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12:13 PM on 03/26/13
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Sing-The-Sorrow's Avatar
This album was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Worthy of its rating. "Steadfast" is my favorite song.
01:13 PM on 03/26/13
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CastlesXClouds's Avatar
Northlane's new release Singularity should be early favorite for album of the year in that scene. The new BMTH record is good but it's full of slow chugs and drawn out vocals. I dig this record. I didn't find the screaming to be bad in the least. Everyone has an opinion. Bands evolve. They aren't always going to sound the same when they record new records. The problem with people is they listen to an album once and decide they don't like it and give up on it. Give it another few whirls. If you still feel the same and disagree with Jake's rating then so be it but honestly this is some of their best work to date.
new northlane gets me so fucking wet. shit is sick.
01:38 PM on 03/26/13
When I get home I'll get high alone
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Psib's Avatar
I really like this album. I like the vocal changes. it almost has a sludge-core feel to it
06:03 PM on 03/26/13
Ezekiel 36: 26-28
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killbrand.com's Avatar
It's an OK album for me. A few real good songs, but most to me are meh. I still love their first two albums a lot. Their previous release will always be my favorite. The new "screams" more like yelling, just really doesn't work for me.
08:53 PM on 03/26/13
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lovemetal24's Avatar
agreed, BMTH is WAY more creative
12:55 PM on 03/27/13
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TheYellowcard's Avatar
This is an amazing album in my opinion.

Northlane and BMTH are also pretty epic releases.
12:30 PM on 03/29/13
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bertbro's Avatar
I love this band, and their first full length was amazing, but this score and praise is too high. I don't mind the vocal change at all, but this is SO much more in line with the modern "bleh, heard it before" metalcore genre than the original sound they had when they started. '99-'06 hardcore/screamo bands all had an original sound, what happened to that?
Though I think this is one of the best post-hardcore albums I've heard this year, I can't help but agree with you. Original sounding bands like Underoath, Alexisonfire, Thursday, etc. who were leaders in the genre wouldn't have been successful in the scene's current state. Unless your album is riddled with china cymbal breakdowns, your band has barely any shot in this scene....
02:06 PM on 03/29/13
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low_rising's Avatar
album is great, sure there are a few "generic" moments on it, but the pros of the album far outweigh the cons. the vocal performance is one the best this scene has offered for a while. also there's a lot of depth to this album once u dig into it properly. great review as well man.
10:32 AM on 03/30/13
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promisemedan's Avatar
Coming from a guy who isn't into this kind of music anymore, I actually enjoy it. I listen to it while I run.
11:25 PM on 04/01/13
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justbradley's Avatar
I decided to pick up this record after seeing this review praise it so highly, and I was a fan of the band's last two records, but I've gotten really bored of this kind of music over the last couple years, because I don't find anything terribly interesting about the genre much anymore. I was pleasantly surprised with this, though. There are a lot of generic moments on here, but the vocals are what sold me. Rapp's vocals are still great, and his new screams are pretty cool, too. They're different from the usual metalcore vocals, and so they make more of an impact than the Cookie Monster vocals that most bands in the genre go for. Solid record, but I'd say the score is a bit pushing it, in my opinion. I think it's more like an 8 - 8.5, but still a solid record, nonetheless.
09:01 AM on 04/09/13
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pepster50's Avatar
Great review. I did not expect to like this is much as I do. I might be buying it I like it so much. They bring that generic metalcore sound on a couple songs, but step out of that boundary for most of the album. This allows those generic songs to be tolerable, and actually enjoyable when you consider the album as a whole.
10:04 AM on 08/06/13
Northern lights in a southern town
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Beardedaxolotl's Avatar
I have to agree with the score, this has to be one of my favorite albums in this genre!

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