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Hopesfall - 05.01.04So as life has this funny way of happening, I literally ran into Jay, singer of hopesfall, while he was in the area for vocal lessons. As to not pass up such an interesting fortune of chance we decide to do an online interview.

ap.net: From the looks of your journal on Trustkill, it seems you guys had quite a good time on your recent east coast tour. What was your personal highlight of the experience, what was most frustrating?

jay: The weather was unfavorable to say the least. A personal highlight hmmmmm….

ap.net: On the topic of journals and tours, how in god's name does one come near arrest for ordering a drink and using a bathroom in McDonalds?

jay: You'll have to ask Josh that one….sounds like a cop with his night stick up his ass.

ap.net: How do you rate this tour against the last ones? (i.e. crowd reception, fellow bands, and the such)

jay: The tour was incredible….crowd reception…check,
FATA..Most Precious Blood..Silverstein…double check, the weather…the antithesis of check. Did you get my rating system? Checks are good. Confused? Me too…all the time.

ap.net: Would you rather be touring, writing, or recording. And what do you find to be a perk of each?

jay: I like touring and writing the most….I like recording after it's done…it's too stressful knowing that your laying down the final piece never to be changed….I think it's a little monotonous too. Josh and Dustin like recording. Weird.

ap.net: You said you were up on the island for vocal lessons. What made you decide to do so and whom are you taking them with?

jay: Well one night I got really wasted at a shindig in Charlotte….I wondered off into a nearby forest and I heard someone singing a familiar song. It was a bird, a canary to be exact. He was pretty drunk and I think his name was Bert. He was singing that country song that goes "I got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away…yada" you know the song. Anyways, I tried to chime in on the chorus and do a sweet duet with him but I totally rawwed it up. Bert swooped down from the tree he was perched on screaming "ah doo diddly dee bop bup… you're fucking it up!" and ferociously started beating my ass. Ever since then I thought drunk or not I'm never gonna mess up that song again….hence the vocal lessons.

ap.net: Though understandable due to your immense tour schedule, it has been about two years since your last record, The Satellite Years, a work that seems to have progressed in all areas from our first tastes of hopesfall. Are there any main focuses for further progression on the next work?

jay: Rock and more rock.

ap.net: What are you listening to now as far as inspiration?

jay:I don't think our inspirations ever change we just keep listening to the same two bands. Pumpkins, HUM. That's just a hard question I don't want to answer. I'm pretty sure I nailed it with the first sentence.

ap.net: hopesfall is no spring chicken to the music world, not to say they're geriatric either, but it seems you guys have had a string of good luck from conception, as far as getting yourselves heard, are there any particular motions you would recommend to bands just forming, so they may be heard as well?

jay: I don't know I guess play your local shows….then play shows in the region…gain a little bit of a fan base and well tour…..that's actually the hard way…do something to get yourself on the news and when you get there don't stop talking about your band. Everywhere you go just talk about your band. When you're at a restaurant and ordering food tell the waiter/waitress about your band, when you're at the bar tell the bartender and everyone around you that you're in a band. when they try and change the subject don't let em' just keep talking about your band ….horribly relentlous self promotion is the best way to go.

ap.net: In the theme of the preceding question, you guys have worked hard and long for your notoriety, it has earned you more than a fleeting 15 minutes of fame, what is your greatest aspiration for the band in the future?

jay:There are bands that find success through a phase in the rock music scene and then later die out when that phase….well…phases out. There are also bands that set themselves apart. They are their own sound and they have the ability to last through the phases that music goes through. We love playing music and our ultimate goal is to do just that.

ap.net: In summation, what is your favorite aspect of being a part of

jay: I guess my favorite thing about hopesfall …and this is going to sound really lame and sappy… but what the hay?......Being friends with all the other guys in the band. Sometimes when I'm riding in the van and the crazy antics ensue, just the innate bullshit that flies out of our mouths and entertains our ears….I think "Golly, we might be having the greatest Days of Our Lives. We only have One Life to Live. I'm missing General Hospital and the Ellen show."

ap.net: Oh, and it must be asked, for Christ's sake, are you really from Oklahoma? What is it like in that foreign, foreign land?

jay: I'm from North Carolina/Upstate NY but I went to school in Oklahoma…it's a nice place and I have good friends there. I just really wanted to see a tornado. That didn't quite pan out for me. I came close, though.

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