Eisley - 12.20.04

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Eisley - 12.20.04I got the chance to see Eisley in Colorado with Brandnew last winter, how did you guys get put on that tour? And how was the experience?

I think Jesse from Brand New begged our booking agent to set us up
on their tour. He saw us on the Coldplay tour and became some sort of huge fan apparently. We were a little skeptical about the tour at first...we didn't know if their fans would like our music, but it turned out to be like the best tour. Everyone was so great and the clubs were really cool and the kids liked us.We only had one beer thrown at us and we ended up making some new best friends and fans. It was terrible when it was over having to say goodbye to everyone.

I see you guys are going to be heading out with New Found Glory soon, are you guys excited to hit the road again?

Most definitely. We're still fairly new to the whole touring thing, having only done a small handful of them but we always have a lot of fun and they all end up being different in their own way which makes each one of them interesting. Plus, our drummer and bassist (Weston and Jon) are insanely hilarious so even if we get bogged down and tired we can still laugh about it.The only thing that can get annoying is that when it's Weston's turn to pick the music in the van we end up having to listen to something like Amy Grant or Gino Vannelli. That's when I'm really thankful I sit in the very back and there is such technology as speaker panning.

How has the time off from touring been?

I always heard touring bands say that "When you're on the road you hate it, and when you're home you miss it"...Which I've found to be terribly true. Although I don't "hate" it, you DO miss being home for sure...and when we're home we get so bored that we don't know what to do with ourselves and wish we were on the road.Last week Stacy and I got so bored that we timed ourselves to see how fast we could clean our room...this was entertainment to us. I mean, we were desperate. So, it is very nice to be home, but I can't wait to be gone playing shows again also.
(We did it in about 15 minutes by the way...and you would think that was freaking amazing if you had seen it).

Were most of the songs on "Room Noises" written during recording or were they songs that you had written a long time ago?

The only one that we wrote a few weeks before we actually began recording is a track called "My Lovely". Some of them were within the year and some are a few years old...so it was nice to get them recorded and out of the way, kind of. I'm excited to start all over and write brand new songs for a second album when the time comes.

I've been listening the new album "Room Noises" and I see that you guys have put some of the older songs off the EP's on it. Did you re-record them because the sound a bit different then the other versions.

We re-recorded some of them because we figured that realistically not THAT many people have heard the ep's, and plus we really loved the songs and wanted them to be able to be heard on a broader scale.And hopefully we'll accomplish that with this album.

How did you go about choosing what old songs you wanted to put on the new album?

It was fairly easy, I guess. With "Memories" and "Marvelous Things", those we're two of our favorites and they've always been favorites of our fans. And with "Telescope Eyes" it was moreso for fans because even though we're kind of over that song, everyone has always loved it. We were afraid it might be a bad move on our part not to re-do it for the full length.

What albums were you listening to while recording the new album? Any inspiration from that?

We're really listening to a lot of Korn...just kidding. I know that Iron and Wine's "Our Endless Numbered Days" came out while we were recording and we were listening to that non-stop. Also, thanks to a cool person I got a hold of a copy of The Decemberists' "Her Majesty" and an album called
"Frengers" by a band called Mew and was amazed by them both. Also Modest Mouses' "Good news for people who love bad news" album came out then. Which is incredible. As to whether or not they effected the sound of the album, I think it was too late for that because it had already been written. But they definitely made the times when we weren't recording, hot n'awesome.

How did you guys come about getting signed to Reprise Records?

An artist/producer named Aaron Sprinkle (who is a friend of ours now) heard some demo'd songs of ours and sent them to a music attorney that He knew. We met with that attorney and he asked if we wanted him to get us some showcases, and I guess we said that we did because the next thing we knew we we're flying to LA and New York for a ton of showcases. One of the last ones we did was for Warner/Reprise and they we're the most amazingly warm and friendly, enthusiastic group of people we'd met. It was love at first site and then we had a baby. I mean, and then we were signed.

