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11:25 PM on 04/07/13
Jason Tate
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Came here to say first comment.

No but seriously, great writing, even if I don't listen to FOB.

Taylor Swift reference is deliberate I assume?

Anyway, good review Jason. You have one of the more natural, compelling voices that write for AP.

Thank you. Really, truly appreciate it.
11:38 PM on 04/07/13
Jason Tate
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Great review

Question: Isn't Courtney Love in the song "Rat a Tat" not "Better Than This" or is the tracklisting I've been looking at wrong?
Thank you.

The song is called "Better Than This (Rat a Tat)" on the copy of the album I got ... I'll edit that last part in.
11:39 PM on 04/07/13
Jason Tate
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This is an awesome review, although I think you mean "enunciation" where it says "annunciation." I'm really looking forward to this album, and I'm glad Courtney Love didn't bring down the track she's on a lot (at least, not that I can see mentioned).
Thank you.

Fuck. I totally had that fixed in a previous version, but then when I got a version back from someone, I edited it out by accident. Let me fix that. Thanks for the catch!
11:41 PM on 04/07/13
Jason Tate
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makes the review i just posted look like shit

great job, really. cannot wait to hear this album.
Ah, man, I really liked your review.

Thank you, though - means a lot coming from fellow reviewers. I look up to all of you ... you do this far more often than me, and it's nerve racking. Respect!

Seriously great review - you don't only give us a sense of what the record sounds like, you give us a sense of what the record means

Thank you very much, that - more than anything - was exactly what I was hoping for.
10:24 AM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Your review killed it. Awesome writing! I'd hate to see the few lines you decided to cut, haha.
Hahaha. Thank you very much. It was a process, but seeing the comment makes me really happy.
10:25 AM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Jason, not a fan of FOB and won't be listening to this album (just being honest), but this was a fantastic review. I really enjoyed it. The site could use your writing more. Consider it.
Thank you. That means a lot. Seriously, thank you.
10:42 AM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Sorry for the long quotes, but I want to respond to as many people as possible.

Always love your reviews.
Thank you!

as someone who wanted to start writing reviews about punk rock music after reading your reviews of Deja Entendu and ...Is A Real Boy, I can safely say this is the best review you've ever written. Absolute fantastic stuff; makes me proud to be the senior editor on this site.
Thank you Drew, that really does mean a lot ... it's been a while, so thank you. I think that's what means so much to me as well -- that you saw growth in the writing. That really does mean a lot.

That review was quite something. Always a pleasure Jason!

And now the wait for release day feels like an even longer wait than before.
Thank you!

Oh yes so very excited.
Reading this review was much like staring into a mirror.
Can't wait to dig into this record, cheers Jason
That's exactly what I was aiming for -- a universal feel of what music is to a lot of us, and therefore why certain albums are important to us.

Is this using the Not Recommended/Recommended/Strongly Recommended scale? I normally ignore scores but is that 80% truly representative of what you feel that album is?

Very well written, as always. I can't wait to re-read this once I've heard the record.
This is a "recommended / not recommended / neutral" scale (in my head), therefore the highest "rank" it could get is basically just that -- my "I recommend this album" stamp of approval. Hahaha. I just tossed 8's in the score system because it needed them and I felt that would draw the least amount of attention to a "score" compared to the review.

Did you just cram a Brand New and TBS reference into a paragraph for a Fall Out Boy review? Well done sir.
Haha. Actually, I wasn't going to let this out until the album was available .. but since it is, I'll say... I massaged some old Fall Out Boy lyrics in the first sentence "choked and crashed the car" to talk about how I related to that album 10ish years ago, and then massaged some lyrics from the current album with that sentence to tie it into how I relate with the lyrics today as well. It was meant to be a subtle homage to Pete.

Your best review yet. I don't think you could have done a better job capturing the band's growth as well as yours. Bravo. Next week can't come soon enough.
Thank you! Really means a lot Keagan. Especially from all the other reviewers on the website that I look up to ... so many do this on a more frequent basis, and that's so insanely impressive. Thank you, sincerely.

