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Grantland Honors My Chemical Romance

Posted by - 07:33 PM on 03/25/13
Andy Greenwald over at Grantland wrote a piece on the My Chemical Romance breakup and what they, in particular Gerard, meant to the music world.
Rock critics have long fallen back on superhero mythology to describe musicians; it's a handy way to add grandeur to what tend to be fairly rote backstories, bending boring arcs of rehab and redemption into the Hero's Journey, all in a quest to avoid quoting the drummer. But My Chemical Romance was the first group I covered that actually used that mythology for themselves. Gerard called his band "an idea," labeled his fans an army. From album to album and show to show, MCR reinvented themselves across a multiverse of possibilities: They were soul-reaving vampires exacting revenge, the ghosts of a marching band returned to serenade you home, a gang of outlaw futurists using lasers and jazz hands to free the world from monochrome mediocrity.

Submitted by tell that mick
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07:43 PM on 03/25/13
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ACA's Avatar
Good band that is generally underrated by many due to their popularity and (pre)teen fanbase.

Danger Days is the sound they were searching for their entire career, it's nice to see they finally landed on it and finished with it. Conventional Weapons is a nice little parting gift, too. I love the two-song-per-month model. Time will show that they pioneered what-will-eventually become a big part of the music industry.

They weren't the most amazing musicians (especially live), but they were good enough and their creativity and passion certainly made up for anything else they lacked.

"Give 'em Hell, Kid" is a personal favorite. That fast, loose, almost-raunchy sound is them at their best, in my opinion.
07:47 PM on 03/25/13
tell that mick
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tell that mick's Avatar
Andy did such a fantastic job with this piece. I would call myself a casual MCR fan, at best, but I could always appreciate their approach and how much they meant to this music scene. Maybe not pioneers, but certainly leaders in the pack in breaking down walls and barriers for "the scene."

Also major props to Mr. Greenwald, himself. A huge advocate for the bands in this scene and I think he is probably the best at articulating why these punk/pop-punk/emo/whatever acts deserve the respect of the masses. Really cool that he is using his platform at Grantland to spread the message that bands from this genre, like MCR, do not fit into the running-eyeliner-and-broken-heart box that uninformed stereotypes try to place them in--they're much more than that.
07:54 PM on 03/25/13
Rest is for the dead
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iAMhollyood315's Avatar
man this is a hugggge "staple" band to the scene that went under. i guess its the times boys. I never thought My Chemical Romance would be that huge gigantic band when I saw them in 2003 with The Used
08:04 PM on 03/25/13
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OctoberOrigins's Avatar
well-written for sure
08:08 PM on 03/25/13
Go Buffs.
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aoftbsten's Avatar
Pretty sweet to see this on Grantland. I will miss this band, they played a big part in shaping my musical tastes.
08:09 PM on 03/25/13
bobby runs
I dunno
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bobby runs's Avatar
Didn't like his book about this scene (probably because I wasn't into DC when I read it) but I like his stuff on Grantland.

Oh and other peeps should check out Rember Browne and Chuck Klosterman on that site.
08:11 PM on 03/25/13
tell that mick
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tell that mick's Avatar
Didn't like his book about this scene (probably because I wasn't into DC when I read it) but I like his stuff on Grantland.

Oh and other peeps should check out Rember Browne and Chuck Klosterman on that site.
Rembert is the FUNNIEST dude.
08:14 PM on 03/25/13
Registered Member
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HeavenResign's Avatar
Greenwald is so great. Nothing Feels Good was my bible when I went off to college.
08:20 PM on 03/25/13
Regular Member
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fakeyellowlight's Avatar
fuck it, Welcome to the Black Parade is one of the coolest lead singles ever. Loved that song, the lyircs, loved the video, loved the concept. It was fun.
08:31 PM on 03/25/13
Euphoric Disconnection
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fran.182's Avatar
This break up will leave a hole inside of me. I'll miss their grandiose, distinctive and everchanging sound.

MCR was a band I could imagine going from album to album with a new style and pulling it off for many years.

08:52 PM on 03/25/13
Registered User
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lilRIPsta's Avatar
I always got the feeling that The Black Parade was the album that Green Day has been trying so hard to make
08:57 PM on 03/25/13
Hagysaurus Rex
We yell like hell to the heavens.
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Hagysaurus Rex's Avatar
This was well written. I was never the biggest MCR fan, but every album they made meant something to me when it was released. Not many bands can say that.
09:09 PM on 03/25/13
I'm Not Holden Caulfield
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TheZeroKid's Avatar
Dangerous Weapons

Conventional Weapons.

...sorry lol.
09:17 PM on 03/25/13
There's so much room for activities
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woohoo!'s Avatar
I still want to hear the original versions to the songs they re-worked for Danger Days as well as the ones they totally didn't release. They played that song called "Drugs" at that concert as well as the original version of "Party Poison" before they "started over". They said they recorded 28 songs and then started over... It makes me think that they saved a few of the "best" demos from Conventional Weapons to be used for a fifth album, or the break up could have been in the works for a while and they are saving a few songs for a "Greatest Hits" album.

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