Gatsby's American Dream - 02.08.05

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Gatsby's American Dream - 02.08.05First off, for those who don’t know, who are you and what do you do in the band?

Hello everyone my name is nic and I sing in Gatsby’s American Dream.

How did you guys go about becoming a band?

Ryan (ex guitarist) and I were in a pop punk band that played locally. Bobby (current guitarist), josh (ex bassist) and Dustin (ex drummer) were in a band together that played locally as well. Both bands had played a few shows together and we all liked each other and became good friends. When both of our respective bands broke up we combined the remaining members of each band and started Gatsby’s. After "why we fight" josh left the band to go to school and into the writing process of ribbons and sugar it turned out that things just weren't working out with Dustin. We asked our friend Kirk to play bass with us and shortly after that we hit the jackpot and convinced Rudy to come play drums with us. Ryan left after ribbons and sugar to go to school and we toyed with the thought of having someone else come play guitar when he left. We brought Joey on and I think that it became apparent to the band that without Ryan it is best if we just play as a four piece. Ha there is the member bio for ya.

What’s the meaning behind the name Gatsby’s American Dream?

We saw a lot of parallels between some of the themes running throughout the book the great Gatsby and the music scene. We saw that the American Dream portrayed in the book had a some parallels with the dreams and goals that many musicians have when starting to play music, whether it be just playing for fun or to be on mtv one day. At all levels there is some sort of goal. I think a major part of the thinking was the thought that even if you don't attain your goal all the things that come from the pursuit can be more valuable than the goal itself and some people never notice that aspect.

On that note, what is the meaning behind the title of the new album “Volcano”?

A lot of the themes in this record have to do with what truly lies at the heart of every person. I believe that everyone at some point in their lives comes to a point where they find themselves wondering if there is anything more. Be it love, god, whatever. I know bob in particular was drawn to the story of Pompeii. In this case the people thought that they were so magnificent, wonderful people that nothing could possibly hurt them, when the reality of the matter was that there was a volcano right in front of them that was about to bury them all. The people could have been saved but it was their own pride and arrogance that killed them.

How was it recording the new album?

This recording was awesome. We were lucky enough to work with friends as producers and to have three months to record the record. Everyone got along and it was honestly just a very enjoyable experience. I feel lucky to be writing and recording with such talented individuals.

Why did you guys choose to re-make the song Badlands for the new album?

Casey bates (co-producer) had done a recording project for the art institute of Seattle a year or so before and needed a song to record. Bobby, Ryan and Rudy went in and recorded this song (badlands) in a very similar way that you will hear it on "volcano". For our ep "in the land of lost monsters" we thought it would be fun to make it a Gatsby’s song and to record it softer. When it came time to write this album we thought if would be really cool and add a lot to the album if we recorded it fast and with electric guitars like the original.

Who did you guys get to produce the new album?

Casey Bates along with Tom Phaeffle, two great dudes.

You guys had released a few other things on other labels but are now on Fearless. How did you guys go about landing the deal?

They actually emailed us and were interested. We met with them when we were touring in California and everyone at the label was really excited about what we were doing musically. It was important for us to find a label that wanted to sign Gatsby’s and not turn us into something they wanted to be. We were talking to them before we released "in the land of lost monsters” and even told them to hold off and hear the ep before we went forward with any more talks of signing. We wanted to make sure that they knew our releases have a tendency to sound quite different from each other and we wanted to make sure that was something they could get behind.

Do you guys have any plans on making a video for the new album?

We’ve talked about doing this and I think that it would be really fun. We’ve really been so busy recording lately that there hasn't been much time to think about what we would do for it.

Are there any big plans for the New Year in store for GAD?

Pretty excited for bamboozle, warped tour and our next tour with circa survive and bear vs. shark. And if we end up doing a video I think that would be a blast as well. It’s going to be an exciting and busy year and I hope everyone will come along for the ride. Dear lord I just read that back and that was fucking cheesy. Delete it? No.

I see that you guys on are on the line up for Bamboozle. How did you guys get on that?

Our beautiful manager mike Kaminsky submitted us for the tour and we were lucky enough to get on. Being on a good label and years of touring always help a bands luck in these things as well.

Do you think there will be a headlining tour to promote the new album?

