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Socratic - Spread the Rumors

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SocraticSpread the Rumors
Record Label: Drive-Thru Records
Release Date: May 6th, 2008
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Mark Hoppus is one of my favorite producers. Practically everything he's produced, I've loved. Because of his work on The Matches' Decomposer, Motion City Soundtrack's Commit to This Memory, and Rory's We're Up to No Good..., I had a feeling that Socratic was going to release something special when I found out Hoppus was producing their new album. Now that Spread the Rumors is finally released, is it something special? I wouldn't necessarily say that, but it's definitely one of the most enjoyable pop-rock albums released in 2008 thus far.

Spread the Rumors is a much more straight forward album compared to their 2005 release Lunch for the Sky. It's as equally quirky, especially lyrically wise, but could be considered more dumbed down musically, as some of the songs sound a bit generic. "Boy in a Magazine" is a good lead single and easily the most mainstream amongst the 12 track full length. It's the first of many examples of Hoppus' influence on the record. The re-worked "I Haven't Seen You in Years" fits in with the album well, but I prefer the version that was on their Turn EP. "May I Bum a Smoke" will probably end up as a fan-favorite due to its lyrical content and fun Summer-like chorus.

The lasting value on Spread the Rumors is great. It's hard to get sick of an album that puts me in such a good mood. A song I've been listening to over and over again has been "Long Distance Calls," a Fountains of Wayne-esque track written and sung by the band's pianist Vincent D'Amico. Despite its lyrics ("Everyone is working hard / Mother's got a shit job / And daddy got a blowjob / Divorce ain't free"), D'Amico's voice sound quite nice and it's too bad his vocals aren't on more of the album. In general, the vocals by Duane Okun on this album sound a lot more polished than they did on their debut and overall much better.

Songs such as "Relevant Elephant" and "A Diamond in a World of Coal" are the ones most reminiscent of something off Lunch for the Sky, but overall Spread the Rumors is no where near what that album was like. It's less piano-oriented and much more poppy, so old fans may be disappointed but hopefully they'll take it as it is, which is something that their new fans should have no problem doing.

Recommended If You LikeFountains of Wayne, Houston Calls, Sherwood

Additional InformationTrack Listing
01) Boy in a Magazine
02) I Haven't Seen You in Years
03) May I Bum a Smoke
04) Janis Joplin Hands
05) Long Distance Calls
06) Constant Apology
07) Relevant Elephant
08) Spread the Rumors
09) Don't Say
10) This Opinion of Mine
11) Diamond in a World of Coal
12) Another Headache
Produced by: Mark Hoppus

Socratic is:
Duane Okun - Vocals / guitar
Kevin Bryan - Guitar
Thomas Stratton - Drums
Vincent D'Amico - Piano / vocals
Louis Panico - Bass

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02:40 PM on 05/11/08
Prison Strength
User Info.
hockeyguitar99's Avatar
sounds pretty solid

ill have to pick this up
02:47 PM on 05/11/08
Andrew Love
Bravos: America's Team
User Info.
Andrew Love's Avatar
love this album
02:54 PM on 05/11/08
The Protagonist of Loneliness
User Info.
billyboatkid's Avatar
Good review, I think I'm going to check these guys out for real.

I've only heard them on a sampler a long time ago and don't really remember what they sounded like.
05:24 PM on 05/11/08
DI Pistola
tune in Tokyo
User Info.
DI Pistola's Avatar
Sad to hear that the LFtS charm is gone
Still gonna at least sample this. Love me some Fountains of Wayne.
06:57 PM on 05/11/08
Registered User
User Info.
SAOsurviveSTD's Avatar
i'm so excited for this album. i loved lunch for the sky and the turn ep, shouldn't be disappointed with this.
07:03 PM on 05/11/08
It's a shame we need everything
User Info.
Illuminate's Avatar
I disagree with this review, with all due respect. I love this album- yes, it's not as good as lunch for the sky but that's only because it sounds nothing like it. Lunch for the sky was more piano based and a darker record while Spread the Rumors is a poppy summer album. It is fantastic also- very underrated- I honestly think you will change your opinion on the album because it's as catchy as herpes. Overall great work by socratic 9/10 and they deserve a medal for successfully creating an awesome pop record for everyone to enjoy (i.e.- me who normally doesn't enjoy pop records)
08:04 PM on 05/11/08
Are you watching closely?
User Info.
Nolessthanblink's Avatar
Great listen. Haven't stopped since Tuesday, except to share some time with Charlotte Sometimes and Story of the Year also
08:08 PM on 05/11/08
User Info.
newfoundmichael's Avatar
Relevant Elephant is the best song on the album in my humble opinion. Lyrically it is their strongest song to date. Pretty solid release, but I'm with you that I was a tad bit upset at it. I was expecting something a little more...but these guys still bring it.
07:19 AM on 05/12/08
Still here
User Info.
TaffyDelicious's Avatar
The new album is boss. If it wasn't for the Just Turn EP I probably wouldn't have ever given this album a listen. I honestly couldn't sit through most of Lunch for the Sky. Either way Socratic, you won me over.
09:18 AM on 05/12/08
hakuna matata
User Info.
RiskyXBandit's Avatar
not as raw as lunch for the sky, but that's obvious now that big bucks were thrown towards production. duane is much more softer with his voice now, but that's not a bad thing.

i really enjoy this album. it's a very fun listen, and i can defiantely see myself driving to a beach this summer with this album playing and a blunt in hand.
09:29 AM on 05/12/08
Regular Member
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
i Love Socratic, i got to see them live at The Attic in Hot Springs, AR, and they were really good, i fell in love with their music after the first song, then they played Boy in a Magazine and i was hooked cause the song was so addictive, i listen to them so much, and the new album is amazing!!!
09:43 AM on 05/12/08
All that wander are not lost
User Info.
irthesteve's Avatar
I was really really excited for this album, but after two listens I haven't really gotten into it that much, after the first 4 or 5 tracks it kinda fades into each other
09:44 AM on 05/12/08
alright alright alright
User Info.
nashiscash1324's Avatar
great album! perfect for summer
10:02 AM on 05/12/08
User Info.
ThatGuy's Avatar
I'm no where near picking this up

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