Taking Back Sunday - 08.04.04

Interviewed by
Taking Back Sunday - 08.04.04Taking Back Sunday
Eddie Reyes – Guitar
August 4th, 2004
Warped Tour
Nissan Pavilion – Bristow, VA

Thanks to Mike aka KRad for making this possible.

Jared: So how has Warped Tour being going so far?

Eddie: Uh, it’s been fun. It’s hot, messy, dirty, but everyone’s cool.

Jared: Um, so you still got the kickball games going on?

Eddie: You know we haven’t played kickball in 3 weeks.

Jared: Are you serious?

Eddie: Yeah ‘cause every night it’s an early bus call or it’s raining or there’s like after parties. It’s been happening but it’s going to start happening again. We’re kind of hoping maybe tonight or tomorrow we’ll get a game.

Jared: That’s cool. So what have been your favorite acts so far on the tour that you make sure to check out everyday?

Eddie: Um, I watch Anti-Flag, Coheed, uh, The Matches. Actually, that’s them (They walk in.) I just checked out their set today, it was awesome. Um, so many bands so many bands.

Jared: Coheed, they’re one of your favorites, right?

Eddie: Yeah yeah. Coheed is awesome.

Jared: Ok, the new album is out. I was just wondering, what were some of your favorite tracks off of it and to play live?

Eddie: Probably “The Union”, one of my favorite tracks. Um, probably just ‘cause it’s fast. I miss playing fast music so it’s kinda fast.

Jared: Yeah, it’s definitely got that pace going right away.

Eddie: Yeah and I like “One Eighty By Summer” a lot. It’s, um, it’s pretty cool. I like that song a lot, but we hardly play it on this tour because we don’t have a lot of time.

Jared: Alright, that kind of gets into my next question. Since you have two albums now on your fall tour can we expect a good mixture of songs from both?

Eddie: Yeah. We’re planning like, maybe, a hour and half set. Probably the whole album, the first album and the whole second album.

Jared: What made you guys decide to take out Fall Out Boy, Matchbook and Funeral with you guys in the fall?

Eddie: I don’t know. I wanted to take out Atreyu so we’re taking them. Fall Out Boy, they’re just friends of ours. So I thought it’d be cool to take them out ‘cause they’re a hardworking band. And Matchbook is really old old close friends of ours so it just seemed right to take them out on tour. And Funeral For A Friend I don’t even know what they sound like.

Jared: Oh, are you serious? They’re amazing live.

Eddie: Yeah, somebody told me they sound like From Autumn To Ashes or they sound or they’re like that.

Jared: Well, they have more of a like poppier edge than that, but they’re insane live.

Eddie: Are they another one of those back flip bands? They do stuff like that?

Jared: (Laughs) No no, it’s nothing like that. It’s just good, you know, singing screaming duel vocal band. Yeah, there’s no back flips, though. Um, so many people have come to their conclusion like the meaning behind the album cover. I was just curious was there any special meaning you could elaborate on or even the inside of the jacket.

Eddie: Um, man, I don’t know what to tell you. No, that wasn’t my, uh, that wasn’t my, uh, I mean the artwork, uh, the front cover is, uh, an imposed baby picture of me.

Jared: Yeah, that’s what I heard.

Eddie: Yeah, and ‘cause they think they’re funny. And, uh, the inside cover, we just wanted really dark artwork and we wanted to like, uh, you know, we’re not flashy. We don’t care about, you know, having the best artwork. So I think it’s pretty simple. And the little kid in the devil suit holding the pitchfork is actually Fred when he was a little kid at Halloween. So whatever. Everyone makes up different stories about what…

Jared: Yeah, everyone just wanted to find a deeper meaning and stuff like that. So, ok, about, uh, song titles off the new record. On the first record you guys would watch TV or, you know, like TV guide channel and stuff to come up with titles. How’d you come up with the titles for this record?

Eddie: Pretty much the same way. Or we would wait for someone to say something really stupid and we’d use it. Like “One Eighty By Summer” is a joke about me. ‘Cause I had to lose, I had to lose, I had to be at 180 lbs by summer to win a bet and I didn’t. So they named the song after it ‘cause I lost the bet. Just silly stuff. We don’t really like to make sense sometimes.

Jared: Oh, that’s cool. Like I like song titles that aren’t even relevant.

Eddie: Yeah, they have like nothing to do with the song.

Jared: Also many people wonder what a “Bonus Mosh” was or how that came about.

Eddie: See, that’s another stupid one. Like, um, a friend of ours was listening to the demos when we were playing them and then the second part was heavier and he goes “Whoa, that’s a bonus mosh part two, man, that’s cool. It’s like a second mosh part in the song.” We were like “What are you talking about” and we just kept it. I hate it. I hate that name personally. It was a cross between, it was a tie between that name and “You’re Just Another Stupid Haircut.”

Jared: See I like that one.

Eddie: Yeah I like that one too. So we call ‘em both.

