, "I notice you're not doing [whatever] right." Approximately 99% of the time, I would catch any mistakes before pressing submit, but she can't wait that long. Instead, she has to make it seem like I'm a dunce in front of my coworkers.
10:56 AM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
when I die there'll be no trumpets
SomedayTheFire's Avatar
Dublin, Ireland
Male - 24 Years Old
Everyone. You're not special.
05:11 PM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
plays with squirrels
mattplayscheap's Avatar
New Hyde Park, NY
Male - 28 Years Old
Everyone. You're not special.

You're the nicest person I've ever met!
05:18 PM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
Randall Mentzos
Randall Mentzos's Avatar
Jacksonville, FL
Male - 25 Years Old
who knows, the guy could be on the hot seat right now. couldn't hurt to report the dude if he's being inappropriately threatening or vulgar.
07:30 PM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
you swallow
unthump's Avatar
My old boss was in love (and kind of obsessed) with my girlfriend (who also worked there). He reduced my hours and gave me shit deliveries when we started going out. Sucks, because we used to smoke together in the walk-in fridge.
08:35 PM on 03/02/13 
User Info.
Oh yeah?
honkytonk's Avatar
Niagara Falls, ON
I had an assistant manager who just constantly power-tripped and micromanaged to an unnecessary degree. One time she accused me of carving "Jeremy" (not my name) in the wall of the back room, and made me spend my lunch cleaning it off or I'd be fired. I was like 14, obviously didn't wanna get fired, and she used the fact that I actually cleaned it up as evidence that I'd done it, because I must have "felt bad."

Ran into her a few months ago, she now works for minimum wage at a Dollarama, gotta love karma..
12:06 AM on 03/03/13 
User Info.
Regular Member
jasn88cubs's Avatar
i can be an asshole supervisor. if you aren't doing your job or you are sucking at it because you don't wanna work today I will get up in your face
03:04 AM on 03/03/13 
User Info.
danperez's Avatar
Tsk, tsk. Bad apple's ruin the company's morale.
Be cool like me: quit.
07:03 AM on 03/03/13 
User Info.
when I die there'll be no trumpets
SomedayTheFire's Avatar
Dublin, Ireland
Male - 24 Years Old
You're the nicest person I've ever met!

01:25 PM on 03/03/13 
User Info.
RyanPm40's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
Somehow I get the feeling that OP is just a shitty employee
11:24 AM on 03/04/13 
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
lol @ spam
05:39 PM on 03/05/13 
User Info.
Jena ≈ Gina.
Jenajena's Avatar
Las Vegas, NV
Female - 22 Years Old
One of my managers is nice to my face, but behind my back tells other managers that I don't do anything. Another manager told me about it, and said he didn't get why the first manager would say that.

One time when I was closing, I was able to do everything I needed to do (clean tables, sweep, mop, go on like 4 trash runs, clean the bathrooms, and also be a cashier) except I let him know that I hadn't gotten a chance to restock much. I always offer to stay longer to finish anything else I need to do, and he says something like, 'Don't worry about it, I'll do that.' and then complains to everyone else about it later. And he does it to other people also.

Another problem I've had with my managers is that they never want to tell me when I'm doing something wrong. It's not really a problem now that I've been working there for 7+ months, but when I first started working there, I just didn't know what to do. And I see them doing the same thing to the new workers.
10:21 AM on 03/06/13 
User Info.
How much cheese is too much cheese?
drat!'s Avatar
Male - 29 Years Old
I'm in the Air National Guard and I recently had a guard weekend, which my civilian boss asked about. I told him that there was a team building exercise that we all had to do and when I told him the event a coworker almost spit food out of his nose. My boss always makes fun of my time in the guard by saying it's like Top Gun, he was proved right when I said the team building exercise was volleyball.

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