Jupiter Sunrise - 01.17.05

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Jupiter Sunrise - 01.17.05Greg: With each band I always take a different approach. For bands I have known for awhile, I usually break down into in depth topics, but I just recently heard of you guys and I just wanted to "POP" your cherry on what type of guys you are and let the people who don't know who you are well ...Know You. Who am I speaking with?

Mark: Hey this is Mark; Ben is here as well as Chris. So I’ll pass the phone to him on certain questions.

Greg: How long have you known each other and the other members of your band?

Mark: Well the band has been together for two and a half years. I have known Ben for about 6 or 7 years. It all started up as an acoustic project for me. The band is pretty new; the other band members came along.

Greg: Where did the name Jupiter Sunrise come from?

Mark: Well the whole band just got together; we wanted it to be a team effort. When we started this band, we wanted it to be a Pro Band. We wanted to do everything the right way in our mind. We wrote a bunch of names down, and Jupiter Sunrise just sounded perfect… it didn’t fit any genre.

Greg: What was the motive behind "Under a Killer Blue Sky" and by the way, I love the title.

Mark: Well we basically just started writing out lyrics of our songs, compiled a list and in our song “Kaye” it just seemed too good to be true.

Greg: Who exactly is Arthur Nix? The stickers you have of a kid with a Mohawk certainly rules.

Ben: Arthur Nix is a real kid. I used to live in Massachusetts a few years ago. It was the younger brother of this girl that I knew. One day he was riding a bike and he rode it into a car. The kid is well known for being really out going. One day he was really quiet and not talking, we thought he was having a brush with life/death. Ended up he just had a cold so we wrote a song about it.

Greg: Your album came out of October of ‘03, I certainly didn't know about you guys then, but now it seems as of late, your music is starting to pour into more listeners. Could that be 3 years of constant touring?

Mark: A lot of it has been touring; another big chunk is the Internet. A lot of websites have been doing interviews with us. We did a lot of shopping malls and talking to the people in them. We were going out into the public with headphones in a bag just asking people to take a listen. That was the core of every city. We just went out to any public scene asking for people to just take a listen. And after a few years, people we stopped in the malls started to email us and are like “I met you guys in a mall like 3 years ago, I’m so glad I heard of you first!”

Greg: How did that sponsorship with MySpace come to be?

Mark: As of last week, MySpace was the 20th website in the world. We went to the CMJ music conference. There was a booth at the conference and I just started chit chatting to the girls who were running it. Other people were coming up saying, “What’s MySpace all about?” I was telling people about it, and the other people at the booth were asking me if I wanted to hang out and help promote. So I said ok, and by the end of the night I gave them our CD and didn’t think anything of it. The girl turned out to be the person who ran the music department. Next thing you know we were sponsored. They come to our shows, and we hang out. They ask nothing from us. We truly owe a lot to MySpace, they ask nothing from us and do nothing but good things for us, and other people who are in the MySpace community.

Greg: So I hear you live in a RV? How is that?

Mark: Touring in a RV is luxury; the first 8 months we were in a caravan; that was tough. Then we did a 15 passenger. We are all vegetarians, so it’s a great way to stay that way and be healthy.

Greg: What makes Jupiter Sunrise go up and beyond the rest of the punk/rock bands?

Mark: We love our fans, and we love just meeting new people in general. Every town we hit up we make our way out into the public whether it’s a grocery store, mall, or mini mall. We gain so many friendships and we take down each person’s phone number. We hit up a lot of very small towns, and when we start to come close to those towns or into those towns we start calling people up that we met there. We save all our phone numbers and mailing list.

Greg: Who influenced you in making music? Any current bands out there that drive you?

Mark: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Weezer, Police, punk rock bands early 90s, Nirvana, Rancid, The Flaming Lips. Our friend’s bands: Coheed and Cambria, Melee, Amanda Rogers, a truly gifted piano player who is going to be on tour with us Jan/Feb/March. Her music is so beautiful.

Greg: If it came down to it, which performer would you open up for and why?

Mark: Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff

Chris: Really what’s the difference? (LOL) The 3 of them should make a super group we would open up for all of them.

Mark: I would open up for any of them because I would open up for lots of kids who don’t know us, and be open to us. The scene is very judgmental, the pop kids are really opened minded, and they feel the music. The pop kids have a pure understanding cause they are not used to real rock music.

Greg: Preferred choice of cereal?

Ben: cinnamon toast crunch…can't have it anymore. It was a sad day.

Mark: I don't eat it, I don’t know why. I just go straight to lunch I wake up at 2.

Chris: Peanut Butter Bumpers

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