Considering that the end of 2004 is near, are there any big plans for Eisley in the near future other then the NFG tour?

We have a video shooting coming up in January, then a short headlining tour before the NFG tour starts. I guess the album will be out in less than 2 months and I'm interested to see myself what all will be happening. I guess we'll be busy as heck, that is what I do know.Touring will be our lives now I guess. Yikes. Maybe we should all get out while we still can and try and make a living farming some Texas crops or something.

Being a band of almost all family members, is there any ever tension between eachother, any sibling rivalries?

We get this question so much, but the answer is no. I think it actually makes it easier...at least for us.We all grew up being best friends and so it's really easy to be around each other all the time. And work together. It's nice having Jon in the mix too because he's so even tempered that it helps any tension that might come up, and because it saves poor Weston from
being stuck in a girly band all by himself.

What was everyone's favorite album of 2004?

I would have to say the stuff that we we're listening to above that came out while we we're in the studio. Also The Killers "Hot Fuss" is cool. The Kill Bill2 soundtrack is great. Kings Of Convenience "Riot On An Empty Street". Of Montreal "Satanic Panic in the attic". Oh, Bjork's "Medulla"...It's weird, but it's great.

If you could have a dream tour who would be on it and why?

There are so many bands we'd love to get a chance to play with that I don't think we could conjur up a dream tour, unless it was something crazy like
Radiohead or Bjork. But more realistically it'd be funto play with bands like The Arcade Fire, Mew, The Decemberists, Kashmir, Deathcab For Cutie, We recently met the band Mute Math and would love to tour with them. I mean we'd love to tour with Brand New again as well...I dunno, I guess any band you love would be a dream tour. Coldplay was certainly a dream tour, right?

I would like to thank you for taking some time to answer my questions, are there any last things you would like to say to all the readers out there?

I guess I will say that I didn't know Eisley was punk rock enough to be interviewed on AbsolutePunk.net so thank YOU.
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04:48 PM on 12/20/04
Scott Weber
Live Like a Legend
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Scott Weber's Avatar
aaron sprinkle is the man and also an amazing producer. I dig the interview.
05:39 PM on 12/20/04
Orange Gold and Green
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Great interview! I was confused about who exactly was the interviewee... It was Sherri, right?
05:55 PM on 12/20/04
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violencexgrace's Avatar
Wonderful interview, Brandon.

As for Eisley, from what I've heard of the new record, it sounds like the production is going to be absolutely perfect. They have such a strange sense of melody; I'm pretty excited for it to come out.
07:30 PM on 12/20/04
rules at life.
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sdpunkrock's Avatar
great interview. i can't wait till room noises comes out
10:28 PM on 12/20/04
Been Here A While
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they knock off denali so bad, dude. which is to say, they're pretty good.
11:10 PM on 12/20/04
Co and Ca
What are you doing here?
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Co and Ca's Avatar
their from houston i believe, and so am i. go houston! not really. houston sucks.
11:55 PM on 12/20/04
AP Addict
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chriscac28's Avatar
Originally Posted by Co and Ca
their from houston i believe, and so am i. go houston! not really. houston sucks.

actually, i'm pretty sure houston calls...anyone? anyone?

fuck you guys, i'm out
12:57 AM on 12/21/04
"ya done..."
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Straylight8's Avatar
Actually.. they're from a small town called Tyler, TX... and that was a great interview. I'm really stoked for the new album coming out soon... i saw em on tour with BN as well, and fell in love. more than friends?
04:51 PM on 12/21/04
Soundtrack To A Headrush
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llwin's Avatar
Eisley music is beautiful. =) I cant wait to hear their new CD. =)
12:39 AM on 12/22/04
only you exist
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punklet2101's Avatar
Nice interview.
01:44 AM on 12/28/04
Registered User
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BrandNewCircuit's Avatar
Great interview! I love Eisley and am definitely looking forward to Room Noises.

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