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Chevelle - La Gargola

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Chevelle - La Gargola
Record Label: Epic
Release Date: April 1, 2014

Take away any preconceived notions you might have about Chevelle and think for a minute about what it’s like to chase a dream. Then think about how gratifying it would be to see that dream come true. That is in essence the life of Chicago hard-rock trio Chevelle. From humble beginnings at a friend’s Chicago house party to more than a dozen Billboard top ten hits, the band has driven their passion to the highest of heights and has no intention of slowing down.

La Gargola (Spanish for “gargoyle”), their eighth studio album, recently vaulted to #3 on the Billboard 200, their highest peak to date, and at press time, lead single “Take Out the Gunman,” is at the top of Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart. That song, much like the band’s previous singles is a menacing concoction of titanic heights, crazy strong melody and seething pain. Other equally strong cuts include the pensive and deeply provoking “An Island,” the menacing “Jawbreaker” and the punishing “Choking Game.”

And yet bands are only as good as their repertoire allows them to be. More often than not, hard-rock bands stock an album with ten blood-curling cuts and leave zero room for restraint or diversity. Being the seasoned pros that they are, Chevelle perfectly understand this and anchor La Gargola with arguably one of 2014’s best songs, the swirling ballad “One Ocean,” a U2-inspired cut that lasts long after the first listen.

If La Gargola has another benefit its the album’s duration. With only ten songs from front-to-back, the trio allow room for interpretation and improvisation, with few songs being under four minutes. That sense of longevity yields to thundering breakdowns, most notably on “Hunter Eats Hunter and the aforementioned “Jawbreaker.”

While many may argue it is not the band’s best work it has numerous winning efforts. That, combined with Pete Loeffler’s can’t-miss vocals are proof enough that Chevelle will continue their magical ride in the months and years to come. Say what you want about the band’s output, but no one can fault a band for living out a dream they never saw coming.

Recommended If You Like gosh, who am I to say? I barely listen to this genre.

Tracklisting 1. Ouija Board (4:04)
2. An Island (5:12)
3. Take Out the Gunman (4:19)
4. Jawbreaker (4:43)
5. Hunter East Hunted (5:44)
6. One Ocean (5:45)
7. Choking Game (5:10)
8. The Damned (4:06)
9, Under the Knife (3:52)
10. Twinge (4:40)

Produced by Joe Baressi (The Melvins, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Coheed and Cambria

Chevelle are Pete Loeffler: vocals, guitar, songwriting
Sam Loeffler: drums, songwriting
Dean Bernardini: bass, vocals

Find Them Here http://GetMoreChevelle.com
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08:33 AM on 05/28/14
I feel like more
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HogarthHughes's Avatar
These guys are so much better than a lot of the radio rock bands they get lumped together with. I haven't heard this one yet, but I've enjoyed a few of their records in the past.
09:44 AM on 05/28/14
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
always liked this band. got the chance to see them a few times right before and after "wonder what's next" came out. they were great live back then and strong still i'm sure. always had big/epic rock riffs and soaring vocals, winning combo in my book...although many other bands fail at this genre.
10:19 AM on 05/28/14
Founder of @BehindTheCade
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TheRealJohnOC's Avatar
Fantastic live band and they always put out solid releases.
12:38 PM on 05/28/14
true strength is inviolate
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theagentcoma's Avatar
I don't think they'll ever top Vena Sera but I think this is slightly better than their last album and miles better than Sci-fi Crimes. But then, that's just a bad album.
03:22 PM on 05/28/14
They call me Lloyd Braun
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No Avatar Selected
i agree that they are tight and sound great live and the fact that it's coming from only 3 guys is even more impressive. .I have loved chevelle ever since "wonder what's next" and still find them relevant today as I did back then while all the other similar bands have fallen to the waste side. .some say their music is unoriginal but you have to admit that they are very consistent and put out solid albums for this type of music
07:39 AM on 05/29/14
User Info.
iamalexenglish's Avatar
Just looking at the producer this should be a good album. I didn't get around to listening to it yet, and didn't have a desire to until now.
10:58 PM on 05/29/14
False. Black bears.
User Info.
OurLadyCoolbean's Avatar
I don't think they'll ever top Vena Sera but I think this is slightly better than their last album and miles better than Sci-fi Crimes. But then, that's just a bad album.
Excuse me, Sci-Fi Crimes is great.

Me and a couple buddies were feeling nostalgic the other night and put some Chevelle on shuffle. Good stuff. Anyway, I've listened to this once and nothing stuck out, but then again that's generally the case with hard rock albums for me. Hopefully I find some good stuff on repeat listens.
12:16 PM on 05/30/14
Registered User
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culley96's Avatar
I don't think they'll ever top Vena Sera but I think this is slightly better than their last album and miles better than Sci-fi Crimes. But then, that's just a bad album.
Are you kidding? Sci-Fi crimes is my second favorite Chevelle album. It's absolutely amazing. Roswell's Spell, Letter From a Thief, Sleep Apnea, Jars, etc... That album is full of amazing songs. I don't understand how anyone could like Vena Sera and not like Sci-Fi Crimes.
11:11 AM on 05/31/14
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controlled's Avatar
best chevelle album in years, god, i love this band
12:56 PM on 05/31/14
true strength is inviolate
User Info.
theagentcoma's Avatar
I mean, the songs you guys listed are great, but that's just a handful of stuff that stands out from SFC. After Vena Sera, I expected some more mature songwriting, but SFC featured some of the laziest writing out of any of their albums, musically speaking. It doesn't stand up to any of their other work, IMHO. And that's from someone who's been listening to them since Wonder What's Next.

It's not that I don't like SFC, it's just lackluster compared to the rest of their discography.
07:23 PM on 05/31/14
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
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Gregory Robson's Avatar
Very happy to see so many Chevelle fans out there. Definitely a band I immensely respect.
06:55 AM on 06/04/14
Registered User
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rawker31's Avatar
Been a fan since Wonder What's Next and has been my favorite band for almost a decade. These guys NEVER disappoint me. Always have a new sound but stick to their same style.

If there are any vinyl fans here, SRC is doing pre-orders for a pressing of Wonder What's Next! http://www.shopradiocast.com/product...Next-2XLP.html

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