08:57 PM on 04/23/14 
User Info.
Chris Collum
Chris Collum's Avatar
Louisville, KY
Staff Member
Yeah, it's bullshit ... gonna see if I can't get that fixed today or so.
Dunno if it helps or not but I've noticed this only happens with greyscale images. Such as my avatar for example haha
08:32 PM on 04/29/14 
User Info.
Chris Collum
Chris Collum's Avatar
Louisville, KY
Staff Member
So, kind of a doozy, let me know if I should post this somewhere else, but here we go:

tl;dr: Can only connect to a few select webpages (fb, bank, gmail, etc.), most others time out immediately (google homepage, ap.net, espn, etc.). Sometimes unable to connect at all or network will disappear completely. Happens at random times on a few select networks that I use semi-regularly.

Long version: I run Windows 7 and Firefox with adblock, Microsoft Security Essentials, checking with Malwarebites anti-malware and ccleaner every so often. Don't know if any of that matters.

There are these two coffeeshops that I go to fairly regularly, and most of the time I have no problem connecting to their internet (like right now). But every once in a while, one of three things happens (pretty much only on these two networks; my apartment and many other networks work pretty much without issue): either the network won't show up at all, it'll show but I'll be unable to connect, or I can connect but only a few sites will load; facebook, my bank and credit card sites, gmail, google maps, google docs for sure, plus a few others that I don't regularly use. Sites like google homepage, ap.net, nytimes, espn, my school website, and more that I don't regularly use will time out immediately, as if I wasn't connected to the network. As far as I know, noone around me connected to the same network is having the same problems.

I've tried clearing browser temp files, troubleshooting network adapter, restarting my computer, checking for virus/malware, most of the things a 22 year old of slightly-above average computer literacy knows to check (I don't know scripts or command prompts besides googling my issue and copy and pasting from there).

Then, sometimes I'll get booted from the network (if I can connect at all), where then I can reconnect immediately and everything works fine. Can anyone tell me what I can do to stop this from happening?

Edit: I've had unrelated problems with this computer in the past, so I'm not ruling out some kind of hardware problem, if that could even cause this. I don't know much.
Next time it happens look and see if the sites that load are "https://" sites as opposed to "http://" ones. From the sites you listed it seems like that might be the case. If so then I'd say this is probably a firewall issue and if that's the case then we can help you with that probably.

I've had this problem before when plugged into ethernet at an old workplace but couldn't fix it because it was the company's firewall I didn't have access to and our IT people were incompetent morons haha
06:35 PM on 05/13/14 
User Info.
Chris Collum
Chris Collum's Avatar
Louisville, KY
Staff Member
Possible dumb question, but is there a reason why my WiFi will sometimes go out on my computer but the same WiFi will be working on my phone? It happens every once in a while. Like rn. My computer will not connect to university WiFi at the moment but my phone is doing fine on it rn.
Probably an issue on the network's end not yours
06:52 PM on 05/13/14 
User Info.
Chris Collum
Chris Collum's Avatar
Louisville, KY
Staff Member
So there's nothing I can do?

It's just annoying when I'm trying to get in last minute studying or do homework and the dumb internet won't connect. It doesn't happen super often but it always happens at the worst times lol.
Don't think so. Would happen to me sometimes when I was in school, the campus network would just randomly crap out for me and it would be working for the guy sitting next to me

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