The F-Ups - 07.12.04

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The F-Ups - 07.12.04I had a chance to sit down with Travis Allen of the F-Ups at Warped Tour in Portland, Oregon and ask him a few questions. Here's what he had to say:

Roze: Why do you guys censor your name?
F-Ups: Because we're not that hardcore of a band, we're just the F-Ups. There's also a band called the Fuck Ups.

Roze: So it's legal or something?
F-Ups: It's not so much that, I guess we could have called ourselves that but I don't want people to think that we're really hardcore. Sometimes they judge us and think that because we have mohawks we're really hardcore, or that Capitol is making us look like this, and that's not true. I'll wear my mohawk up or down, it's just whatever I feel.

Roze: So you guys just released a new album, do you feel like you've achieved everything you wanted to with the first album?
F-Ups: Yeah, we're really excited about it. We hope it does well. It's a generic answer I guess. But that's about all we can say about it.

Roze: One of your goals when you guys first started was to end up playing on the Warped Tour. Now that you've achieved that, what are your goals now?
F-Ups: Just to keep going and do whatever else we can.

Roze: Are you guys a band with a message? Do you stand for anything?
F-Ups: Haha. No. Just, well I guess, have fun. I mean I have to realize we're a pop punk band, people that come to watch us are like 14 or 15, but we've got to be realistic... they're not that old. I mean I'll tell people to go vote if they're 18, because I'm tired of listening to people bitch. We've never really wanted to make people do anything they don't want to, it's kind of like forcing your religion on somebody. That's how I look at it.

Roze: You guys seem like you get along really well, why do you think this combination of people worked out so well?
F-Ups: Because we all want to play the same music. We only had eachother basically when we were in school until later when we started making more friends. We didn't have a lot of friends.

Roze: Do you guys have any interesting Warped Tour stories so far?
F-Ups: Not really so far, we're a pretty boring bunch of guys. Seriously, we don't do much. We just squirt people all day with the water guns at our booth. We try to run around and write on people's arms or hand out flyers or give out stickers... whatever we can do.

Roze: Why did you guys end up choosing Capitol Records over an indie label?
F-Up: Personally, people have their minds set on certain things, but we don't really care. Any label would have been great. I mean, if they're interested enough to like try to push it out there. But Capitol is great, we didn't really expect to get signed there. That was actually the first place we went to. They're good people, it's a nice environment there. It's nice to see that they like music. They're not a bunch of suits. The president, you wouldn't even know who he was if you saw him walking down the street. He doesn't look like a dude that would be running a multi million dollar record company.

Roze: So you guys started playing together when you were really young, what made you guys want to start this band?
F-Ups: I've always played guitar and I've wanted to do bands. And I guess Andy and Taylor met on the bus and just said they wanted to be a band. We set something up at school where we were just going to do a battle of the bands, and that's all we wanted to do when we first started... we just covered a bunch of punk songs. But then we kept playing and got better.

Roze: Are there any misconceptions about your band?
F-Ups: That we're hardcore... and a lot of people think we're assholes but that's just because they prejudge. I mean we're from a small town, we're nice to everyone who's nice.

--Roze Harding
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05:04 PM on 07/12/04
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I met Andy and Mr. Nogo at Warped, and i got Chris's autograph, though I didn't talk to him. They were suuuuper humble and nice and stuff. I don't care what anyone says, these guys rock!
03:21 AM on 07/13/04
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Draco's Avatar
I love these guys but i live in the UK so i dont get a chance to see them
12:23 PM on 07/13/04
Registered User
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I met Taylor Nogo after their set that day (in Porltand). It was so good and he was super nice... hug and all!
06:18 PM on 08/19/04
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I went to high school with all four of the f ups
09:49 PM on 09/15/04
Lars Fredriksen
is so amazing!!
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the F-UPS are so awesome, i love there music.... i wish they would come to Australia, that would be awesome!!

danielle xoxo
12:04 AM on 10/18/04
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yeah the fuck ups are one of the better new bands i have heard in a long time.

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