New Found Glory - 04.29.08

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New Found Glory - 04.29.08You're doing things lately on your terms, making the music you want, putting it out on the labels you want, how has this been going?
Chad: It’s going good. Its like starting over because when we first started the band, we were in control of everything, being on an indie label. And then, we got to a major label and we pretty much did what we wanted but it was still within certain boundaries and rules because we were contractually obligated and restricted to do certain things. We always wrote what we wanted and this time it was really fun doing this Bridge 9 record because there wasn’t anyone telling us “no.” There would have been something in our contract that would have prevented us to do certain things. And this is something important for our fans and us because its something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. Were writing songs for our next full length and in the mean time, were releasing this EP to hold our fans over.

Would you say your happier now or when you guys were on a major label?
Chad: To be honest, I’ve never been the kind of person who cared whether its indie or major. To me, music is music, whoever was releasing it. Most record labels are scumbags whether its indie or major, they’re kind of equal. But with Bridge 9, the label is run by music fans and its pretty rad to say, “Hey, we want to do this limited 7 inch” and they’ll do it. They’re grateful to have us on their label and were grateful to have someone to do cool things like releasing limited stuff. Either way, indie or major, major labels are able to reach fans in the middle of nowhere who might not know we have a new record coming out where indies might not be able to reach those kind of people. There are pros and cons of everything but we never focus on any of that stuff. We just focus on the music that we love and that’s it.

How long do you plan on doing this before signing to a label if you plan to at all?
Chad: Our next full length will be on a label. I don’t know what label yet but its definitely gonna be on a much bigger label than Bridge 9. The guys are coming to stay with me next week and were gonna write new songs and then in May, were gonna start recording the new album.

After being in a band all these years, what are some of things that are still hard about being in a full time band?
Chad: When you are in a band, time flies pretty fast cause your always moving. Also, just the simple thing of family and friends. You might fall in love with a girl and your gonna know that you wont see her for the next couple months cause your going out on tour, which sucks. But at the same time, if you weren’t playing in a band, you wouldn’t meet half the people you’ve met. Even though that’s a simple generic answer, that’s just the truth.

In your opinion, how do you think you guys managed to keep the same members in the band for over 10 years? How do you guys keep it together and maintain? What do you have that the others don't?
Chad: I think with New Found Glory, everyone never really held anything in. Probably on every tour, we have had a blowout where we sit in the back lounge and tell each other what were pissed off about. I think with other bands, they tend to hold stuff in and don’t communicate. And then they start to grow apart. Also, in bands, it seems that money always hurts a band’s communication and New Found Glory splits everything equally so there is never anyone wondering if this guy is making more than guy. Even if one person doesn’t write the song and the other members do a lot of the song writing, they risk their entire lives to be in this band and sacrifice everything. I think, business-wise, everyone should split everything equally. NFG wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have one member in the band anymore, it wouldn’t seem right. And I always stress the importance of communication. I have been on tour with other bands and I would hear someone say “This guy sucks” and the other guy would never hear that so he doesn’t know to stop doing what he’s being doing wrong.

When do you plan on releasing the new album?
Chad: That is yet to be decided. It just depends on everything like traffic, tour cycles, and a couple things. What were doing is pretty cool cause since were not on a major label right now, were making the album before we get signed to a label. Were gonna write and record our entire album and then go to a label and have them put it out. Were doing it the other way around just because it’s nice to be in control. A lot of band will have a record label give them money and they record an album because they are obligated to be on that label but were gonna do it the opposite way.

Are you guys gonna pay for the record yourselves?
Chad: Not out of own pockets but we have some plans on doing it.

Were there any songs that you tried out for punk goes crunk or from the screen to your stereo 2 that just didn't work?
Chad: Not really, we always had a plan. We were gonna do that song from Batman, “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal but there were too many slower songs so we gave it the boot. I still want New Found Glory to do “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” but the thing is that we do too many covers. Were done with the covers for a long time. We have a new album to write.

Favorite cover song recorded/played?
Chad: I think when we were in New York and Lisa Loeb sang with us and we did her song “Stay.” That was pretty awesome.

Now that you have your greatest hits out, any plans for a b-sides and/or live cd?
Chad: We have talked about it before. We never done a live CD before and we have tons and tons of b-sides. But it’s all about planning, you know? We don’t want to release too much stuff. The next thing that will come out will be the full length and maybe after that will be a B-sides album or a live record, either one.

