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Novice - 11.29.04Tonight, November 29th, 2004, I had the honor of interviewing my friends Mike, Josh and Jared of the band Novice via Instant Message. After about an hour of cutting out ridiculous garbage and sidetracked conversations about fat people, salads, bathroom breaks, and homosexual tendencies, This is what we have, enjoy:

**MJJ- Mike, Jared, and Josh of Novice**

Frank: Well, introduce yourselves and your roles in the band

MJJ: Mike Gross - Vocals/Guitar
Josh Fry - Lead Guitar
Jared Fry - Vocals/Bass...Our drummer Jarrod is sleeping

Frank: Haha, sweet. Anyway, how does it feel having stupid looking last names? Especially with a last name like "Gross".

MJJ: Hahaha, its really cool we got made fun of a lot and that's what are songs are about (not really).

Frank: Hahaha, So how do you guys feel about the response of your latest release, "Interrupting The Scenery"?

MJJ: We're totally proud of it and we get nothing but good responses. We're blown away by the support that we've been receiving, especially as of late.

Frank: What about as far as recording and production wise? Are you content with the disc or do you wish you could change/add/delete some things?

MJJ: Yeah man! Dave Swanson did awesome... there are parts that we've think of now and say "we should have added this there, that there" but oh well. Overall, we're totally happy with it

Frank: will you guys be using Dave for your next release, or trying someone new?

MJJ: We do not know as of now, depends on the next months and what happens. We love Dave and everyone at Lovejuice Labs, they're are like family.

Frank: When's the next time you guys plan to hit the studio?

MJJ: Umm, not for a while. Actually, we're finishing up some b-sides in January, they were supposed to go on "Interrupting The Scenery" but we never finished them in time.

Frank: Would those be just strictly internet released?

MJJ: Yeah, probably just internet...maybe a compilation released too.

Frank: Will the b-sides be recorded with Dave Swanson?

MJJ: yeah dude.

Frank: Rad! I know you guys have been looking to tour, you have anything coming up or any ideas?

MJJ: Yeah! A SICK TOUR! Its our first one. It's with Slow Coming Day and the Evan Anthem. We are stoked dude.

Frank: Wow, I'm psyched for that. Is that line-up definite? and when is it slated to take place?

MJJ: There's one more band getting added and it's in march, we'll have more info soon. For the most part, the tour is a west coast/mid west tour.

Frank: Awesome man, whats the situation at Rigged Records? How has it been working with them and what's your future with the label?

MJJ: They have been a major support to us and they are awesome guys. They take us out to eat a lot, well, Doug does. Sushi! Jared prefers chinese food :Mike hits Jared::, Jared's not as cool as the rest of the band, hahaha.

Frank: Haha, the guys at Rigged seem absolutely amazing and really seem to love their bands on a personal level as well as business.

Mike: Dude, totally. We love those guys and they are the greatest ever. More labels should be as caring as they are.

Frank: To my understanding, you guys are free agents now. Have you been looking for labels to sign to and has anyone taken interest in you guys yet?

MJJ: Yes, that's accurate, we're free agents now, and yes, we have gotten some attention as of late but we really can't get into that just yet.

Frank: Okay, understood. What was the best show you guys have played?

Mike: Our CD release, we brought in 650 kids and totally didn't expect that huge of an outcome. We sold over 250 CD's that night and were so happy with the way it turned out. It was crazy, off the hook

Frank: When will I get to see you guys here, on Long Island. I've been waiting for a nation wide tour, what the fuck is the deal?

MJJ: I can't wait till we play on east coast, we are bad asstronaught

Frank: Haha, anyway, back to your last names. did people give you wedgies in school? For having stupid ass names?

MJJ: No, I (Mike)was fat...they couldn't lift me. Actually, we all were fat. Only one of us never quite thinned out to bad hes not here...he's sleeping. Hahaha

Frank: How will he(Jarrod) feel tomorrow morning when he reads this?

MJJ: He's amazing though and we love him. He's not over weight... hes allergic to clothes so he swells up. When hes naked hes hot, hahaha, but we love him. He'll be sad we're ripping on him, but we really do love him.

Frank: Whats your favorite song to play live?... least?

MJJ: Our Fave is "Letter From A Friend" because the kids go nuts and its our anthem. Our least is...umm... "My Last Breath", because its high and if I'm having a bad night it destroys my vocal chords. Haha, but that will all change soon... we write songs in some screwed up keys.

Frank: What do you have to say to kids who haven't heard you before?

MJJ: We think there is something in our music for everyone and we just want everyone to at least check us out...oh, and we melt faces and all that good stuff

Frank: awesome!

Mike: So is that it?

Frank: No, bitch, we still have one more question--Have any last words?

Mike: thats the whole interview?! Haha, uhhhmm, thank's to Frank, Absolutepunk.net, Our fans, we love all of our fans and totally realize that if we didn't have them, we'd have nothing. Thanks to everyone who at least checked us out and gave us the time of day. Bye Bye

--Thanks to Novice and Rigged Records for making this interview possible.
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12:53 AM on 12/28/04
Suit Up
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Nice! I've loved Novice for a long time and it's good that they are getting the fame they deserve!

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