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Is it EDM's Fault Outkast "Flopped" at Coachella?

Posted by - 10:55 AM on 04/16/14
Tim Hirsh, writing for EDM.com, has written an article on why Outkast "flopped" at Coachella -- placing the blame on (you should have guessed) EDM.
We all like to party and dance around. But now a great deal of people that come out to festivals have an expectation of immediately accessible music. You could have wandered into Dillon Francis’s Coachella set without knowing a single song and absolutely loved it. EDM, in a live setting, has a way of being instantly entertaining – and here’s the kicker – in a way lyrical, 90s-style hip hop really has no chance at matching. When you’re accustomed to thousands of perfectly synced strobe lights and the energy-building peaks and valleys of a common electronic dance music set, suddenly, watching a guy pace back and forth on stage uttering halfway-audible lines isn’t as entertaining anymore.

Submitted by gold soundz
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10:58 AM on 04/16/14
<("<) ^( " )^ (>")>
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Erm, Outkast flopped at Coachella? People only go to Coachella for EDM? I'm confused.
10:59 AM on 04/16/14
Said Ripley to the android Bishop
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amorning_ofsleep's Avatar
So the reason they flopped is because most festival-goers are stupid dubstep kids?
11:00 AM on 04/16/14
Aspiring Punk Celebrity
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ALT/MSC/FAN's Avatar
How did Outkast flop exactly?
11:00 AM on 04/16/14
Ska Senanake
Bottom Feeder
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Ska Senanake's Avatar
I watched their performance at Coachella and it was pretty incredible if you ask me. Fuck Tim Hirsh.
11:01 AM on 04/16/14
All Forgotten
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Sanzen's Avatar
Coachella is an EDM festival? WTF?
11:01 AM on 04/16/14
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
How did Outkast flop exactly?
My twitter feed was pretty harsh on them/the crowd.
11:02 AM on 04/16/14
tub and rug
I found a spark in the normal.
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tub and rug's Avatar
I like to blame EDM for a lot of things.
11:03 AM on 04/16/14
<("<) ^( " )^ (>")>
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I watched their performance at Coachella and it was pretty incredible if you ask me. Fuck Tim Hirsh.

I wasn't there but I watched the stream and was hyped in my living room. This guy must not understand what flop means because they sounded great. If the children who flood Coachella for new acts of EDM decided to walk away because they didn't grow up listening to them than they flop at listening to good music period. If this reunion was a solo show it'd of been sold out.
11:04 AM on 04/16/14
phanyes1 doesn't suck
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drewbaldy's Avatar
This makes me very sad for the upcoming generation of kids.
11:09 AM on 04/16/14
Ryan Dennehy
Long Live A$AP Yams
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Ryan Dennehy's Avatar
They flopped because they're an act that hasn't put out a cohesive record since like 1999. They've got about four undeniable, impossibly popular hits that you could expect the wildly diverse coachella crowd to know.

For a generation in ther early 20s, Outkast are basically Hey Ya and Roses; and those are basically Andre tracks. This isn't the fault of EDM, it's the logical result of a ten year absence.
11:10 AM on 04/16/14
Blew all your brains out on my lawn
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Penguin's Avatar
11:11 AM on 04/16/14
I'm not fucked, not quite
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DeathOrGlory's Avatar
As a young person, I feel pretty out of touch with my own generation. I had a moderate amount of fun when I saw Deadmau5 but goddammit seeing Outkast would be earth shattering. The EDM scene is just strange.
11:12 AM on 04/16/14
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
It was FAR from a flop, the set was really great and TONs of fun. Was this dude even there? I can't figure it out from his article or if it's just from the live stream assumptions. This article is pretty poor
11:20 AM on 04/16/14
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StephenYoung's Avatar
My twitter feed was pretty harsh on them/the crowd.
I've only watched a few times, but I heard that them flopping was because Andre 3000 looked bored? I only watched a few songs and it was okay.

like it isn't EDM's fault. High energy concerts are fun, and concerts in which the artists aren't really putting much effort into it are boring.
I also think people are unfair on EDM. Like, people are quick to dismiss dubstep and related genre as "stupid" or whatever, but those concerts are ridiculously fun, high or not.

Like Ryan said, I feel like Outkast is the sum of their newer hits to their audience. Like not that many people would come out for the stuff they put out in the '90s, other than a couple songs. They probably put on a rap concert when people were expecting a set of "Hey Ya!" and "I like the way you move". I'm sure people enjoyed it.

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