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08:22 AM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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I knew I had to kick things off with Sum 41, Gob and Treble Charger because they were some the biggest bands back in the day and were probably the gateway drug for thousands of kids, myself included. I've already said this before, but Sum 41 was my first show and that band was my life during junior high. I quickly lost interest when Dave Baksh quit in 2006, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this band, even if I think nearly everything they've done since is forgettable.

Sum 41 - "Rhythms"

Treble Charger - "Hundred Million"

Gob - "Everyone Pushed Down"

For the middle of the playlist I wanted to choose smaller bands that did well in the 2000s, but never seemed able to keep the momentum going, for a variety of different reasons. Most of them were also bands I discovered through MuchMusic, either during regular rotation or during The Punk Show, which was hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos before he quit to work for the CBC. The only real exception is Daggermouth, who I never really started listening to until Smallman Records released Turf Wars in 2007. And speaking of Smallman, I just listed some of their best records for AUX two days ago if you're looking for even more tunes.

Not By Choice - "Now That You Are Leaving"

Boys Night Out - "I Was the Devil for One Afternoon"

Jersey - "Generation Genocide"

- "Slaves to the Pavement"

Daggermouth - "You Do This as a Fad, We Do This as a Lifestyle"

I wanted to leave the playlist on more of a hopeful note, looking at bands that really started making strides as the decade came to a close. The first is The Flatliners, who managed to sign with one of my favourite labels (Fat Wreck Chords) and continue to release quality records. The band's latest Dead Language was even nominated for a JUNO Award this past year.

The Flatliners - "Mother Teresa Chokeslams the World"

And despite all the line-up changes Living With Lions have managed to keep it together, which I think is somewhat impressive. I've been a diehard fan since the Dude Manor EP came out and I love everything they've released since then. I've also seen them close to 10 times, the first being when they toured across Canada with Boys Night Out, Sights & Sounds and Sick City in 2007. If I had to choose my all-time favourite it would be Living With Lions without question and I can't recommend those guys enough.

Living With Lions - "A Bottle of Charades"

08:52 AM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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You needa throw some SYDNEY up in that bitch and Silverstein.

I tried to keep it away from the heavier stuff, though I did cheat a tiny bit with Boys Night Out. That's why Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero, all those bands aren't on there. As for Sydney, I never really got into them personally, kinda like Ten Second Epic. I expect some people will give me shit for not including TSE, haha.

Great list, Deborah. The World According to Gob and All Killer No Filler were a few of the albums that got me into this type of music and like yourself, that continued with Boys Night Out, Daggermouth, Living With Lions (who I actually saw last night). Keep up that Canadian coverage!

09:31 AM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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I remember this video that used to be on MuchMusic back in the day, it was some generic pop punk band, the video was them playing on a cruise ship while some pageant or beauty show was going on? I don't know, it's just a random video that stuck in my head, I remember liking the song, and it is lost to the broken hard drives of the past lol

It's Not By Choice! I chose another song by them for my playlist, but I love that one too and here's the video if you're feeling nostalgic:

"I hear you calling" from GOB has been stuck in my head the last few days, what a coincidence!

Such a great song!
09:49 AM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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this is why you're my favorite staff member lol

thank you! that's awesome! I need to check out a few of these guys I missed. Any other Canadian bands from that era you like that didn't make the cut?

No problem, glad I'm your favourite, haha. Smallman was one of the definitive labels from that era, I actually just did a list of essential albums for a Canadian music media outlet and I recommend you check it out. Carpenter, Moneen and Sick City are my absolute favourites:


While I'm not a huge Ten Second Epic fan they still have a few good songs. "Something Beautiful" by Cauterize almost made the cut, but didn't last minute. The Artist Life's full-length was a little disappointing, but the EP they did in 2008 through Underground Operations was cool and you might like it.
10:01 AM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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Daggermouth! Gob. Belvedere.

I liked alllll these bands so much.

Totally had forgotten about Trebel Chatger.

Yeah, it wasn't until I started thinking about this feature that I really started thinking about Treble Charger, haha. Loved them back in the day though, apparently they reunited during Canadian Music Week in 2012, but I don't think they have plans for another record and haven't played many shows since.

