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A Skylit Drive - Wires and the Concept of Breathing
Record Label: Tragic Hero Records
Release Date: May 20, 2008
Following the popularity of their 2007 EP She Watched the Sky, A Skylit Drive returns with a new lead vocalist, a confusingly-titled album, and a huge step down from wherever it was they were before.

Listening to the first two tracks, listeners are led to believe that A Skylit Drive is going to match (and maybe even surpass) the quality of their previous release. The opening instrumental track, “In the Beginning There Was Void,” features some interesting synth work that swells perfectly into “Knights of the Round.” This track, one of the best on the album, jumpstarts with a piercing scream layered over a gravelly growl. Unfortunately, this track flounders as soon as the singing kicks in (around the 20-second mark), and doesn’t really recover throughout the rest of the song.

Many of the other songs on the album follow this same pattern; they grab your attention, only to fall short of your initial expectations. The opening riff on “City on the Edge of Forever” captures the listener’s interest, only to be followed by three minutes of monotony. The appealing instrumentation (frenetic guitar-playing, fast-paced percussion, and spacey synth work) in the intro of “Ex Machina,” is quickly forgotten as soon as the (slowed) first verse starts. The great opening growls on “Pursuit Lets Wisdom Ride the Wind,” are ultimately forsaken for singing and sluggish instrumentation.

Some tracks don’t even manage to get off the ground, though, and the likes of “I’m Not a Thief, I’m a Treasure Hunter,” “This Isn’t the End,” and “Sleepwalker” end up being skipped over out of sheer boredom.

If you manage to make it to “All It Takes for Your Dreams to Come True,” (the closer) you’ll be able to pull at least one memorable track from the album. Aside from its laughable title, the song further develops the elements that set the band apart in She Watched the Sky; soaring vocals, layered screams/growls, a catchy chorus (Jagmin finally shows he can deliver good vocals when he sings, “Our last time to make stars collide right before our eyes / Believe in everything, everything you’ve ever known / Reciting words we lost, these years will never be untold / I won’t be alone”), and good instrumental work all-around (especially the atmospheric/epic synth).

Admittedly, A Skylit Drive was never the most original band, but the sound on Wires... And the Concept of Breathing is exceedingly generic (far more so than in She Watched the Sky). In the place of the layered and varied vocals (screaming, growling, and singing were mixed into an enjoyably spastic combination) that made the EP worthwhile, A Skylit Drive opted for a call-and-answer/take-turns style of delivery on much of the album, and ended up sounding like every other screamo/post-hardcore outfit out there (aside from Jagmin’s unbelievably high-pitched voice). That being said, the album isn’t terrible to listen to; it’s just that there are numerous other bands from this genre that are much more worth your while.

Recommended if You LikeAlesana, Chiodos, Before Their Eyes

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06:11 PM on 06/13/08
Registered User
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I'd have to agree with a D (60-70%), i really liked their old singers voice and they will never be as good to me as it was with Jordan, their ep was great to me and i still enjoy listening too it sometimes. But I'm already sick of this cd and done with this band as for caring what they do from here on out
09:21 PM on 06/13/08
Don't give me no hand me down love.
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Klatzke's Avatar
I truthfully love this CD. Did you say that "I'm not a thief i'm a treasuer hunter" was skippable?

Wow. Everyones hating on this because they lost their old vocalist, but whatever.
10:26 PM on 06/13/08
Prison Strength
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hockeyguitar99's Avatar
i honestly didn't like them before

and i still don't feel it now

atleast i gave the album a decent shot
06:28 AM on 06/14/08
promesas son sombras
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EchoPark's Avatar
I like the singers higher toned singing. But the screaming ruins this album as with so many albums these days.
10:23 AM on 06/14/08
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newfoundmichael's Avatar
I heard this really sucked and I hate Alesana, so I won't be checking this out anytime soon. Way to sum things up in the first paragraph too.
12:07 AM on 06/17/08
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Boadrummer's Avatar
Nothing like Alesana...
03:50 PM on 06/26/08
Sleep underground tonight...
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Romancebled's Avatar
this album is terrible...
04:19 PM on 06/26/08
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gr33ndayfr3ak's Avatar
personally, i really liked this album.
i hadnt heard of them until a few months ago, but when i heard the title track from this, i got addicted.
i actually like it more than their earlier EP with their old vocalist.
i guess its just a matter of opinion.
06:31 PM on 06/26/08
Matthew Tsai
Born and raised
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Matthew Tsai's Avatar
this band is terrible in general.

new singer, old singer, doesn't matter. this is a SCENE BAND and it's BORING
06:51 PM on 06/26/08
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bifforama1's Avatar
I don't understand. I LOVE this album. It's my favorite from this year so far. They're nothing like Alesana. Alesana is terrible. Jag's voice is very, very similar to Jordan's. Also, some of the songs on She Watched The Sky - EP seemed somewhat empty. Still a good EP however. Anyway, this album is far better than the reviewer claimed it to be. The production is excellent, the vocals are excellent, the musicianship is excellent. The lyrics are good, not excellent, but good. And their not particularly creative. But all in all, all the songs (excluding "Pursuit Lets Wisdom Ride The Wind" and "Sleepwalker" which doesn't really count anyway) are catchy and fun to listen to. Whatever...
07:21 PM on 06/26/08
Jake Gravbrot Photography
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hxchairstylist's Avatar
I gave this cd a real solid shot, but despite a few solid songs, it falls really flat in the long run. Nice reviews by the way today SD.
08:09 PM on 06/26/08
soft dick rock
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sargentlgfuad's Avatar
i have to disagree.
yeah its not as good as the ep.
but honestly the drums and set up of the songs was really good.
there are some songs you go, ughh, it couldve been better.
but they have promise.
and how is Wires... And the Concept of Breathing laughable?
i thought it was clever.
09:22 PM on 06/26/08
Co and Ca
What are you doing here?
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Co and Ca's Avatar
I gave this album a shot after I stumbled upon them on purevolume. I didn't find myself turning it off within 10 seconds like I do with current 'screamo' bands. The singer has a good voice. I think I liked it because he reminded me of Coheed/Saosin/Ever We Fall type stuff. The screamer doesn't add anything new though. I don't think I'll be listening to this much anymore. I'm pretty much over my teen-angst screaming music phase and have been since I was 18.
10:22 PM on 06/26/08
I Blew It!
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FaceLixeMurder's Avatar
EP is way better!

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