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08:18 AM on 03/17/14
No Closer To Heaven
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Jaytothesyg's Avatar
This album is really incredible. My early favorites are Hudsonville, Splitsville, Dinner Party and the Woman tracks.
08:21 AM on 03/17/14
Witness me bloodbag! Witness me!
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nowFace's Avatar
I think lyrically Splitsville, and Objects in Space are my faves. Instrumentally Woman(in Mirror) and HUDSONVILLE.
08:24 AM on 03/17/14
Aaron Mook
i will rank anything
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Aaron Mook's Avatar
Best review of this I've seen yet; album is close to perfect for me. It's everything that made Wildlife good but refined, capitalizing on the band's strengths and willingness to try new things (the "Woman" tracks). My favorite record of the year so far (although I'm sure I'll go back and forth between this and the Hotelier). "First Reactions After Falling Through Ice" and "35" are two of the best songs the band have written, although I still think "For Mayor of Splitsville" has potential to be my personal favorite LD song (such Domestica vibes). The only part I felt was slightly hokey was "Objects In Space", although I can't really think of a more fitting ending to the record.
08:30 AM on 03/17/14
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IWasHerHorse's Avatar
Great review, love the album. I don't like the production though...
I'm with you on this. To me it sounds like their best songwriting to date, but the production sounds really flat and subdued. The heavier moments don't seem energetic and, again, I feel like this band's best moments are the quiet ones.
08:41 AM on 03/17/14
Registered User
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x-factor6's Avatar
I loved La Dispute since the vancouver days. it breaks my heart, but his record is an artistic boring overhyped crap. Sad to see them go downhill.
08:47 AM on 03/17/14
Registered User
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TylerHartman's Avatar
Love the growth of this band. I'm still going to always be a Vega fan, as that album is some of the most exciting heavy music ever made, but this is also a beautiful piece of work. Great, historically important band.
09:07 AM on 03/17/14
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Supernovacaine's Avatar
album is great, doubt it'll go down as my favorite la dispute release though
09:15 AM on 03/17/14
Get Stoked on It!
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oneeightytwo's Avatar
Great review Drew. Spotify notified me this morning that it was online, so I instantly stored it offline for my morning commute. Such a great record, one that grows over time and through reading with the lyrics.
09:28 AM on 03/17/14
Zack Zarrillo
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Zack Zarrillo's Avatar
Not sure of my final thoughts on the record yet. Definitely enjoying it a lot, but not sure if it stacks up to Wildlife for me.
09:30 AM on 03/17/14
Your Milkshake
...I drink it
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Your Milkshake's Avatar
This is their weakest release. It always takes people on this site longer than others to come down off of hype and the honeymoon stage.
09:45 AM on 03/17/14
Registered Member
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Stephin_DC's Avatar
I like it, but I just dont find it melodic enough at this point to ever make me want to listen to it again.
09:48 AM on 03/17/14
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Drew Beringer's Avatar
is Vancouver considered an ep?

i always considered that a full length. It seems long enough to be one.

great review.
Technically yes it's considered an EP
09:53 AM on 03/17/14
We never met, you and I
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awakeohsleeper's Avatar
Man, this is good.
10:21 AM on 03/17/14
tertium non datur
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caretoexplain's Avatar
agreed - I probably could have written close to 2000 words on this album, but like La Dispute I did a lot of self-editing haha
Agreed, I really like to dissect bands and I really enjoy when there are these subtle strings of ideas that are not apparent at first, but when you can see how they are connected to each other, it's the best thing (when the band makes you think , rather than presents everything one a golden platter) .
As for the people who kinda cling on to the first albums - I think that with La Dispute , more than most other bands, you need to be in the right place to connect to the music. It's easier for most to connect with a common theme of a break up ( as seen in Somewhere Between Vega..) etc, rather than the lyrical content of ROTH, but to each their own.
10:22 AM on 03/17/14
Registered Member
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slimfenix182's Avatar
Not disappointed at all in the album, it's quite riveting at times but I feel like the last two albums, the music is kind of backing for Jordan's stories. I kinda miss the song structures from Somewhere At The Bottom. Still one of my favorite current bands. I'll still listen the shit out of this one lol.

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