Family Force 5 - 08.14.08

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Family Force 5 - 08.14.08I would like to thank the magnificent Adam Hogan for setting this interview up. Family Force 5's new record Dance or Die drops August 19th. You can read my review here, or just dive into it cold turkey this Tuesday. It's your call.

Roll call! Introduce yourselves, please.

Hello, I am the Soul Glow Activatur. I sing and play guitar in the band.

The time has come for another Family Force 5 album. Some douchebag from this site tried to describe the thing and it took him like 10,000 words. How would you describe Dance or Die in 5 words or less?

Dance Floor Apocalypse circa 3030

This is your first album on Tooth & Nail. How's the relationship been so far? Most people criticize the label for only signing bands that sound alike, but there are definitely no FF5 clones on the roster. Do you feel out of place at all?

We are excited about this new relationship with T&N. Their interns already dance on stage with us and we have made a few label-mate friends on Warped this year. So they are making us feel at home.

Warped Tour is coming to an end and you guys have spent the majority of the sticky summer days performing your little hearts out. How has the trip been this year? What bands have you seen that caught your eye?

The trip was very fun. We made more friends and had more late night dance parties than any other time on the previous Warped tours. 3OH!3 is my fave band hands down this year. Im from Atlanta and they rep some very ghetto stuff! They are amazing dudes and are amazing live as well. Cobra Starship is very fun as well.

This is feeling too much like a real interview. Is Nascar a great sport or the greatest sport? Which driver could be an honorary member of the Family?

I love the idea of Nascar because it brings people's inner redneck out and watching cars drive in a bowl 1000 times seems loud and fun. Richard Petty no longer drives cause he is too old but he is kind of like the Johnny Cash of Nascar. He would be the best person to join our band or that hot chick that drives in the Nascar races.

Your Myspace page has always been quite a fun place to visit on the ol' interwebs. Do you guys actually update it or is there a crony someplace answering fanmail? What are some videos you guys have planned for the upcoming months?

We do update our myspace all the time. Chapstique is uploading an audioblog as I type. We will be shooting a music video for a song called "Radiator" in Sept.

I don't want to be the cause of a breakup here, but what are some pet peeves that keep being violated by the other dudes? For example, who is no longer allowed to have the Chimichangas right before a long road trip?

Well we have these new stage outfits that we had made to coincide with the release of our record. We have worn them all of Warped tour. The seems at the crotch are ripping. They used to look nice and now they are dirty as mess. It looks like we are street people of 3030 instead of Dance floor killas. The one thing that reeks the most is Fatty's clothing. We have used Febreeze, washed his clothes multiple times, even sent it to a radioactivity deactivation site, and nothing seems to work. He just plain smells all the time. The guys in the band have to get off the bus when he puts his clothes on. Fans have said, not knowing it was Fatty, "Hey , somebody smells homeless around here."

I know you guys weren't always known as Family Force 5. Why the change? And here's a hypothetical: a death metal band in Norway holds the rights to Family Force 5.What would you change your name to in such a scenario?

We used to be called The Phamily and some toilet paper making company out in Texas had the rights to it. We wanted to change it to sound like some Giant Robot like Voltron or something. IF the rights to Family Force 5 were all of a sudden in Jeopardy then we would call ourselves KILL YETI KILL or ONOMONOPEA or FRESH to DEF.

Your music is technically of a "Christian" vein, but that description seems to be a limitation on what you guys really do. How do you balance your beliefs with your love of dancing in rooms full of blacklights? Do Baptists ever give you crap?

We get criticism from every kind of people. We have our faith but we are still humans that like to have fun. They both intertwine and that is the sound and beliefs of FF5. I can tell you right now that these kids on this bus can out dance anyone on Warped tour hands down. Except for Katy Perry, no joking, my brother Crouton came in 2nd place the other night at a late night bus dance party. The judging was biased because 3 of the judges were her assistants- so in my book my brother won.

What are your goals and hopes for this new album? Do you think any songs could garner some mainstream radio airplay, and if so which ones?

Death to EMO, that's one goal. Another is that we hope fans appreciate the growth we have in our sound now. I think a few songs might be able to make it to radio: "Radiator," "How in the World," "Fever," and "D-I-E-4-Y-O-U."

The readers of AP.net have a lot of hate in their hearts. What would you say to cheer them up?

Get off of your computers and do something outside for once. The sun has amazing qualities to cheer you up. Also, eat more candy. Fart on someone's face. Get a tattoo to show how angry you are at the world which will make you a happier person.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to answer these "questions." Let's end with a preview of what's up next for the Family. Where will we see you guys after Warped and are there any new surprises in store for your live show?

After Warped we do another headlining tour called, DANCE rawr DANCE 2. We did one last year and we will keep going with it. We are bringing out Ultraviolet sound, Danger Radio, & Play Radio Play. It will be amazing!!! We already have a 6' drum machine on warped so you need to come and see the choreography and stupidity of the next tour.
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10:53 PM on 08/15/08
Adrian Villagomez
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Adrian Villagomez's Avatar
I like how you word your questions, Blakecake.
11:03 PM on 08/15/08
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tait's Avatar
I like how you word your questions, Blakecake.
haha indeed
02:21 PM on 08/16/08
We never met, you and I
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awakeohsleeper's Avatar
Nice interview. I listened to the album being streamed on jesusfreakhideout.com yesterday and I am not sure what I made of it. Enjoyed it to an extent, but I am not a fan of the dancier sound. I'm boring and have never liked dancey music. Sorry.

I like these guys as people though and enjoy reading interviews.
03:53 PM on 08/16/08
Jake Denning
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Jake Denning's Avatar
man Soul Glow is tight.
08:06 PM on 08/16/08
Registered User
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nagohmada's Avatar
you're welcome Blake. Glad we finally got this done.
04:20 PM on 08/17/08
Registered User
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irishpunk14's Avatar
nice interview.
03:40 AM on 08/18/08
Have another biscuit, sorry.
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foreverSWEET's Avatar
Great interview! I listened to the streamed version of the album, and I can't wait for it - that 'How In The World' track is my favorite, for sure. I can't wait for the fall tour!
08:36 AM on 08/18/08
Cowboy monkey riding border collies
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XenoAbe's Avatar
Oh man do I love these guys. I'm excited for the new album. And these guys only live like 10-15 minutes away from me in the ATL.
09:47 AM on 08/18/08
Roll along you BG warriors
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im_wide_awake's Avatar
nice interview
you could have worded the questions differently though
still thanks
12:02 PM on 08/18/08
kiss kitty on the lips
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kevinrocks409's Avatar
Good thing there are bands like this that write talented music that has deep and inspiring lyrics.
It's also good that they have their hearts in the right place and aren't doing it for the money.

[/end sarcasm]

Maybe at some point they'll grow the hell up and make some real music that isn't based around the idea of "ZOMG LETS DANCE!" and isn't shitty and generic.
01:08 PM on 08/18/08
Registered User
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altemose09's Avatar
im gonna pick it up
02:45 PM on 08/18/08
Poop My Pants
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Cheshire_Buddha's Avatar
A kid I knew in college played a song from this band in class one day. Never heard of them, and I honestly didn't even care.

But after that one song, I realized that I will never listen to this band again.
12:20 AM on 08/19/08
Regular Member
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Kerplunk_23's Avatar
Awesome Interview! Family Force 5 are amazing and their new stuff is really good.
12:58 AM on 08/19/08
Registered User
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Emoidiot187's Avatar
lol they played six flags..

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