Surrounded By Lions - 01.07.04

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Surrounded By Lions - 01.07.04These days musicians seem to be younger and younger. Surrounded By Lions, the new hot act to come out of the Seattle area, have been spreading around town like a wild fire. Their technical pop sound has captured the hearts of many, and continues to do so with each day passed. I had a chance to share a few questions with these amazing guys and discuss touring, label situations, and what they thought about the Britney/Madonna kiss. Enjoy...

*Kamtin - I wish I could be in Seattle rockin' with you guys right now, but unfortunately, I'm in Colorado. Can you let all the beautiful AP.net readers know who are you and what you do in the ever-so-lovable Surrounded By Lions?

Chris - I'm Chris and I play bass.

Andy - I'm Andy and I play drums.

Cameron - Hello everyone, I'm Cameron and I play guitar.

Kyle - I am Kyle and I play guitar and keyboards.

James - Hi, I'm James and I sing.

*Kamtin - You guys have a very unique sound. Though there are times where it carries a certain feel that Gatsbys American Dream has, you guys bring originality into what the band is playing. Do you feel Surrounded By Lions is doing something different that people will appreciate?

James - I think that we are doing something that isn't the norm right now, and something that we really love too. Hopefully people will appreciate that.

Cameron - The thing about our music is that were constantly evolving, it seems like every song we write is better than the last. We are starting to take more and more risks in what were doing, and I think that really will help set our music apart from others.

Andy - Also, we are all still pretty young musicians and have a lot of different influences, so it has taken us a while to find a sound that we all really enjoy, and I think in some ways we are still finding it. We have a lot of different musical backgrounds and tastes, and the sound we are starting to play around with now really showcases that. Hopefully we will have some new recordings out soon for you guys to see that kind of stuff.

*Kamtin - As your name grows, people are wanting to hear a possible EP or full length pretty soon. Is the band at the point where we can expect to see an official release anytime soon? If so, are there any labels right now that have seen interest in the band?

Chris - Right now we're basically just recording songs as they come to us.

Kyle - Yea so I mean, hopefully overtime we will have compiled enough music that we are happy with to release it all as an album.

James - You should expect something by summer 2004 at the latest.

*Kamtin - When can kids out of the Seattle area get the chance to see Surrounded By Lions play in their town? In other words, when the hell are you guys gonna tour!?

Cameron - Haha. We want to tour more than anything right now. It sucks though because we are all still in high school and have to finish that up first. It's a pain in the ass but oh well.

Andy - Were hoping to do something in mid April over spring break, but if nothing happens then expect a bunch of touring this summer.

*Kamtin - What bands have been big influences on the sound on Surrounded By Lions?

Cameron - Oh jeez. Well we are all really different, so I guess I'll just start off with me. Ummm, the Beatles are a huge influence, Saves the Day, Queen, Gatsbys American Dream, At the Drive in. There are a ton, that's just a select few.

Andy - The Deftones are a huge influence on my drumming, as well as bands like The Mars Volta and Incubus.

Kyle - The bands that have had the most influence on me would have to be The Mars Volta, Saves the Day, The Beatles and Gatsbys American Dream, just to name a few. Other bands such as Glassjaw and At The Drive In are also major influences in being creative and trying new stuff.

James - I've always listened to many different types of music and enjoyed singing to all of them. Stuff like Dave Matthews and the Beatles have influenced my lighter vocal side, and stuff like The Mars Volta influenced me to experiment more with new ideas.

Chris - Simply put At The Drive-In and Zeppelin

*Kamtin - What is the main goal that you guys want to accomplish with this band?

Kyle - We really just want to play music that we love and be able to share it with people, and hopefully be able to do it as long as we can.

James - Yea its like, music has been a central part of our lives for a long time, and we want to keep it that way.

*Kamtin - Are you guys proud to be from the Seattle area? These days, many incredible bands have been rocking out of your area like The Blood Brothers, Gatsbys American Dream, Rocky Votolato, and the older acts like Nirvana and Sunny Day Real Estate. At some points, do you guys ever feel you have to represent your hometown and somewhat, play up to standards since many great bands have hailed from Seattle?

Cameron - I think at times we forget how great of a scene we have up here, sometimes we take it for granted. It has really forced us to be more creative and push ourselves to try new stuff that we wouldn't normally have considered. When you have bands like you mentioned above in the scene, it makes everyone step up their game. It's like wow, look at all this amazing music that is being created, let's try and do something that people will find amazing too.

*Kamtin - Are there any bands you guys would really love to tour with these days?

Chris - The Fall of Troy, they are amazing.

*Kamtin - OK, everyone is making such a big deal about how Britney Spears kissed Madonna. But everyone forget to realize that Christina Aguilera also kissed her too. In my opinion, Britney looked like a horrible kisser because it looked like she was trying to eat Madonna's face. Anyways, if you guys had to pick, who would you kiss? Britney or Christina?

Cameron - Britney.

Kyle - Britney.

Andy - Britney.

James - Britney. Christina is kinda skank.

Chris - I agree. Britney.

*Kamtin - How do you feel the Internet has helped the band? It was horrible to see MP3.com go down because it was a great resource for finding new talents.

Chris - I think its safe to say without the Internet we would be in quite a different situation as a band.

James - The internet has made it possible for so much music to be exposed to such a massive amount of people quickly and easily. Without it, it would have been almost impossible for us to get our start in the scene. We are the band we are because of the internet.

Cameron - Not to mention we can play Counter-Strike over the net.

*Kamtin - That will have to do for today. Thank you guys so very much for your time. It is greatly appreciated. Any last words?

James - AP.net rocks face!

Cameron - Haha, nothing much. Thanks for having us! Support the music.
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12:03 PM on 01/07/04
Registered User
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TheE11's Avatar
weak interview...im sorry but i dont think this band is going to be the next big thing. they're too generic...anyways, the main reason for my post is to ask what ever happened to the Days Away interview??? AP couldn't pull through yet again???
12:23 PM on 01/07/04
Kamtin Mohager
Album Reviewer
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Swallow your words my friend...its coming!
08:30 PM on 01/07/04
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this band is so great, I'm stoked for an ep to come out and I really appreciate absolute punk recognizing smaller bands that have so much potential. It's bands like sbl that make the seattle scene so great and worthwhile these days.
05:40 PM on 01/13/04
Citizen Erased
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i go high school with these guys, and everyone seems pretty proud about having them there, except the goths. they're nice guys and they're music is pretty damn good.
02:32 AM on 02/21/04
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Boo! About 90 some percent of the time, this band sounds EXACTLY like Gatsbys American Dream!? I'm surprised they would actually admit that they were an 'influence' on them at all. Go listen to GAD if you don't believe me.

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