Salem - 02.22.04

Interviewed by
Adam D’Zurilla of Salem
by: Jon Wark

Adam D’Zurilla, the singer for the band talks about how they got hooked up with on Fiddler Records, the recording of Salem’s debut EP “Love It Or Leave Me”, and Sex. Enjoy kids!

Wark: How and when did the band Salem form, and where are you based out of?

Adam: Salem formed in Gainesville, FL about a year and a half ago. We decided to form Salem because we were all running from the law and being on tour is a good cover...or to escape all of our illegitimate children.

Wark: Haha, true.

Adam: This interview is pretty bad ass so far.

Wark: Haha yeah, for sure dude.

Adam: yeah

Wark: How did you guys get hooked up with Fiddler Records?

Adam: Well a few of us have known Amy for a number of years, and our manager Steve Looker lives in LA and hangs out with them often. He gave them our demo and they liked it, last year at Skate and Surf they came out and watched and it just took off from there. Actually... they threatened our lives with Mike Celi's (The Bled) bass so we figured it would be better to put out a record with Fiddler, than to die by “bass to the face”.

Wark: What bands have you toured with so far with Salem?

Adam: To name a few we have had the pleasure of rocking with: The Movie Life, Brand New, The Reunion Show, Finch, From Autumn to Ashes, Further Seems Forever, Elliot, The Warped Tour, Early November, The Remedy Session, Big Collapse, Fairweather, The Liars Academy, and a host of other excellent bands.

Wark: Awesome. Any "crazy" tour stories?

Adam: "Dood I ate this crazy cheeseburger at McD's today!"

Wark: Whoa that’s intense.

Adam: I love cheeseburgers, Wark.

Wark: Yeah they fucking rock.

Adam: Yeah we have some “crazy” tour stories…The first day of tour with The Movie Life and Brand New we were leaving the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis when we lost control of our van, spun out sideways, and flipped into a ditch in the freezing pouring rain. The crazy thing about flipping the van was that we did the next three weeks, 11,000 miles, all 5 of us and our bags in a Ford-fucking-Escort!

Wark: That's horrible... How did you fit your gear and shit?

Adam: The Movie Life (fucking love them) let us borrow some equipment and took our merch and guitars in their trailer. We owe them so much for their kindness. I love all those guys. By the time we returned the rental it wasn't drive-able pretty much, the seats had no foam left in them, I had wire marks from the underlining on my ass for like a month, no joke. We have some wacky stories. This isn't a tour story but I have one from us recording. Wanna hear it?

Wark: Yeah, but it better be good.

Adam: So we are recording with Beau Burchell at his home studio and he tells us he has these tapes of his younger brother Duke getting it on in the vocal booth. Apparently Duke was so wasted that he didn't know that Beau and Justin (Saosin) were in the mixing room next to it... So Beau hit record and for the next hour we couldn't stop laughing at how many times Duke spanked her and told her she was a bad girl... keep in mind that Duke is like 21 and this women was like 35. Stallion! It was hilarious and I’ll never forget how funny it was. Beau's even funnier for taping his brother doing it, weirdo!


Adam: Duke has been on like all the dating shows.

Wark: Yeah, fifth wheel, blind date and dismissed. Haha.

Adam: Ladies think he is " handsome". He needs to get on Fear Factor.

Wark: What made Salem decide to record “Love It Or Leave Me” with Beau and how did you find out about him?

Adam: Well Jay had mentioned him, and we had heard his work on the Bled record and Saosin's stuff that was just great, that Bled record is incredible. Also, I love good drum sounds and World Class Audio has the best sound and drum room I have ever seen, fucking sick. Sean Sullivan did an incredible job of mixing and mastering it, what a dood!

What are your lyrics about on the EP?

Adam: A lot of it has to do with the past couple years in my life, the turmoil with my ex Pam, the hardships of the road and being home, a lot of it is hiding some of the awful things that I have done. I like to be real and up front, I am not a perfect person at all. I have done regretful, embarrassing cruel things, and it helps me to cope with it by singing about it. Example, the song "Confession"…I drink too much sometimes, and when I do I have a nasty mouth and attitude at times, and so do some other people close to me in my life. You put the two together and bad things can happen, damaging things that hurt to talk and think about.

Wark: Yeah, that's awesome you have an outlet for it

Adam: I need one, it's hard sometimes when you get older looking back on your past...it's sometimes hard to look in the mirror and like yourself. I feel like "Love it or Leave Me" was almost a big apology to someone I love. It is also putting a lot of that in the past and keeping it there...hence the title.

Wark: So what are your touring plans so far in ' 04?

Adam: Right now we are gearing up to head out west and rock with The Bled, The Hope Conspiracy and Time in Malta. From there we head home play a week in FL and head up the East Coast for a bit by ourselves. A lot is in the air, but expect us to be out west in May again, on a package tour. We also plan on touring with Iron Maiden, The Foo Fighters, The Smiths, and Coldplay before the year is out, were just kinda waiting to hear from them.

Wark: Awesome, So what did you think of the music that came out in 2003? What did you love? What did you hate?

Adam: I think that a lot of interesting things happened...Against Me (whom which I kinda grew up with some of the doods), put out one of the best Punk/Folk records ever. The Bled made the best hardcore record ever. South, The Stills, Ryan Adams, Longwave, The Pernice Brothers, Interpol and so many more wrote some of the greatest songs ever, Limp Bizkit still sucks and " Nu metal" will soon die. Someone created Miami Nights and should get a hand job for having such a rocking name.

Wark: Yeah, I hear they rule…For kids that haven't heard Salem, how would you describe your sound?
Adam: That's a super hard question that I have been tackling with... There are a lot of early indie 80's influence that you wouldn't expect, and a lot of indie rock and post hardcore...and of course our backgrounds in hardcore bands sneaks some intensity in. How would you describe it?

Wark: In one word, I’d probably say... Scrumtrallescent, or just AWESOME.

Adam: Amazing.

Wark: What's your favorite curse word?

Adam: Probably “fucker” or "ass cock". Actually, I don't think I have ever said ass cock. Maybe ascot. "Is there a taste to the caulk?"

Wark: Umm... What's your favorite color?

Adam: burgundy…like wine, or widow's blood. Black is a great non-color, just ask our guitar player Joe!

Wark: Favorite "front man" move to pull off live?
Adam: Gasping for air because the asthma stole it from my lungs...falling over about to pass out... I wish I could swing a mic all cool like Roger Daltry (who did it wwwaaaaaayyyyyy before Thursday and The Mars Volta kids).

Wark: Ever tried the "Switchbang"?

Adam: What's a Switchbang? Is that a Disturbed song?

Wark: Haha, Dan Keyes from Recover made it up... It's when you headbang side to side, and then up and down, in the same bang. It's intense.

Adam: Once when I was 11 I was headbanging to Metallica and I got the worst migraine ever, and I haven't done it since. Plus, it gave me an asthma attack.

Wark: It's a fast way to kill brain cells. What would you like to hear God say to you when arrive at the pearly gates?

Adam: I would like god to say that I wasn't as bad of a person as I thought I was, and that the persons and things that were ruined in my life, magically got fixed and are hanging out up there. Or wherever, I believe in reincarnation.

Wark: Where can kids that haven't heard you check you out online?

Adam: You can go to the 3 following web sites: www.salemgvlmusic.com - www.purevolume.com/salem - www.fiddlerrecords.com

Wark: And of course... www.AbsolutePunk.net

Adam: Absolutely! Thanks Broseph!

Wark: Word Brojinski!
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11:42 AM on 03/01/04
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Hahaha..........thats a pretty entertaining interview...........

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