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10:20 AM on 06/17/14
N. Hall
yeezy season approachin
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When we do have a breakthrough and a woman is actually successful - Hayley Williams being the obvious example - we are bombarded with articles about her love life, her looks, her hairstyles. We are taught not to view Hayley Williams as a musician, but as a woman. Even worse, the scene has managed to turn 'female fronted' or 'female featuring' bands as a fucking sub-genre. Apparently, every band that plays vaguely rock-y music and has a female singer is a Paramore rip off. Let us forget the ridiculous amount of male bands who have similar sounds, if we have one female fronted band in the scene per decade, that's more than enough, apparently. And, of course, the handful of bands who have female members and actually make it to the Warped Tour must play the same stage, far away from the real male musicians. The ShiraGirl Stage is a way of the scene patting itself on the back and feeling super progressive when, really, it's yet another way of suggesting that women do not have a role to play in the important parts of the festival. The ShiraGirl Stage will never, ever change the opinion of a young individual who believes that the touring circuit is something women should not participate in, as they won't look twice at the stage. How you change opinions is by giving females the chance to be in the same position as a men and by showing people that they are just as capable, if not better.

Fucking stellar piece of writing. Well done.

Despite what Lyman seems to believe, nobody wants him to replace his headlining acts with local riotgrrrl bands that have six likes on Facebook. However, what we ask of him is, that when he picks promising, up and coming all male bands to pay his stages, that he actually goes out of his way to choose promising, up and coming bands with female members who just won't get a chance otherwise because they're not 'pretty enough' or because our scene dictates that women aren't good enough . We ask of him to help promote social change and equality and for him to do something that vaguely resembles what exactly it was that punk stood for in the first place.

Nailed it all around. I hope people from the other thread read this as well. Lyman and Warped Tour don't HAVE to make a statement and include more female artists, just like AP.net doesn't have to diversify itself or even call attention to these sorts of issues, but fuck, it means so much to do so anyway, even if it's not profitable or if it's something that most of their audience doesn't think about (particularly the men), I mean, that's one reason (amongst a million others) why it's so important to actually put the spotlight on these concepts. There's no excuse not to and it only benefits this scene to make people engage with these ideas of inequality and misrepresentation when they've never had to before. Great job.
04:28 PM on 06/20/14
N. Hall
yeezy season approachin
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I think I went too far with my thinking and you get lost somewhere. You are stuck on the "woman" part, I said before and said it again I respect them as much as everybody, so there is no need of the strong feminist point in my opinion. As there is no need to put someone first, because of a difference of sex or something else. It is perfect to help people , that is what I want. But think of the whole picture and do not focus on someone, otherwise you let someone apart. THAT is my point. I want the same for everyone, it is simple thinking. And it does not need to have someone first, and there is no need to think someone is wrong because it does not think that way, and he just think we are all equal so it is everyone first. I am Humanist, everyone mate, everyone. So yes I am not feminist at all, just because I do not want to fight for girls right only, but everyone rights. I want it to everyone, simple thinking :)
I do think that when you focus on just one thing, you are selfish, just my opinion :)
Rights are being withheld from women. Women are being oppressed. Feminsim (and womanism) exist for women to fight for those rights, to fight oppression. If you don't want to grant women those rights and that freedom, then you're not a feminist, womanist, or humanist. It seems like you think feminists want to be able to cut in line in front of men at Taco Bell or something.

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