Great review Jason.

I feel like you just wrote what I was feeling in the first paragraph. Now I just need to spend some time with this record.
That's awesome! Thank you. I do believe music and the feelings it brings has so many universal qualities.
11:34 AM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Another long one, figured going the multi-quote way was better than a string of posts from me.

Fantastic review. I'd rather read more like this than most from so called professional publications. While you describe the sound, your emphasys is in your "relationship" with the album and that's much more interesting, imo. Music isn't science...
Thank you very much. That's been my thoughts for a long time ... that, as a reviewer, it's ok to also say why you, personally, like an album -- that we all carry these feelings when we listen ... robotic reviews end up feeling ... robotic to me. Haha, I wanted to write something I would want to read.

Pretty much the review I was expecting and hoping for. This album is easily my most anticipated of the last five years; now I can't wait to hear it even more.
Thank you. I knew I had your expectations to live up to! Haha, was nervous for quite a few readers to read this ... from comments I'd read previously.

Terrific work Jason. And thanks for dropping Butch's name in there on the edit.
Thank you so much for your help with editing and pointing me in certain directions. I really appreciate you taking the time to help with that ... I think the end product is far stronger because of it. And that line ... all you! Hahahah.

Most passionate review I've read in years! People say it's all about impartiality, but this was so honest you can't help but want to pick up a copy of the album and check it out for yourself. Congrats, Jason Tate
Thank you very much. I'm really glad that came through.

That review, especially the first and last paragraphs, is one of the most well-written pieces of writing I have read on this site. Really well done, I hope I enjoy this as much as you.
Wow, thank you so much ... I really appreciate it.

This may be my favorite review I've ever read. Seriously, great, great work. I can't wait to hear the record.
Thank you!! I was nervous what you'd think ... hahaha.

I haven't posted on this site in awhile but after reading this review I felt compelled because it is hands down the best review and analysis I've ever read of any album. As part of the guys in their mid 20's now who were 16 and saw fall out boy before fuct was even recorded, it's comforting to know that FOB have engaged their initial audience. Many of the sentiments Jason expressed are similar to my overall feelings about blink's neighborhoods. My biggest complaint with reading album reviews are the about of unrelateable pretentious jibber jabber the reviewer uses to try and make themselves seem like an expert. All I've listened to was the First Single they released an base on this interview I'll probably purchase the album.

This is so beautifully written, and is without question one of the best reviews I've read of anything, and that's not limited to this site. It's so nice to see that music can still be written about with such passion and honesty.
Thank you so much.

why are the member ratings so low? how many of you have heard it?
Grumble, I hate that it lets people "rate" albums before the release date like that. I changed a lot of the review portion on the new site, and I'm going to go back and start making changes to the current site very soon (mobile site upgrade is first). That will be fixed/changed.

i'm just happy Tate finally wrote a review again.

As a lifelong FOB fan, the beginning backstory was a little much, though I completely understand the need to establish their history for a more casual listener.

That being said, I'm cautiously optimistic about this record. Also worth noting that Jason's writing was really great, poetic at times. Does he write more like this in his blog? Would definitely read more of it.
I tried to keep it as short yet interesting as possible - because I feel the same about reviews of bands I know ... but I also thought it was important to set the stage of where the band is now. So thanks for putting up with it!

Thank you, that means a lot to me. I write more free-form in my blog (chorus.fm for those interested), but a lot of it is more about things that interest me, links to other things (tech/music related) with some commentary ... it's really a place where I share and write about what I am interested in or like -- without being 100% about music.

Very interesting review. it was long, and of a record I don't care about, but I felt compelled to read it till the end. and it actually made me want to give the record a chance.
That, by itself, is a very nice endorsement. Thanks!

god damn this was a good review. worth coming out of retirement for. that concluding paragraph...that's some emotive stuff. extremely well done.
Thank's Thomas! Means a lot coming from other reviewers that do this far more frequently than I! Haha, really appreciate that.

