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Fall Out Boy Ė My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue
Record Label: Fueled By Ramen
Release Date: May 18th, 2004
Itís not very uncommon for bands to record acoustic versions of songs, and in fact, a few bands have done acoustic versions of whole records. Acoustic versions are quite special, because they can shed new light on a song, meaning they can make it sound much different than the original version. The acoustic version is usually slower, and it gives the singer(s) a chance to showcase their voice(s) much more. Thatís the case with Chicago four-piece Fall Out Boyís acoustic EP My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue. This was released in 2004 after they released label debut Take This to Your Grave. Itís a stark contrast from the textbook pop-punk that record showcased, because this is an acoustic EP, so it really strips down the sound they laid out with that record. Regardless of the era of Fall Out Boy that you enjoy most, whether itís the pop-punk leanings of their first few records or the pop-rock leanings of their last couple records, this is worth checking out, either way, because it showcases a different aspect of the band. I had never listened to much acoustic material by them, so seeing this in a local FYE for only $4 was definitely amazing for me. I was also rather surprised, because I donít really like Fall Out Boyís first couple albums as much as their last couple albums, due to there not being too variety and diversity in them, but this acoustic EP has a lot of it. Of course the whole EP is acoustic, but it was different from their material at the time, which definitely makes it stand out. Besides having some variety, it also shows off vocalist Patrick Stumpís voice quite nicely, too; he has a very fantastic voice, but due to their earlier work being pop-punk, his voice didnít have a lot of room to shine, essentially. This EP changes that for a little while, and he has a lot of room to shine here, and in fact, his voice is my favorite thing of the EP. The production itself is also quite impressive, because it does showcase the music itself, and Stumpís voice. Itís very clear, crisp, and just sounds fantastic. Now without further ado, letís see why this review will always be the b-side to my pen, shall we?

The EP begins with an original acoustic song entitled ďMy Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon,Ē and in fact, the first three songs are original. Immediately, the track begins with Patrick Stumpís voice, along with an acoustic guitar, and it just sounds fantastic. As I said, this EP showcases his voice much better than Take This to Your Grave did, and itís pretty clear. All three original tracks are actually wonderful, but the third original track is the most interesting of the three for one reason Ė ďNobody Puts Baby In the CornerĒ appears on third record From Under the Cork Tree, so in a way, the acoustic version came before the full band version. The acoustic version is fantastic, nonetheless. As for the other acoustic tracks, theyíre certainly enjoyable; Patrick Stumpís voice is brilliant, bassist Pete Wentzís lyrics are wonderful as ever, despite the rather boring acoustic guitar riffs. Thereís nothing too interesting or unique about them, but they are wonderful, nonetheless.

The last two tracks are also quite interesting as well; the first is a cover of Joy Divisionís ďLove Will Tear Us Apart.Ē Iíve never listened to this song in my life, but what Iím hearing here is really solid, and while itís also acoustic, it does its job of being a cover. It doesnít sound like the band in question, but rather, the band makes it their own. Last track is a genuine acoustic version of ďGrand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy?Ē from Take This to Your Grave, and this is my favorite track on the EP merely because this is one of my all time favorite FOB tracks. I did say I donít like Take This to Your Grave and From Under the Cork Tree as much as their other records, but that doesnít mean I donít like them at all. In fact, a few songs from both records I enjoy a lot, and thatís one of them. Itís a nice ending to the EP, because itís a great song and one of their most popular songs as well. Any fan of Fall Out Boy should check this EP out, especially if you love acoustic songs or acoustic versions of songs.

Recommended If You LikeItís Fall Out Boy. You know what they sound like.

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon
2. Itís Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I am Thinking I Must Be In Love
3. Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner
4. Love Will Never Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
5. Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy? (Acoustic)

Fall Out Boy is:
Patrick Stump Ė vocals, guitar
Pete Wentz Ė bass
Andy Hurley Ė drums
Joe Trohman - guitar

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09:02 AM on 03/30/13
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baton's Avatar
That's a quite strange review, but I like going back to that material, I loved this ep, and especially two first songs, I remember playing it on repeat on my new stereo back then.. I'd also assume that it's no too cool to admit in a public review that you've never heard the original for Love Will Tear Us Apart haha ;D or was it just sarcastic? the song itself is very good, and actually they didn't make it their own that much - it was a lot more different when Patrick performed it for the stripped down sessions.. And I remember it was great to hear NPBITC acoustic first, then a low-fi demo on purevolume, and then on the record, it was the first time for me to follow their evolution of a single given song.. Nice to catch some memories, I'll give it a spin today ;D
10:59 AM on 04/03/13
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really good EP. Good review

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