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Wilson - 06.17.13Rock 'n roll isn't dead and Wilson is out to prove it. Their new record, "Full Blast Fuckery," is an in-your-face rock record that doesn't let off the gas at any point throughout. Read an interview with Chad. Thanks for taking time out to do it!

1. Introduce yourself and the role in your band.
HI! I'm Chad Nicefield. I sing in WILSON.

2. First off, you guys signed with Easy Killer Records. What was the thought process behind that?
Well, the process is one of those long stories...I knew of Easy Killer before there was a REAL Easy Killer Records..when it was just in talks of sort. I have been friends with Mike Judy for quite some time. We are both come from the independent concert producing world. Mike was one of the 1st people in St. Louis to give a shit about WILSON. He supported us there and gave us the chance to build in that area. Those initial relationships with people in the music industry is crucial when you are building your bands story. So when we started shopping our record to labels Mike was one of the 1st on the party train to send his genuine interest in putting out the record. Since WILSON is a band who ethos is built on relationships and hard work it was natural for us to go with Easy Killer Records!

3. Give us a little background on Full Blast Fuckery. Who produced it? What was the writing process like?
Full Blast Fuckery started taking shape in late 2011 when we began taking our little Detroit band more seriously then just your "weekend warrior" fuck off act. We started focusing all of time crafting our sound, ethics and live show by hitting the road and playing anywhere and everywhere we could. The recording process started here in Michigan with Shane Grush and while recording what was initially going to be a 6 song EP we got an email from one of our favorite producers of all time Steve Evetts with an invitation to finish our record with him out in LA! Naturally we were like "HOLY SHIT! Lets do it!" It was such short notice, since Steve only had a small window he could make this work so we stopped what we were doing told our jobs to hold onto their sacks until we get back and flew out there the next week.
We finished the record and decided to call it aptly FULL BLAST FUCKERY as we feel it is, in three words, the essence of this band as a whole. How we live, how we perform, the process of creating the record...the whole kit, kat and kaboodle.

4. You've been on tour with bands like Newsted and GWAR. What has that been like? Have you learned anything from doing tours like that?
Those tours were very epic experiences for WILSON. Those are a couple legendary acts in metal. Its a very humbling experience to be around folks of that caliber. I mean, just the amount of their lives that they have dedicate to their craft is overwhelming in itself. This was our first real experience on stages like the ones we played on those tours. Up until then we hadn't really been introduced formally to the "barricade" style shows. A lot of energy can get lost in that space between you'r sweaty face and genitals and those of the crowd. We had to adapt our idea of a live show for sure and watching them find ways to still connect energetically to the crowd was a lesson every night! Being invited on those tours is something I will never forget and will always be eternally grateful for!

5. Is rock n roll dead and do you plan on bringing it back?
I don't think it's dead at all...I just don't think it's as celebrated as it used to be or SHOULD be..but that will change for sure! We were born for this, raised for this and have been honing in on this everyday that we have been a band. Do I think that WILSON can single-handedly turn all these sad bastard, pizza eating frowns upside down..YES!!...well, no. We will need some help for sure, but over the past few years of blazing the US of A's sweet butt cheeks we have come across some serious Rock N Roll brazen acts that are sure as hell to start a fire up some asses. At some point the new age disco pop / mountain sound band era that you hear puking on the radio and pissing on the blogopsheres will die and because people will get sick of the same over produced, over manufactured garbage the riffs will open again and people ACTUALLY playing instruments in studio and on stage will be once again hailed as the saviors. Sitting pretty back at the top where they should be.

6. Back to FBF, what was the intent of the record? It's heavy, it's ballsy, but is there more to it than that?
Heavy and Ballsy and fun and pissed and exciting and and and all the possible synonyms I can conjure up to create a palpable feeling to this record. Our intent was to create a record that moved the way we move as people. Sure its all those things mention before, but there is still substance there. I am still a human with real emotions...no I am not going to write a record about how in my senior year of high-school my girlfriend dumped me for Johnny Bigcock or how my parents don't understand me and piss me off because they wouldn't buy me the shit I wanted when I was a kid. Thats not what you are going to get here, because I am not that guy, I REAL problems, like paying my bills and putting food in my mouth. Not daddy issues etc. The subject matter on FULL BLAST FUCKERY deals with achieving goals, living life the way YOU feel it should be lived for yourself, family and friends and the relationships between those people etc etc. Plain and simple REAL life shit. Each song has personal meaning to me and the band. When you listen to it we hope you connect a little more than just a solid headbang session.

7. What song(s) do you gravitate the most towards on your record?
I have a hard-on for every song on the record....but a few I am most proud of are the opener on the record 'My Life, My Grave'. It's my "Hey man, remember when you said you were gunna do that thing with your life and then you DID IT!" song. I absolutely LOVE the way 'I Can Beat Your Dad' turned out this time around on the record...it just breathes so well! And I'm super proud of 'Passing On The Left'.. I went into an area I hadn't gone vocally yet with WILSON. Big harmonies and a range that opened me up completely.

8. Where do you guys see yourselves in 1 year? 2 years? 5 years?
1 Year - Busting our asses
2 Years - Busting our asses
5 Years - Busting our asses

9. What's on your agendas for the rest of 2013?
Tour as much as we can. I know that's what every band says and it's totally cliche...but it's what a band needs to do. The road teaches a band many of lessons and for us our lesson book is just starting to get filled! We are eager to learn!

10. Anything else to say?
FULL BLAST FUCKERY comes out on July 9th - Preorder it here - https://www.facebook.com/wilsonparti...43314859058798
Don't give up on Rock N Roll...it's in every piece of life you live.
Oh, and Detroit, we LOVE you!
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