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Emanuel - 02.07.05First off I just want to thank you guys for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions.

Definently not a problem. I got to start by saying that we are e so grateful for all the attention you guys at ap.net have given us. And all the great responses we’ve gotten through your site. Not only that but I read it everyday. I’m well informed.

So, I did some research and saw that you guys had a band called Emanuel nice. How long have you guys been a band and how did you meet?

Its true. We were called Emanuel Nice and we formed in 1998, when we we're in the 8th grade. I had known Bryan since 3rd grade, and we were in a garage band together and went to a public school, and Mat and Anthony were in a band together and went to a private school in the same town, so we didn't really know them. All of us decided young that we loved music and wanted to do it forever, but it's hard to find other kids so dedicated that young. Bryan and I ran into Anthony at Six Flags and decided to jam together, the four of us. Honestly it was magic from day one. We grew up together, learned how to play our instruments and write songs together... we're like brothers, seriously. So we've been a band without a member change for almost 7 years. Sometimes, we avoid talking about Emanuel Nice, we we're so poppy and terrible, it's kind of embarrassing, but at least it's a testament that our music has always been a reflection of ourselves. Check it out; it's pretty funny shit.

You guys got signed to Vagrant recently. How did you guys go about getting set up with that?

We made our record in March of 2004 and our amazing manager Evange sent it out to a lot of labels, and they we're all coming to check us out on tour and buying us dinner and giving us the office tour. It was a really fun time, but we weren't really finding what we wanted. Rich Egan came and checked us out at a show in Pennsylvania and we just chilled. Didn't talk about business at all, we just decided to fly out to LA and do it later. So we went out there a couple weeks later, and met with the staff and talked about ideas they had for us. We really felt like they got us, and the vibe was awesome so we decided it was where we wanted to be. To this day i'm still so excited when I throw on a record by The Anniversary or Saves The Day, or any of their other great acts that had such a huge effect on my band, and I think "We're label mates". We are really happy to be apart of the family.

Emanuel just went on tour in the U.K. How was touring over there and how did the kids react to you guys?

It was amazing. We shared a bus with From Autumn To Ashes. Those guys are our long lost brothers and our bus raged every night. Senses Fail and us are on like a permanent tour together, they are awesome dudes, and the same with our sweethearts from the great white north Moneen. The whole posse was the best I could imagine. Playing over there was quite an experience. It's like getting to play you're first show over again every night. I think we we're well received, and the kids over there go nuts for rock music. I can't wait to go back!

There has been a lot of well-deserved hype over the release of “soundtrack to a headrush”. Are you guys excited for the release?

Dude, we are unbelievably excited. It's like the product of 7 long years of hard work, and it came out better than we ever could have imagined. This year is going to be a blast.

How did you guys get on the fiddler sampler?

Jay and Amy are the most amazing people on Earth, and run an amazing label. That's all. They are dear friends of ours and put us on there just to give us a boost.

I remembered first hearing about you guys from Armor For Sleep’s Manager Bonnie. How did you guys become friends and end up going on tour with them?

We met those guys, at Crazy Fest in Louisville through our main man Gabe Saporta, and the next time they were in town, they came over to our studio/practice space and we drank beer and jammed. It was love from the beginning. That band has the truest songs I’ve ever heard, and are some of the best dudes in the world. Go buy their new record the day it comes out, it will change your whole perspective on music.

What inspired you guys while writing the album?

The year was a real fucking bummer. We were all out of school, working part time jobs and I was depressed as I think is possible. We had been toying with our sound for a while, writing harder songs, but having a hard time putting a set together. I read something about this idea the Beatles had about writing songs. They were like, "We are into Buddy Holly, and Elvis, and so on, and we're good songwriters so let's write good songs that sound like all those bands". I adapted that philosophy to my music, I started writing songs that in the style of my favorite songs, and then lyrics from personal ideas and feelings. It was like all of a sudden we had found ourselves all over again, and really ran with it. There's a lot of frustration with life, and sex, and music in the album. And there's a lot of my anxiety and depression in the music. It's a self-portrait.

Any bands that you have been listening to that you think we all should be listening to?

Yeah I’m always looking for new music, here are a few you might not know: American Express, A Suburban Blood Drive, Of Montreal, and VHS or Beta. I listen to The Beatles and Bright Eyes constantly. So if you don't you should start.

Do you guys have any big plans for this year after the album is released?

We are going to tour non-stop. It's what we love to do, and everybody needs to come out and see us and have a party after the show, cause we'll be there.

How do you guys feel about album leaking?

Good and bad. I'm glad that people are showing up to our shows and know the lyrics and sing along, because that's the best feeling in the world. It kind of sucks because it’s like having people steal from you, but i'm not going to lie I download music all the time. I've just made an honorable practice of going out and buying a record if I like it. Everyone should do that, it's respectful of art and a good way to help the music business stay afloat.

What about all the show violence that has been at a lot of shows these days?

That shit is scary man. The way I see it is, the reason all of us got into this scene was because we all found it was a place we fit in. You have to respect your brothers and sisters and shows, and you gotta have drama leave it at home.

Once again, thank you for doing the interview with us, is there any last words you would like to say to the AP.net readers?

Thanks a lot for checking my band out, and our record drops March 15, pick it up and come see us live and sing along. And bring us presents when you come too.
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04:56 PM on 02/07/05
Soundtrack To A Headrush
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nice interview! thanks =) E M A N U E L r o c k s ! ! ! :dweeba56:
07:44 PM on 02/07/05
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who is american express. everyones talking abou them yet ic ant find them on myspace, purevolume, or hxcmp3. anyone have a link for me to ehar stuff by them? thanks.
12:26 PM on 03/17/08
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Emoidiot187's Avatar
I saw these guys not long after their record came out .. fucking amazing show and AMAZING cd damb i hope they go back and play some more rock'nroll instead of grunge
12:27 PM on 03/17/08
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Emoidiot187's Avatar
I saw these guys not long after their record came out .. fucking amazing show and AMAZING cd damb i hope they go back and play some more rock'nroll instead of grunge

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