Really good review, I've been holding off from listening to new songs from this album just to hear it as a whole, and I can't wait. I've never been huge on any FOB album, so I'm hoping this is the one to change my mind.

I quoted to ask a question though, is the new AP.net going to have an option for users to put any kind of score? Because I really hope not haha, seeing people rate albums before they're out is expected and all at this point but it gets old.
I am definitely doing all I can to fix that little problem. A change in the score system, and when it lets users rate it.

I don't think an album review has ever given me chills before. Every single sentence about the relationship the listener has with FOB hits the nail right on the head - I think it's something that is particularly important to mention when it comes to Fall Out Boy. Beautifully written.

The honesty with which you've treated the new record has me even more excited.
Thank you so much.

Jason, what happened to all your old reviews?
Grumble. So, about 4 months ago something happened with the database and like 1 million super old posts (like from 2005) got deleted. This included a wide range of my posts and threads ... which included a lot of old news, and my old interviews/reviews. I spent a long time trying to get the back-ups from the tech people at our company, but have not had any luck getting those back up. I really hope one day to get them ... if not, I am going to see what copies I still have around and what I can use archive.org to recreate. I would like, at least, to not just have one review on this site. Haha. It annoys me greatly.

Great, great review. Really tugged at emotion for me. Smooth words made it a smooth read as well. Hope to see more reviews from you in the future and please, more often?!
Thank you! I will do my best. I also write more off the cuff impressions on music on my blog, and once some of my other duties on the site calm down a bit (lots of tech stuff at the moment), I really hope to be able to get back to writing more. It, along with reading, are the two passions I have that I don't spend enough time with. Music/tech takes over so much.

This is such a great review, Jason. Excellent job.
Thank you very, very much Alex.

I was wondering this too. Tried to search for them last night when I heard about this review, but came up empty.
See above in my answer to Craig. I'm still really sore about that. Hah.

"Conforming to orthodox or well-established rules or patterns" -- I played it a little lose because there's a more lax definition when it comes to things like comic books or movies and all that. But the idea was that I wanted to acknowledge that "Evening Out..." exists (or all the comments would be about that), but also acknowledge that basically no one (including the band) really does ... I, and others, consider that their "debut" ... which is why I picked that word.

Wow, this is a superb review. It really moved me emotionally. The things you say are universal,and I think that's what makes albums like this, and, music in general, so beautiful.
Thank you so much ... that was definitely a goal, to have a universal tint on music while also describing the album. I was hoping that even if someone didn't like this particular band or album ... parts would still resonate with why I (and others) do ... and that anyone could tie those emotions to their own favorite bands.

Man. This is a great review.

Can't wait to listen to this after my test later - terrible timing for this to stream and me to have a test ;)
Thanks Ryan!

Wow. Just a piece of stellar, stellar writing Jason. Read it one time for the content of the review, but I had to go back and read a second time just to enjoy the quality of writing.

You sold me on the album, by the way. Excited to go into this with a new perspective.
Thank you so much -- I really appreciate that, especially the part about reading it twice.

I know the emphasis is on the "recommendation" but, this reads like a 100 and scored an 80. Would mild or non fans of FOB or music fans in general find this to be an 80?
I really just marked everything an 8 without much thought at all into it.

First, I wanted to say how I truly enjoyed your review and how it has captured my excitement to listen to this record even more. What truly moved me was how you described the fact of how a album can say somthing about us, especially in relation of growing older. I have found myself begging for so much more from the bands I adore today and it has pushed my musical boudries and thus allowing "expanding" my tastes . As you said at a younger age "grungy guitars and the forbidden beat" was exactly the raw sound I craved. But having a band grow along side of you is surreal experience that make me crave a lavish production more and more with subsequent albums. All-in-all,your review is well written, has be filled with excitement, some skepticism, and a happiness to see one of my favorite artists grow along side their fans.
Thank you!