This tour with bear vs. shark and circa survive is a co headlining tour. It starts in March and I want everyone to come. We are always looking for good tours as well. Email us at booking@gatsbysamericandream.com

Are there any certain albums that you guys can’t live with our? Any album you guys listen to a lot on tour?

We usually do the ipod and Walkman thing on tour. The four of us have pretty different musical tastes. Some of the things we can all agree on though are things like radiohead, redlight sting, Ryan Adams.... AND THOSE ARE JUST THE R'S!!!

Favorite moment of 2004?

My favorite moment was when we played at this bar and grill and bobby tried to do the cheeseburger challenge. This is when they give you a gigantic cheeseburger, a pitcher of water and tell you to eat the whole burger in something like five minutes. If you can do this burger is free. So bob takes his shirt off and gets this real serious on his face, the manager comes out and starts the timer. Bob just starts going to town getting himself completely messy with bun, burger and everything else and then the manager gets down to the ten second mark. At this point it is clear that he is not going to make it, but he goes for it anyways. He starts shoving the burger with two fingers into his mouth and is gagging, stats spitting up burger and doesn't get anything cause he doesn't finish. He even had to pay for the burger. Bullshit.

Any crazy tour stories you want to share with us?

As if my favorite moment from 2004 wasn't enough. One time on tour we played in the same building as warrant and after our show we walked into the next room and watch them play. We were singing, "be my cherry pie" all the way home to Seattle.

I want to thank you again for taking the time out to do this interview. Are there any last words you have for the readers at AP?

Thank you for all your support and I shit you not I did this complete interview in the nude. House to myself, so I have to take advantage of it. Honestly everyone who checks this site and replies to posts about us we thank you so much. Thanks to the readers and the staff for giving a shit about our band. Awesome I finished just in time for the OC.
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12:03 PM on 02/08/05
Scott Weber
Live Like a Legend
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Scott Weber's Avatar
Nic is so awesome, haha. I'm super pumped to hear the finished version of this album.
12:04 PM on 02/08/05
is more scene than jesus
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jynxedheart's Avatar
i worship nic newham
12:19 PM on 02/08/05
www.athleticsmusic.bandca mp.com
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TheVolume's Avatar
i am completely in love with this band. i would have to say probably one of the most talented bands i've EVER heard.
12:20 PM on 02/08/05
Sand = Romantic and Shit
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HailTheHartBrak's Avatar
Originally Posted by TheVolume
i am completely in love with this band. i would have to say probably one of the most talented bands i've EVER heard.

12:38 PM on 02/08/05
a hybrid
Registered User
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a hybrid's Avatar
unless i am thinking of the wrong band it should be red light sting, not redlight sting. neato interview though, i can't wait to catch them on tour.
12:41 PM on 02/08/05
AP Addict
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NFGarett's Avatar
Sweet interview. Great guy with really good things to say. Thank you Nic and Brandon!
01:51 PM on 02/08/05
Lets Hug It Out Bitch
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JeffPopular's Avatar
i just learned a lot about Gatsby i really wanted to know. nics the man too. this made a pretty shitty day a little better. now i can either play world of warcraft or pass out on my shag carpet happy. thanks! p.s. if anyone wants that old version of Badlands that Casey recorded w/ the guys i've got it if anyone wants it...feel free to ask.
02:22 PM on 02/08/05
Signals Corrupted
My name on her leg
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Signals Corrupted's Avatar
this was a cool interview
03:34 PM on 02/08/05
Ho, Ho, Ho!
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PaperclipAnemia's Avatar
04:01 PM on 02/08/05
Registered User
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Zinja's Avatar
dude i had this feeling nic liked the oc.

call it a hunch.
05:50 PM on 02/08/05
True Punk Fan
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guitarguy33's Avatar
Dude, who doesn't like the OC?? Great interview Brandon, and thank you Nic.
09:17 PM on 02/08/05
True Punk Fan
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guitarguy33's Avatar
I hate it when a thread dies after my post.
10:17 PM on 02/08/05
Brandon Herbel
Registered Member
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Brandon Herbel's Avatar
Originally Posted by guitarguy33
I hate it when a thread dies after my post.

There.. I saved it :)
06:21 PM on 02/25/05
izabella anna
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lilizzle5's Avatar
thank god i live in seattle! i love nic and hes a really cool guy to talk to...gatsbys shows are full of energy and to anyone who hasnt seen them live i have one piece of advice: find a date near you, buy a ticket, and rock the hell out!

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