Jared: Yeah, I like the “haircut” one better. Also, throughout like the lyric booklet you guys have like the first album you added random lines throughout the lyrics or even there’s movie quotes from “Bueller”, “Old School” and, so are you guys just huge movie buffs?

Eddie: Yeah, we like taking skits like little pieces of parts of movies and I guess putting them in our songs. It’s mostly Adam and Fred, though. They’re the movie ones or come up with stuff. I mean, we haven’t changed at all the way we are writing songs or our album. And our ideas are just, I mean, the way we write and the way we come up with our ideas is just always been the way we’ve always done it. People are always going to expect it, on the next record too. Just sillyness.

Jared: Yeah, like it gives it a cool vibe. That’s like one of my favorite things about the record ‘cause like the song titles have nothing to do with…

Eddie: Nothing to do with the songs. I hate when bands name a song out of like a line in their song.

Jared: Like the first line out of the chorus.

Eddie: So stupid. You can come up with something better than that.

Jared: Uh, I’m not sure what you know about this ‘cause it involves the lyrics but do you know if there is any like special meaning behind the colors red or blue ‘cause they’re mentioned a couple of times?

Eddie: I don’t know. I couldn’t say I know about that.

Jared: Well, also, is there any significance to the name Brianne?

Eddie: Brianne is, uh, is uh, a close friend of ours. So it was just like a little shout out in the song. We do that a lot in the songs. People don’t catch on to that. And Adam stutters a lot in his songs too to make fun of himself.

Jared: I’m not sure if it’s been decided yet, but what would be your choice for next single and video?

Eddie: Hm, I’d probably say “New American Classic” ‘cause I have the whole concept idea for the video in my head so we have to do it. If we don’t do it I’ll quit the band.

Jared: Well usually the third one’s (single) the ballad.

Eddie: Ya, I know man, but you know what? We don’t follow the rules. And, uh, naw I mean I’d like that and I would like “Number Five With A Bullet.” That’s a pretty cool song. I think that would do well so yeah. That’s cool.

Jared: Ok, about the MTV coverage. At first it started with “Advanced Warning” and then you had “The Leak” and now you’re “Buzzworthy.” Does that like still a shock to all of you guys?

Eddie: It’s cool. I don’t pay attention, I don’t watch MTV. I’m weird like that. I, uh, I mean I watch FUSE. MTV is cool and all that, but I just, I don’t really get stuck on. I think it’s really cool and I’m really proud of my band, but I’m like older and jaded so I don’t really care about stuff like that. I just like playing shows and hanging out with kids. Maybe I should be more excited?

Jared: Yeah, most people would be ecstatic.

Eddie: Yeah, I mean it’s awesome. But yeah, I’m just, I’m 31. I don’t go around “Guys I’m on MTV.” All my friends will laugh at me. Yeah, that’s cool, right? (Laughs)

Jared: So I’ll like talk to Ian from New Found Glory and he’ll be like “Yeah, we knew from day one we wanted to be on MTV.”

Eddie: I mean, I mean, it’s just one of those added benefits. Like, it’s cool that it happened. If it didn’t happen, it’d still be cool.

Jared: Also, with the success, the album debuted at number 3. Was that far past your guys expectations?

Eddie: Yeah. Yeah. That I’m proud of ‘cause, I, not just me, the whole band has worked hard over the last six years. Member changes and people coming and going and finally it felt like we were a band and accomplishing something when I heard those numbers.

Jared: Well, it got that heavy push on MTV.

Eddie: Plus we’ve toured a lot. And you know we’ve done everything we can to push and get the new album out there. As much as it sucks, you have to tour.

Jared: You guys just did Loveline again for the second time as well as the Jimmy Kimmel show. What’s that like?

Eddie: Jimmy Kimmel is really really cool. He’s just a cool guy. Loveline I didn’t do. I don’t know why. Both times I missed it. I think I went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Jared: Was Jimmy Kimmel easier the second time?

Eddie: Yeah. It was inside and it wasn’t weird, we knew what to do. It was like “Oh god I’m nervous.” The first time they threw us out in front of 2,000 kids outside on live TV. This time it was like more planned. It wasn’t as nerve racking.

Jared: Also, what did you think of the Alternative Press spread? It had some cool photos with the guns. Was that your guy’s idea?

Eddie: Yeah, um no, well, we wanted like dark or you know just kind of cool hip respect us kind of vibe. So we showed up there was guns. I’m sure anybody will like you after you point a gun at ‘em. They’re real guns too.

Jared: Oh really?

Eddie: Yeah. They weren’t loaded, but it was just cool. I guess that was the idea. They were shooting for kind of a cloudy happy sunny background with the flowers and gun in your hand.

Jared: So what are your favorite things to do in your spare time? Not just on Warped Tour, but even when you’re home or…

Eddie: I’m a nerd A big time nerd. I love, um, I actually race cars at track, but like professional races.