With Catalyst, the influences seemed more hardcore/metal than your other works. Was this purely the music you were listening to, or was that something you guys wanted to write?
Chad: Well, when Sticks and Stones came out and we were doing that Honda Civic Tour, we were getting compared to bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte and we were angry with that. We were a band way before that and I know its stupid to get bitter at certain things but we would open a magazine and they would compare us to Good Charlotte. We were different from those bands and before that it would be “New Found Glory and Blink 182.” And two years before that, it was “New Found Glory and The Get Up Kids.” People always compared us to other bands. At that point, we were getting compared to more pop bands and we aren’t a pop band so we wrote Catalyst where a lot of the riffs were out of anger, more heavy and metal sounding stuff. I think, to me, that’s why Catalyst is heavier than any of our other songs. If you listen to the first song, the intro, it says it all, “Don’t believe a word they say, it’s more than a t-shirt, more than a tattoo, more than a phase.” That was that whole deal.

After writing/recording a few records now, where do you find inspiration for new songs/creating new sounds? How do you try to differentiate your sound from record to record?
Chad: I listen to so many different kinds of music. I’ll listen to the Carpenters or I’ll listen to Tilly and the Wall. Everyday is different for me. At the same time, I’ll listen to hardcore and punk. I listen to all different types of music and that’s why I think New Found Glory continues to write different types of songs because we don’t subject ourselves to one particular style.

Touring plans this summer or fall?
Chad: We have some stuff but I can’t talk about anything yet. We are putting together pretty cool package in the fall but I can’t say anything just yet.

Is there anywhere in the world you'd love to play but haven't yet?
Chad: I’ve played places I’ve never thought about going to before so I can’t think of any right now. I’ve always wanted to play Japan and I did that.

Will you be playing any International Superheroes of Hardcore songs on tour?
Chad: Maybe, we’ve talked about it before. Maybe for our encore, we’ll come out and do a song or maybe even open with it. I don’t know, we’ll see. Its still far in the future and we’ll have to see how many bands are playing and if we have time to play them or not. But on June 6th, ISHC and H20 are playing at Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA). That will be a fun show.

It was reported years ago that you had plans to release a Bjork tribute CD, is this true and will this ever be released?
Chad: What happened was that NFG was on MCA Records and our A & R guy funded it but MCA went under. When he got fired, the whole project went under. It was supposed to be on MCA. I had tons of bands that were going to be on it. NFG, Further seems forever, The Starting Line, Something Corporate, and Bane did songs for the CD. I already had five songs done and had about 8 more bands when MCA went under.

One last question, any bands your listen to right now you would like to recommend?
Chad: I don’t want to be biased because I produced it but the H20 record is all I’ve been listening to. Not just because I worked on it but I am a huge fan of the band and I think this is their best record. I’ve also been listening to Kate Nash, Morrissey, Tegan and Sara, and the new Have Heart record.
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09:05 PM on 05/27/08
bobby runs
I dunno
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bobby runs's Avatar
Sweet interview. And good perspective on my least favorite NFG record, Catalyst.
09:49 PM on 05/27/08
National Champions
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ESundy36's Avatar
Great interview. It was interesting to hear where much of the inspiration for Catalyst came from.
05:45 AM on 05/28/08
Registered User
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Lostprophet0710's Avatar
Good interview. I can't wait to listen to the new songs.
And it's a good idea to give covers a rest, for some time.
07:36 AM on 05/28/08
Registered User
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daaana's Avatar
can't wait for the albummmm.
08:48 AM on 05/28/08
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newfoundmichael's Avatar
That Catalyst explaination was really interesting. I never knew what they wrote it about. Sweet interview.
09:15 AM on 05/28/08
joshy hizzle
Rocky Top
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joshy hizzle's Avatar
that bjork tribute would've been bangin'
09:15 AM on 05/28/08
Murderer's Row '09
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WFUJerseyJon's Avatar
Good interview. I can't wait for the tour and full length. Tip of the Iceberg was great but I need more.

EDIT: I'm really glad he gave that Catalyst explanation. I always loved that album, but it makes even more sense now. I never understood why so many people didn't appreciate it as much. I know it wasn't as poppy but I still think it's great.
09:39 AM on 05/28/08
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Rizzox58's Avatar
STAY UNSIGNED. Release the Full length unsigned. Please.
09:45 AM on 05/28/08
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No Avatar Selected
Wow, feel bad about the bjork tribute...especially with the bands that did songs for it..wonder if any of those can be found anywhere...

Great interview, great questions too.
09:56 AM on 05/28/08
sell my old clothes
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keeplioving's Avatar
bummer. another ISHC L.A. show. spread the love!

anyways, great interview
09:56 AM on 05/28/08
sell my old clothes
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keeplioving's Avatar
Wow, feel bad about the bjork tribute...especially with the bands that did songs for it..wonder if any of those can be found anywhere...

Great interview, great questions too.

I have the FSF Bjork cover. but that's it
09:57 AM on 05/28/08
retired merch guy
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Merch_Mike's Avatar
Catalyst is such an awesome album! good to see a back story about it
10:01 AM on 05/28/08
I'm best known for failure
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werealldudes19's Avatar
good interview
10:02 AM on 05/28/08
Every cloud is in your way
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popdisaster00's Avatar
sick 'view

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