I put in the Rdio and Spotify versions at the bottom, but they're here as well:

It looks like the Spotify web player is down, but if you pop the link into your desktop player, it'll come up.

Thanks Anthony!
10:11 AM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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Great picks, Deborah! I still love Gob to this day. No shame in that. Treble Charger released a handful of great stuff, too, but never got the success Sum 41 found in the U.S. even though Wide Awake Bored is a solid pop-punk album.

Also, that's my favorite LWL song by far. Fun to flashback to Not By Choice and Belvedere, too. Those bands haven't aged well for me, but I went through a period in my life where I thought I was so cool for knowing obscure Canadian punk rock haha

Awesome! Yeah, it's kinda interesting how Sum 41 really clicked in the US and Treble Charger didn't. Either way Greig produced some of their most popular records and was essentially the fifth member of that band, even had a matching 41 tattoo, haha. He left with Dave and Sum 41 just hasn't been the same since.
08:25 PM on 05/09/14
Deborah Remus
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Bummed you didn't mention Moneen, but I guess they kinda fell off. I still gets chills when I listen to The Red Tree.

Don't get me wrong I love Moneen! Not enough for them to make my personal top 10, but I still love them. And they made the cut on the other list I just did for AUX!

Great posts, but no Closet Monster or Marilyn's Vitamins? The latter spawned numerous Underground Operations bands, such as Hostage Life and Bombs Over Providence.

Never really got into most of those personally, though I do like Hostage Life. Saw them play with Set Your Goals, Daggermouth and No Trigger in 2007. That was an unreal show.

Rhythms is the perfect choice for Sum 41.

man, sum 41 has a place in my heart too. "Rhythms" pumped me up before school haha, must have played that song a billion times or more. I remember thinking how much I related to "it's a rhythm that you go through"...like how HS is just an obstacle I go through and who cares if I'm wierd, just be you... or something silly like that. I remember someone asked me what I listened to and I could only list off "sum 41"...lol.They were the only band I listened to for a while. Literally, no other bands or artists. I remember my mom thinking that "chuck" was a bad album because one of the songs had "hell" in the title. I thought "pieces" was the greatest, most emotional song on earth. This band brings back so many memories...sum 41 was the first band I got into in depth and even though they aren't what they used to be, I'll always love them.

For another canadian pop punk band, and I know people hate them, but I enjoyed the first Simple Plan album back in the day.

Cool I'm not the only one who loves that Sum 41 song in particular! But I've gotta admit, I am one of those people that hates Simple Plan, haha. I'm actually a bit surprised because their debut came out when I was in grade 6, but even then I thought they were too cheesy and I still think Pierre has one of the whiniest, most annoying voices I've ever heard. I guess I have to give them props for still headlining arenas, but not my thing at all.

Great list deb all of those songs bring back many memories.

Thanks Jorb!

I looooooooove Moneen. Is Carpenter still doing their thing? Because I think I recently grabbed a few albums by them.

will check out the other stuff, for sure. ¡Gracias señora Remus!

I don't know what's up with Carpenter nowadays. Last record that came out was Sea to Sky in 2010. Hope you find some stuff you like!

Logged in for the first time in like two years to comment on this. Thanks so much for posting this list. I have a pop punk show on campus radio and am always looking for new Canadian bands to play. I totally forgot about some of these bands and am definitely going to check out some of the other artists on your smallman records list that I have never heard of before. So much nostalgia.

Awesome to hear! Glad you enjoyed it.
06:40 PM on 05/10/14
Deborah Remus
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On the topic of Simple Plan, have you ever listened to any Reset? It was the skate/pop punk band Pierre and Chuck were in before SP (with David taking over after Pierre left). Fast, chuggy, and catchy. I always want to recommend it to people who dislike SP. They are reuniting for the Amnesia Rockfest in Quebec. Pretty cool.

Yep, I'm well aware of Reset. Still not a big fan, I'm glad Pierre's not singing about how he's just a kid (despite being a 20-something man) but his voice still annoys me. Amesia Rockfest looks like it will be a good time overall though, some rad bands playing.

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