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10:25 AM on 05/28/13
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jco3's Avatar
Liked the introduction. Always did find it interesting how a lot of people do see the same records in the same light.
10:27 AM on 05/28/13
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Futures was one of "those" albums for me as well, so I connected to this review a lot. I hope the record gives me the same impact (I'd be happy with even half the impact) as Futures. But as an adult all I really do is work so I don't have much in the way of "connections" to albums and memories like my younger days.
10:57 AM on 05/28/13
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I just turned 23 today and had "23" spinning as I read this review. I can't wait for Damages, as I absolutely adore Invented.
11:07 AM on 05/28/13
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Born_For_This's Avatar
Incredible review, need to hear this now!
11:09 AM on 05/28/13
I feel like more
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HogarthHughes's Avatar
Fantastic review. This will likely be one of my favorite albums of the year. I've gotten past the production on the two tracks released so far, so hopefully it won't bother me on the rest of the album.
11:17 AM on 05/28/13
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InvaderPhantom's Avatar
What a fantastic review. Wow, seriously. Kudos to the author, not just a great review of the album, but a great retrospective about what music means to people. I'm even more stoked for the new album now, since JEW is also a band that meant a lot to me over the years.

Also, fuck Pitchfork. Seriously, fuck them. Just a bunch of uber-hipsters who criticize every album that isn't extremely experimental or game-changing. I think they completely miss the point of music - emotion. That is why I don't truly believe in professional reviews, because music is subjective. Everyone reacts to an album differently because everybody went through different things in their life, that is why certain music resonates in every person differently.
I mean, Bleed American and Futures are two of the albums that mean the world to me, I'd even say they helped me define myself as a person. And Pitchfork gave them 3.5/10 and 3/10 respectively? How can that be right?

But man what a great fucking review. Would read again. Can't wait till I have Damage in my hands, I'm certain it will meet my expectations.
11:21 AM on 05/28/13
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FTank's Avatar
Great review, I especially loved the intro. I can't wait to hear this record.
11:31 AM on 05/28/13
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InvaderPhantom's Avatar
Man I just can't get over that introduction, haha. It's just so true. The bond between an album and an individual - THAT is what music is all about. I just shared the introduction of this review with a lot of my friends who also see music that way, they all agree. Apparently a lot of people have this special bond with some Jimmy Eat World albums for some reason, haha.

I just couldn't agree more with the author. Music is not just mere entertainment to me. Some albums just defined me as a person. I hope Damage hits me as hard as it did with the author of this review. Two thumbs up!
11:57 AM on 05/28/13
Zac Djamoos
no shade in the shadow of the cross
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Zac Djamoos's Avatar
I like the review and I'm glad its higher than an 85%.
12:07 PM on 05/28/13
it's back. lets go pens.
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larokr's Avatar
Great review - definitely made me more excited, and impatient, to hear this.
12:16 PM on 05/28/13
I'm a Mark, who thought I was a Tom
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Rysker6's Avatar
Dayum, can't wait to hear this thing.
12:27 PM on 05/28/13
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Greg's Avatar
Personally I could have done without the first four paragraphs or so. After reading the full thing the context from there really isn't needed to get your point across. Those parts are well written, but I found them to be essentially filler. I don't mean to be a total dick or anything, honestly. I just think the review would have been stronger if it was shorter and to the point. Know what I mean? I'm just trying to be helpful. I hope that comes across. It is far too easy for me to be an asshole and I don't mean to be one here.

I haven't heard anything but the single once, so I can't really say anything about the album. So I won't.

Also the idea that this seems like a great thing to happen...." teenage kid will be climbing into his car with a few beers in his system and heartbreak on his mind. And this record will be playing on the stereo. And he’ll turn up the volume and shout along, and the words and music will crash into him and change his life forever"

When you say music crashing into him, is it because he crashed his car from drunk driving and his body is smeared all over the car speakers? That's the image that came to my mind and it was rather disturbing. Obviously tons of kids drink underage (I did, oops) but the idea that it's normal for them to then drive is pretty odd to me. I don't know. It just struck me as a really really weird way to comment on an album connecting with someone. Take out the teenage and driving part and it still would have made perfect sense.

Sorry for rambling. I do like the review where you actually talk about the album and am looking forward to it even more now.

Hope you have a great day.
12:35 PM on 05/28/13
Hunger makes me a modern girl
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wanielledalsh's Avatar
You must be really busy at work if you had time to read this haha
If you only knew. hahaha
12:36 PM on 05/28/13
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
your best review dude, easily.

so nice to read something so positive and optimistic. i have been let down by this band quite a bit recently (what does that even mean, but whatever), so I really hope this is the one that gets me back on the horse.
01:39 PM on 05/28/13
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mybluemanhattan's Avatar
Even more excited after reading this.

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