Saosin - 11.19.04

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Saosin - 11.19.04So how did you guys find Cove?

Beau: At first we had been auditioning singers and 9 times out of 10 they would be absolutely horrible, so we finally decided to just tell people that were interested to send in demos.

Cove: I map quested the address they gave me and kept emailing them telling them that I only lived 30 minutes away and wanted to try out in person, but since that wasnít working, I finally just sent in a demo.

Beau: Yeah, when we received his demo, we thought it was Anthony playing a sick joke on us. So we had him come down to the studio to see what his style was and what his voice sounded like recorded. We didnít tell Cove that the song that we were having him record happened to be a song for the Smartpunk.com compilation.

Who wrote the lyrics to ďBury Your HeadĒ?

Cove: It was a collaborative process with Chris.

Chris: Yeah, we just sat down together and wrote the stuff. Cove would be singing, and I would write down what I thought he was singing, and he would look them over and change some of the words around, it worked out pretty well.

You guys are about to start on the full-length, is there a title yet?

Beau: Nope

What has it been like to have such a huge following?

Beau: Itís awesome. Iím amazed at how many people have stuck around and supported us through out everything thatís been going on. And itís such a great feeling to see all the kids coming out to the shows to see us.

So has anyone in the band heard from Anthony since he left?

Beau: Yeah, he actually came out to one of our shows earlier this tour, but other than that we hadnít really talked to him since he left the band.

Cove: I shook his hand and he congratulated me, which was kind of awkward. He called me after that too, which was a little weird, but itís all good.

How did he leave the band?

Beau: We were all going to the airport to pick him up three days before we left to go on tour. When we called him to ask what gate he was at, he told us that he wasnít coming. We all took it as a joke and said ďNo, really dude. What gate are you at.Ē He said he wasnít happy with the music and didnít really want to be a part of it anymore.

So, everyone wants to know, are you going to get signed, and if so are there any labels your looking at?

Beau: We are going to wait until we get back home before we do sign anything, but we definitely have a few record labels we are looking at.

What are you guys listening to these days?

Cove: Iíve been listening to a lot of the new The Used album, Taking Back Sunday, but I usually just listen to whatever the rest of the band is listening to in the van. OH! And what about our tour song, what is it?

Beau: Stevie Nicks! I think the song is called ďOne Winged DoveĒ or something like that. Itís so rock and roll. Expect to see a cover of that soon, ha-ha. Iíve also been listening to a lot of Candiria lately, In Flames, and of course 3rd Eye Blind.

Is B2C going to come out with a full-length?

Beau: Actually, yeah we want to work on it more. We want to have a bunch of guest appearances with bands you wouldnít expect to hear rap. Iím not sure when we will get around to it but itís definitely something we want to do more with.

What is Boostikaka?

Beau: You want to take this one Chris?

Chris: Well, Boostikaka is my alias. I am known as many things like Boosti millionaire, etc.

Well, is there anything else you guys would like to say to all the kids out there in Absolutepunk.net land?

Beau: Thank you for everything, thank you for sticking around. The fact that people are still supportive of us after a year of inactivity and also supportive of Cove is really awesome. The main thing we weíre afraid of was people not taking to Cove, but you guys have really embraced him and for that we thank you.

Cove: I will buy anything from homeless people!

Beau: Ha-ha, yeah he just bought a box of nails from a homeless guy the other night.

Cove: Yeah, see this shirt Iím wearing. I bought it from that guy. I bought two of them actually and gave one of them away. And then bought the box of nails.
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05:49 PM on 11/21/04
I'm one of those girls.
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Cove is the nicest guy I've ever met.
05:57 PM on 11/21/04
automatic, i am
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saosinteam's Avatar
awww i miss them so much :(
06:09 PM on 11/21/04
Cocky Caucasion
Attention Whore
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that interview was too short
06:21 PM on 11/21/04
is more scene than jesus
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jynxedheart's Avatar
yeah, im pretty sure that every question in that interview has been answered somewhere on the Saoboard.....o well
06:38 PM on 11/21/04
Lowgrade Bassist
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Squanus's Avatar
those things cove said i'm rehearsing them...
06:41 PM on 11/21/04
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sundaysetsashes's Avatar
where can i find the b2c songs, besides the bootyhole one
07:21 PM on 11/21/04
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
haha, wonder if they were serious about relasing more b2c stuff, thatd be hillarious if they get a bunch of "punk" or "hardcore" bands to try and rap...
08:15 PM on 11/21/04
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hey what does B2C stand for? i have herd Show Me Your Bootyhole and think it's fucking hilarious. but yeah i have never heard B2C before...could someone help me out here
10:28 PM on 11/21/04
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Adeniz19's Avatar
rap crap makes me feel very uncomfortable when i listen to it.. but its funny as hell haha
11:00 PM on 11/21/04
Meow what is so funny?
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AtticusFinch317's Avatar
Can someone help me out on this, how do you pronounce their name? I've been trying to figure it out for over a year now.
11:10 PM on 11/21/04
Just growing up to die.
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Sureshot182's Avatar
saosin are such an awesome band. can't wait for the new cd.
11:22 PM on 11/21/04
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their name is pronounced say-ocean.
there's also a bunch more info about them here:
06:56 AM on 11/22/04
Registered User
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Originally Posted by alexxcore
Cove is the nicest guy I've ever met.

agreed, my friend. he was really cool to us.

oh, and now that anthony is not around to climb into everyone's ass about the name of the band, its pronounced Say-Oh-Sin, or Say-Ocean, or Say-something-that-seems-like-it-would-make-sense. just call it what you want. they personally pronounce it Say-Oh-Sin now, though.

that's not to say that i don't love anthony.
01:55 PM on 11/22/04
the city's been dead...
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ninalp's Avatar
Originally Posted by AtticusFinch317
Can someone help me out on this, how do you pronounce their name? I've been trying to figure it out for over a year now.

i'm pretty sure its say-O-shin

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