Summer Hero - 1.30.05

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Summer Hero - 1.30.05First off, tell us who you are and what you do in the band.

My name's Jimmy, I play guitar and attempt backups in this here band.

How was the band formed, and how did all of the members meet ?

I'm not really sure how the band formed, we got drunk one night, the next thing I know i'm opening my eyes and we were in a band! It was fucked up, just one of those nights where we'll need to review the video tape to get to the bottom of things! Oh yeah man, we should've just named ourselves Born During a Blackout.... ha. Maybe we will be called that one day. Haha.

After being around the scene for quite a few years now, how does it feel to be finally working towards your debut full-length ?

Ahh, I wouldn't say it feels like we've been around for YEARS so much.. I mean, it's only been like 2, 2 and a half tops.. and the majority of the beginning was literally spent so drunk I couldn't believe we played shows... so it definately feels fucking rad to be striving forward with greater leaps and bounds, that we have in the past thats for sure!

Tell us about the album and how it's progressing.

The "album"; slow, I guess, is a great way of putting it... since we don't have a label right now, and noone putting anything out for us as of yet... we're taking our sweet fucking time! ha! we have a 4 song EP we're selling at shows, and we just released some more songs onto the internet, so who knows.. maybe by the time a full length drops we'll have a completely different sound and be slayer, or sound like N'sync. Completely fucking kidding of course... we're stoked to finally finish a record, and hopefully everyone will get to hear it, sooner rather than later!

If you had to pick a favourite Summer Hero song, what would it be and why ?

Hmm, thats a great question, Carson... Favorite song in the sense I think its the strongest song we've written would be the panty wetter that's on our MySpace page called "So Why(the best time)". Favorite song to play live would be a new one called "Poison IV", because it's fun to sing the back ups and "Tainted Hearts" cause it's always a fucking wicked way to end the set!

Does the band have any big plans for 2005 ?

We've got lots of stuff in the works for 2005. Starting this month with the release of the Drive Thru Records comp that we are on, and the release shows to follow (which are all posted on our myspace.com/summerhero page). As well as 4 dates coming up with goldfinger at the end of February, also up on our myspace page! After that we're talking about some east coast shows as well as a tour out west, and a big tour in the works for end of spring, early summer possibly!

Is there any meaning behind the name Summer Hero ?

Ahh, I don't know if you'd call it meaning, but when we were thinking of names, me and our bass player, mikesmith (yes one word), were tossing idea's back and forth, and he threw out how about "Holdens Hero", but were kind of not into the fact there was an old tv show called "Hogans Heroes" and the similarity it might get... I'd been tossing around idea's with the word summer in it, cause we had this good friend of ours, who we had started jamming with but wasn't part of the original line up, and I wanted to incorporate something that had to do with us, partying, blah blah. And then it just sorta worked? It sounded better, it was a word i'd been playing with, and it symbolized the fucking INSANE summer we'd just had, haha! There ya have it "SUMMERHERO".

What bands have influenced you the most ?

Oh shit, that's as tough as asking someone what theie favorite album of all time is! Hmm, its a giant list, but here's a little stab at some influences we all have... Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana, SoCal punk rock, basically all of the fat wreck and epitaph scene played a giant role in shaping us, Goldfinger, Slayer, Maiden, Sick Of It all, Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, Dashboard, Butch Walker. Not everyone is into all of these bands, but all of them have effected one of us in some way shape, or form... I could go on for days with this question.

Right on. It's good to see bands that are influenced by a variety of genres and styles.

Yeah. Whenever I get asked a question like that I draw a blank, and there's a shit load of bands I forgot for sure, but whatever, that's a good rounded list.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be ? Haha, another hard question, I know.

Hmm, again this is a question where all 5 of us would have our own dream tour... I mean, for me, I think a fucking insane band to tour with would've been Nirvana, basically because they had such a huge hand in shaping me. I mean, they are the reason I picked up a guitar; and their songs were the first that me and Seres started playing, oh so many years ago... Shit it was along time ago, Seres was 12, and now he's 20 ? Whoa.. fuck, i'm old. haha.. but everyone would have their own dream tour. But realistically, at this point in our "career", I guess you'd say we appreciate anyone that takes us on tour! The Fullblast, The Reason, and the dates we have coming up with Goldfinger, we're very greatful for all of these fuckers taking us out and putting up with us!

Which local bands from your area are you into ?

I'm gonna give you bands from the entire 905 (east and west).. Cauterize, The Fullblast, The Reason, Murder Culture, Not By Choice, Boysnightout, Silverstein, Alexisonfire, Mugshot , The Livid, there are so many fucking wicked bands from Ontario right now, it's insane! Alot of these bands we are even lucky enough to be friends with, and some just peers we look up to and respect unbelievabley. But, all of them influence and inspire us! It's fucking awesome to be in such a thriving situation!

Have there been any crazy experiences with the band so far that you'd like to tell us about ?

So many crazy fucking things have happened in the last while! I mean, meeting some of the most amazing people in the world! Meeting our manager, Darrin from Goldfinger (along with Steve Tramposch), someone I didn't think i'd ever meet, let alone become friends with and have him manage our band! The crazy parties with The Fullblast and the rager we had in Sydney NS. The fucking insane parties in every province we've been in and the parties in NYC; from throwing everything not nailed down off the roof of our hotel on the 18th floor. Mikesmith meeting Carson Daly and Fat Mike with Darrin, waking up and finding out Mikesmith and our merch guy, Chuck (now in cauterize) shaved there eye brow, and chuck used my face razor on his fucking bag! Oh yeah, and waking up naked in the van, waiting for the ferry to go to PEI and having to wake everyone up in the van, so they could get in the front and drive, cause the ferry was boarding and I was so fucking confused as to why i was naked. I didn't know what to do!

Haha. Sounds like you guys know how to have a good time on the road.

Haha. Yeah, sometimes... I just can't tell you the good stuff...ha.

Aww, too bad. Well, that's about it. Thanks again for doing this interview. Are there any last words you'd like to leave our readers with ?

Again with these tough questions, fuuuuuuuuuck, my brain hurts! Haha, nah , check out our site(s), listen to our tunes, come to shows, buy merch, buy CD's, support up and coming bands, and FUCK YEAH dude!


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