Jared: Is it remote?

Eddie: Yeah, remote. It’s like real stuff and I go fishing and I hang out with my dog. When I’m home that’s all I do. I don’t do anything else. I don’t really hang out w/ friends anymore ‘cause they’re all grown up and I really don’t go to shows anymore ‘cause I’m so jaded to like going to shows. Yeah, it’s like, it’s a bummer sometimes.

Jared: I guess that comes with age.

Eddie: Dude, I’ve been going to shows for like 17 years (laughs). After awhile when you come home from playing 40 straight shows you just want to sit home and watch like TV.

Jared. Well, you’re also engaged too, right?

Eddie: Yeah.

Jared: When you getting married?

Eddie: September 18th

Jared: Then you guys go back on tour, right?

Eddie: Like four days later. I don’t even get to take a honeymoon.

Jared. Take her on tour.

Eddie: I don’t think she’s happy about that.

Jared: So what have you been listening to lately?

Eddie: I’m really like attached to that Muse record. I love the new Muse record and this band called From First To Last. They’re pretty good.

Jared: Their singer is like only 17.

Eddie: And he’s completely out of his mind too. I had the opportunity of sitting down and talking to him. There’s something wrong with that kid. But that’s cool, though. I guess that’s what makes him so intriguing.

Jared: That was actually my last question for you. Any additional comments or anything you wanted to say?

Eddie: Oh no. I mean I just want to thank everyone for supporting us and being behind us.
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08:11 PM on 08/11/04
That's what she said
User Info.
ShoeSh1ne's Avatar
Good stuff Jayrod.
08:47 PM on 08/11/04
User Info.
trustmeimokay's Avatar
best interview..ever! eddie is the best guitarist ever
08:54 PM on 08/11/04
I Love Gold
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chinesemanwhore's Avatar
thanx for askin my question about the meanin behind bonus mosh!
09:09 PM on 08/11/04
Registered User
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surfwaxsideshow's Avatar
Number 5 With A Bullet = Suicide. I don't mind tbs getting big, but I don't want people to associate them with that song. Personally I think it has gotta be Bonus Mosh, Photo or 180. NAC would be cool though, but it's too early for them to do a sentimental song.
09:31 PM on 08/11/04
Jim Morgan
You Are The Moon.
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Jim Morgan's Avatar
i met him in the bathroom backstage at englishtown warped
09:43 PM on 08/11/04
Talib Scottie
Isn't it a pity?
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Talib Scottie's Avatar
Yeah, number five is OK, but nothing special. Hopefully 180 or Set Phasers will be next, those are the best 2 songs on the album in my opinion.
09:53 PM on 08/11/04
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XPrettyXWasteX's Avatar
That was a good interview. Thanks for asking my queston.

and I agree with Eddie, FFTL is awesome and their singer is crazy, but in a funny/cool way.
09:56 PM on 08/11/04
Laying Down the Law
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FreshyFresh23's Avatar
Awesome interview...Eddie is the man, great guitarist.
10:00 PM on 08/11/04
Been Here A While
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No Avatar Selected
Originally Posted by surfwaxsideshow
Number 5 With A Bullet = Suicide. I don't mind tbs getting big, but I don't want people to associate them with that song. Personally I think it has gotta be Bonus Mosh, Photo or 180. NAC would be cool though, but it's too early for them to do a sentimental song.

I think 180 would be a cool choice. Photo and Set Phasers would be cool too. I think they should...for like their video...throw in part of The Union before NAC...so that people get the idea that they do that kinda hard thing...then do the sentimental thing.
11:04 PM on 08/11/04
i am heaven sent
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djUbilla's Avatar
Thanks for the interview, Jarrod.
02:04 AM on 08/12/04
Frank Giaramita
AP.net's Princess
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Frank Giaramita's Avatar
sweet interview, I wish "Slowdance on the inside" was their next single. Am i the only dude who lieks that song?? I cant see how.
03:59 AM on 08/12/04
Been Here A While
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Originally Posted by arcadiansky
sweet interview, I wish "Slowdance on the inside" was their next single. Am i the only dude who lieks that song?? I cant see how.

i love that song, but i dont think it would be a very good single
08:41 AM on 08/12/04
is not half right.
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It’s like real stuff and I go fishing and I hang out with my dog. When I’m home that’s all I do.

I don't know why, but that quote struck me as hillarious. I love Eddie and the rest of TBS to death... but who the hell ever says that they go home to HANG OUT WITH THEIR DOG?!
09:22 AM on 08/12/04
Registered User
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surfwaxsideshow's Avatar
Originally Posted by arcadiansky
sweet interview, I wish "Slowdance on the inside" was their next single. Am i the only dude who lieks that song?? I cant see how.

I could definitely see this working, but in the vast majority of cases, the album closer is "special" and is rarely released as a single. I think anything other than Number Five With a Bullet or Little Devotional would do well.

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