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Catalyst Publicity Artists' Favorite Records and Record Stores

Posted by - 11:59 AM on 04/20/13
For Record Store Day, artists on The Catalyst Publicity Group and Switch Bitch Records have listed their favorite record stores and most memorable records. The list includes The Venetia Fair, Heart Support (Jake Luhrs/August Burns Red), Greeley Estates and more - it's in the replies.
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11:59 AM on 04/20/13
Ryan Gardner
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Joe Lengson (The Woodsman's Babe)
Favorite Record Store: I have to represent Hollywood and go with Amoeba Records store on Sunset.
Most Memorable Record: I bought the Father John Misty record Fear Fun there and it is memorable because it reminds me of my time just after MCMB being in L.A. and hearing lyrics in the album about L.A. it's in a sense being nostalgic.

Lee Weiss (Life After Liftoff)
Favorite record store: Reckless Records Chicago, Illinois
Most Memorable Record: The Starting Line The Early Years currently my favorite vinyl because it showcases one of my favorite bands before they were in the spotlight. On the record, the tempos are off, Kenny still hasn't learned how to sing perfectly but it's so raw and full of heart that the record instantly captured my attention, plus it has old tracks that you really can't find anymore!

Enoma Asowata (Otenki)
Most Memorable Record: For me the most memorable record ever would be "Futures" by Jimmy Eat World.
That record is absolutely perfect. From the lyrics to the full, lush production Jimmy Eat World made something that resonates with me to this day. The band is a huge influence on Otenki and I've had some life changing experiences while those songs were playing. 23 is still to me the most beautiful song ever written.

Ben Sledge (Heart Support)
Most Memorable Record: The most memorable record to me that has been a soundtrack to my life would probably be New Found Glory's Self-Titled album that came out in 2000. Or Still Remains "Of Love and Lunacy".

Janele Mystique (The Wicked)
Favorite Record Store: The Record Exchange in Salem, MA and Newbury Comics on Main Street Boston
Most Memorable Record: Coldplay's first album Parachutes. It's always been there for me and I've listened to it with my family since it has been released.

Zachary Hartman: (Flannel Mouth)
Favorite Record Store: Shandi's Music & More (Canton, IL)
Most Memorable Record: "Frances the Mute" by The Mars Volta, because it's a teaspoon of sour sugar.

Kevin Otto: (The Mayor)
Favorite Record Store: Long Island Sound
Most Memorable Record: De Loused in the Comatorium "The Mars Volta"

Mike Comite (Old Best Friend)
Favorite Record Store: I didn't really have any cool hometown record shops where I grew up, so I had to visit Amoeba Records in Los Angeles before I could really understand what a great one was like. The sheer size of the place is wild, and they have a live-event schedule that rivals most of the venues in L.A. So many rare CDs and vinyls, it's a great place to complete a collection or discover new stuff. A close second is The Record Archive in Rochester, NY. I love it for the same reasons as I do Amoeba, but its location is so unassuming and its smaller scale a little less intimidating.
Most Memorable Record: I guess my most memorable record would have to be the first one I can remember listening to obsessively. It's got to be memorable if it's been stuck in my head for 20something years. That would be Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh's (1965). My father was one of the first people to have a CD player in his car--this is 1990 we're talking about. He would take me out for rides with my younger brother and he happened to have the Pharaoh's disc in the car. I heard the title track, "Wooly Bully" and it was literally the greatest song I'd ever heard. The frontman Sam has a terrible but perfect voice, and the hits at the beginning, middle, and end might be my first headbang. Anytime we got in the car, I demanded that he play it over and over and over again. At some point he "lost the CD". That was a sad day for me. What a great song, though. Sounds like a bunch of dudes just having fun and yelling while one of them plays a mean saxophone solo. Awesome.

Dave Bellevue (Oxymorrons)
Favorite Record Store: Virgin Record Time Square
Most Memorable Record: Billy Joel "An Innocent Man"

Ryan Zimmerman (Greeley Estates)
Favorite Record Store: Zia Records
Most Memorable Record: The Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream

Colton Mabry (The Run Around)
Favorite Record Store: My Favorite record store would have the be Strawberries. They don't exist anymore but I liked to have a place to go where i could buy tickets for a show, oppose to having to drive all the way out to a venue to buy them. when before buying them online become more popular.
Most Memorable Record: My most memorable record would have to be Lucy Gray by Envy On The Coast. I've listened to that album over a million times and it still doesn't get old. It's such a great record.

Erica Glyn
Favorite Record Store: Coconuts.
Most Memorable Record: OK Computer - Radiohead.

Kevin Fletcher (Uh Huh Baby Yeah!)
Favorite Record Store: Ear X Tacy (RIP) This store closed 2 years ago, but was the best independent record store in Louisville for years.
Most Memorable Record: Michael Jackson - Thriller. I remember first hearing this album when I was a kid and thinking it was the greatest thing on the planet. Still do.

Will Tenney (Call Me Anything)
Favorite Record Store: In Wallingford, CT, where I went to high school, there's this little record store called Red Scroll Records. It's this tiny place that you wouldn't even notice from the outside, but they had everything in there; records, CDs, pins, stickers, patches, movies - you name it. I discovered it my sophomore year with a buddy of mine, and from that point on, I'd stop in every Sunday to expand my library. You could walk in with only ten or twelve bucks, and leave with three albums. Redscroll turned me on to so many bands that I still love today, and I have an enormous collection to show for it. I got my first albums from Something Corporate, Midtown, Fenix TX, and plenty many more there. I really owe them a lot.
Most Memorable Record: My most memorable record from those days is probably "The Underdog EP" from Yellowcard. It was one of the first records I bought at Redscroll, and I distinctly remember listening to it on the walk home a bunch of times. Not to mention, it was a real staple with us on our first tour. We must have listened to it a hundred times over. So yeah, Underdog was a big one for me. However, if we're talking about most memorable pieces in my library, I think my Allister and Blink-182 vinyl takes the cake. I got a hold of some pretty rare ones a few years back.
Anyways, Happy Record Store Day! Go buy an album just to say you did. I know a lot of people that would be awfully thankful.

James Ryan (Olde Sake)
Favorite Record Store: Inner Sleeve
Most Memorable Record: The Mars Volta: Deloused at the Comatorium (This was not planned)

Mike Abiuso (The Venetia Fair)
Most Memorable Record: The Mars Volta's Deloused at the Comatorium because I loved At the Drive-In (members of The Mars Volta) and followed them until the split up. From there I was into their rhythm guitarists' next project called Sparta. When The Mars Volta dropped Deloused at the Comatorium it literally blew away Sparta (which I thought was pretty sweet) and changed my life as a musician. I haven't listened to any other album prior to or since that release nearly as much and have never been as exited about a release. SOLID GOLD KIDS!

Dave Valdez (Valaska)
Favorite Record Store: "Remember When Records" (R.I.P) Downers Grove, IL
Most Memorable Record: Everybody Digs Bill Evans by Bill Evans

Chris Ratzlaff (Fallstar)
Favorite Record Store: Music Millennium! Keep Portland WEIRD! dude.
Most Memorable Record: Most memorable record would have to be Underoath's "They're only chasing safety". I hardly listen to it anymore, but when it came out... man I heard everyone blast it at school, work, church, passing cars. That record made screaming in music acceptable.
10:47 PM on 04/20/13
Jake Denning
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Very proud of my buddy Joe, I can't believe he was on MTV Buzzworthy recently
09:46 AM on 04/21/13
Registered User
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Love Reckless Records. Great store!

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