I think that's something a lot of us feel ... and we tie a lot of nostalgia to old bands/albums. "That was the album I was listening to when ..." and we hope to somehow capture that feeling again with each new album. For me, at least, this album (and other bands have done it as well) have found a way to continue their own evolution along with mine ... they keep releasing music that hits the right "button" so to say. Another example of the opposite would be like New Found Glory. I still really enjoy listening to their albums, check out every single one and will play it most summers, however, it's not really in my "today wheelhouse" and it stops short of being an album that hits me the same as when I was younger. The bands and albums, for me, that I become very attached to (Gaslight, Brand New, Thrice, FOB, JEW) are the ones that have grown as I've grown ... and I feel like I'm discovering even more of those kinds of artists as I move into "adulthood." Those are the ones that stick with you.


It's true. As much as I love the old stuff, I'm fine with the original FOB sound only being available on past albums....just like our angst and youth are really only available through pictures and videos and posts and memories. Those experiences come few and far between today. You can't move forward and still hope everything remains the same. I feel like I've grown side by side with the changes of their sound.
Well said.

Call me a music criti'sc critic I guess, but this is the most well-written album review I've ever read.
Thank you so much.

Great review, Jason. Really well written. You should be proud.
Thank you!

This is probably your best review.
Right now, it's definitely the one I am most proud of ... I wouldn't have been able to write that just a few years ago, and that (to me at least) is an important step for me, as a writer, to have felt like I've grown.

That last paragraph is fucking perfection.

The entire review is tight and well-written, and it's easily the best review you have ever written, Jason. I haven't been as excited for this album as most others, but this makes me pretty eager.
Thank you so much. I know you've read a lot of my stuff over the years - so to hear that really means a lot to me.

I was afraid this would be one of those 95% rating, fan with their blinders on kind of review. But this was fairly scored, critiqued, praised and best of all, extremely well written. Great job Jason
Thank you! All those things were exactly what I was going for - so that makes me feel incredible to read.

Good job, probably one of the most passionate reviews I've ever read! I've only heard this once and while I don't like it as much as FAD I still think it's decent. "Young Volcanoes" is the only song I really don't like, everything else is fairly solid even though "Alone Together" and "The Mighty Fall" totally reminds me of a Rihanna song.
Wow, thank you so much. Hearing this from those of you that crank out reviews so frequently and with such quality - really means a lot.

I read this review about three times on my flight earlier...really hits close to how I feel about them, and what I'm feeling as I'm listening to the album. Great stuff, Jason.
Thank you! The multiple read really means a lot -- glad you're enjoying the music as well.
11:45 AM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
wow what a review, incredible writing

This is seriously the best review I've read on this site in quite some time. I was expecting a bit of a "fanboy" review (like I feel for a little too many reviews on this site, IMO), but this was well written, honest and fair. Please review more!

Thank you, both of you. Will definitely be trying to do more in the future.
11:46 AM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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my god jason that's the longest post i've ever seen on this website

Could have gone for the "most comments ever award" ... but decided against it. Haha.
12:18 PM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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with how many you quoted, this might've caught up to the comments of the transit review
Hahahaha. I thought about it.
01:43 PM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
This is a pathetic attempt at a comeback record in my opinion. first of all I am open minded to change, I like it when bands evolve to get a new sound that appeals to me but this just isn't good music. This is essentially a Patrick Stump solo record with members of FOB.

I'm not sure how this record is rated so much higher than the far superior Transit record but hey, i'm in the minority.
I didn't even think twice about the score. I just put 8's in everything.

That said ... I really don't like the new Transit album very much. Haha.
01:44 PM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar

This is what I wanted to do after listening to this album

Nothing but pure unlistenable garbage. How anyone could find any gratifying merits in reviewing this album is beyond my thought of comprehension
Light um up!

Guess you found some merit in it.
01:44 PM on 04/08/13
Jason Tate
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I read this site every single day, but i don't write a lot. This however, needs to be said. Jason, that has to be the best review for any album, that i have ever read. Your writing style is fantastic and you have honestly, completely, summed up my feeling towards music, growing up to music, and falling in love with music. Incredible stuff man, and you've also made it even more difficult to hold out listening until i have the physical copy!
Thank you very much.

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