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12:26 PM on 09/19/08
Roll along you BG warriors
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im_wide_awake's Avatar
he screamed when i saw them in July... a lot haha.
12:34 PM on 09/19/08
It's In Your Blood...
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TalkShowsOnMute's Avatar
very good interview, stephen is the man. cant wait to see anberlin live a couple times in the next month
12:40 PM on 09/19/08
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moore182's Avatar
What are your thoughts on the album being leaked?
Stephen: It is hard to explain to be honest. I am not naïve to the fact that records leak. Every single one of Anberlin’s has. However, one main frustration was due to the fact that it was illegally posted/stolen over 1 ½ months before the release date.

I think that the days of music being considered valuable are over. Music is considered meaningless in our society, people wont say it, but their subtle actions prove it.

HOWEVER, this does not stop any passionate musician. If any musician got in this for the money they got in it for the wrong reasons! However, i think its not a money issue, or a soundscan issue but a CREATIVE issue. I want people to experience the entire process, the packaging, the lyrics, the art direction, pictures, the songs as they are on the tracklist. I want people to appreciate the value of music again.

Couldn't have said it better. I love Stephen. I met him at warped, and he was just as amazing as he sounds in these interviews. I can't wait for New Surrender...I've been hearing it's disappointing, but I'm hoping some people are just crazy. I can't see myself not loving it.
12:59 PM on 09/19/08
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chcougar1's Avatar

I think most ppl connect value to monetary worth, which in some cases is wrong (like ppl) and other times perfectly fine, like music. If you're not willing to pay for music and you have the money for it then you don't really value the music or the artist or the effort that has been put into creating the music. What ppl care about is only what the music can do for them, so in a way it's a false sense of value.


That is a pretty good explanation and I mostly agree..but how can it be a false sense of value because someone might not pay for an album....that takes into account the money thing again....but I do get that the listener maybe isnt giving the band anything in return if they dont pay to value it...if that makes sense.....

what if people download the album, but go to as many shows as possible featuring the band? I will admit I have done this before...I cant afford EVERY album by EVERY band that I like but I probably go to 30-40 shows a year and definitely purchase the albums that I feel are excellent...does that mean I dont value the music the band is making? It is unfortunate and I wish I could afford every album, but I just cant.....
01:03 PM on 09/19/08
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bloodyr0mance87's Avatar
really good interview. he seems like a pretty smart guy. i like his perspectives on relgion and music, especially since he's someone who is very involved with both.
01:13 PM on 09/19/08
Nick Le
Yeezy taught me.
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Nick Le's Avatar
Great interview. I love Stephen.
01:46 PM on 09/19/08
Lights Camera Distractions
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johnnylcd's Avatar
best interview i've read on this site, jamie. really good job!
01:52 PM on 09/19/08
Andrew Love
Bravos: America's Team
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02:20 PM on 09/19/08
Only the good die young
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Chancetobe's Avatar
I'm going to join in with the chorus of everyone saying how honest/inspirational and overall great Stephen is. I respect very few musicians (because sadly I feel like a lot of them are in it for the wrong reasons, or do not handle their 'fame' well) but, I have so much respect for this man. You can tell that he really tries to do what is right, and devotes a lot of time to good causes.

Like how at Warped when the band asked everyone who wanted to attend a signing to recycle a bottle - I thought that was great. At first I was annoyed that I had to go find a bottle, but then I realized that they were just doing their part to help the environment in any little way they could, and showing us how easy it can actually be. So, Anberlin... you are awesome, and keep making great music!
03:12 PM on 09/19/08
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xpolaris's Avatar
Anberlin is amazing. Stephen is inspirational and a very humble man.

I think the negative is not in the faith itself, but in the narrow minded people that don’t listen to any music where any religion is present. I am convinced that it is absolutely closed minded to refuse to give any band a chance just because one of their members has strong spiritual beliefs. Iif its good music listen to it! If it sucks than don’t. It’s as simple as that.
Typo there. I completely agree with this. And the people who are narrow minded are just missing out on good music.
03:29 PM on 09/19/08
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drive-thru's Avatar
that was a good read. i'm definitely buying New Surrender. I can't wait.
04:04 PM on 09/19/08
World Champs
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drudo182's Avatar
Such a great piece. Thanks. Loved this

Is religion a big factor when writing as a band? And has it ever had a negative effect on anything you were doing as a band?
Stephen: I think the only ‘big factor’ religion could have on any aspect of any album would be on the lyrics. I don’t think Deon sat down to write a God-fearing bass line, or Nathan coming up with the perfect praise and worship beat. For me though, I have never sat down and tried to write a ‘religious’ lyric in my life. I just write. One’s faith should be like DNA. No matter what they are involved in, no matter what career choice, no matter who they encounter it simply should be ingrained and a part of them. My faith is simply a part of me. I can no easier remove my belief in Jesus than remove my cells or heart.

We are not a Christian band, and we do not create ‘Christian music’. When you really analyze Christian anything it really makes no sense. Does our CD’s have a soul? Can the songs choose right and wrong? But alas, people like to put music into genres and neat little packages and i am now comfortable in whatever people classify us as. As long as they give us a chance.

I think the negative is not in the faith itself, but in the narrow minded people that don’t listen to any music where any religion is present. I am convinced that it is absolutely closed minded to refuse to give any band a chance just because one of their members has strong spiritual beliefs. Iif its good music listen to it! If it sucks than don’t. It’s as simple as that.
04:20 PM on 09/19/08
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callthemonarch's Avatar
SC for president!
05:00 PM on 09/19/08
makin' good time
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Ryzenfall's Avatar
Great people. Great music. Priceless.
05:58 PM on 09/19/08
Blacked out, but not gone.
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gahbee__x's Avatar
The little things he says in this interview really show how great of a person he is. I can't help but say he truly is my role model. I'd give anything to meet him.

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