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07:10 AM on 07/17/13
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HeavenResign's Avatar
Didn't realize Thiessen co-wrote for some of those names, really impressive.
07:17 AM on 07/17/13
just working on my soul punk opera
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therookielot's Avatar
This album came out on a day when I was feeling the weight of the world beginning to crush. I heard "Don't Blink" and literally almost broke down, but it put such a nice smile on my face. I love this album. Gloria is such a fucking jam.
07:47 AM on 07/17/13
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cholly's Avatar
I think this is a fair review. Thanks for the honest critique of the good and bad. Personally, I think there's a lot to like on this album, although I was pretty shocked when I first heard it.
08:02 AM on 07/17/13
no-goodnick lower middle class brat
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dnljryn's Avatar
While this was not exactly what I was hoping for in a Relient K record, I can't deny that there are some good tracks here... and much respect for writing the album he needed to, regardless of others' expectations
08:17 AM on 07/17/13
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theherox's Avatar
From all the negative opinions I heard, I actually listened to this album and enjoyed it WWAAAYYYY more than I expected. A solid, far-from-spectacular effort - fun and frothy pop
09:18 AM on 07/17/13
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gr33ndayfr3ak's Avatar
I'm not as disappointed in this album as many others seem to be, so I think this review is right on par with my opinions. Definitely some great tracks here though, the title track especially might be one of my favorite RK songs ever.

Excited to see them tonight with The Almost!
09:54 AM on 07/17/13
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xJesusFreakx's Avatar
"Lost Boy" is great, y'all.
10:10 AM on 07/17/13
We never met, you and I
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awakeohsleeper's Avatar
Thanks for the copy-editing. Fixing it now. As far as you liking the first three, that's totally what meshes with your palate. For me, they're all throwaways.
It's also Jon Foreman rather than Forefoman. A nice review though.

I don't think the first half is as bad as you, but that middle one-two punch of 'Can't Complain' and 'Gloria' are what drags it down for me. But overall a decent and very catchy album. I'm enjoying it in the summer sun!
10:37 AM on 07/17/13
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Rustash's Avatar
But PTL is trash and Don't Blink is one of the better songs on the album. I haven't heard the whole thing, but what I've heard makes me not want to.
11:32 AM on 07/17/13
I am not magnificent.
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contra11mundum's Avatar
The "just because they didn't make a (fill in the blank) part 2 doesn't mean it's bad" argument gets old. It's just an excuse to justify bad music.
11:32 AM on 07/17/13
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drummer13's Avatar
Personally, I was most let down by the lyrics. Thiessen has always been able to turn a phrase but for most of this album I felt like I was just hearing cliches and anti-personal lyrics all around. Not to say that there aren't moments: "Collapsible Lung", "Don't Blink", and "Sweeter" (among others) have some great moments. Overall, though, I found many of his lines extremely derivative and forgetful.
11:52 AM on 07/17/13
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sammyboy516's Avatar
I like Don't Blink and Lost Boy, actually, and as far as this album goes, I don't think Gloria is that bad. Can't Complain is the absolute worst song in this band's catalogue, though, IMO. RK is my favorite band and I think I would have been a little more harsh on it. I've been very critical of this album since it leaked and I'm still extremely disappointed with it (and that they apparently plan on having the next album be in the same vein as this one) but it' still a fun pop album and it's definitely nowhere near unlistenable. Just doesn't have the quality or staying power of their other work, mostly because of the lyrics. It's very shallow and has virtually do depth minus the title track and Don't Blink.

Anyway, good review.
12:24 PM on 07/17/13
False. Black bears.
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OurLadyCoolbean's Avatar
The "just because they didn't make a (fill in the blank) part 2 doesn't mean it's bad" argument gets old. It's just an excuse to justify bad music.
Agreed. That argument's been coming up way too much in regards to this album.
12:32 PM on 07/17/13
aka Max Phillips
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MXP's Avatar
Very good review, but there at the end made me miss The Graduate...
12:43 PM on 07/17/13
Striving Imitator of Jesus
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thriced.'s Avatar
I wanted to love this album; being a long-time fan, I felt a loyalty to the band, to back this album regardless of negative reviews.

It has its moments of brilliance in "Don't Blink", "When You Were My Baby" and "Collapsible Lung", but fell a little short as an entire album. It became one of the only Relient K albums that I could not listen to from beginning to end; it requires a few skips ("Can't Complain", "Gloria" and "PTL" for me).

In the end, it is what it is: a fun summer album to play with the car windows down. I probably won't be anticipating its vinyl release anytime soon.

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