Hidden In Plain View - 2.19.05

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Hidden In Plain View - 2.19.05This interview was conducted over a month ago, on January 9th backstage at a Long Island, NY venue named The Downtown. Some of the questions might be a bit outdated being that it was conducted a some time ago. Enjoy:

Me: Just introduce yourselves and what all of that jazz
Chris: Alright, my name’s Chris and I play bass in Hidden In Plain View
Rob: I’m Rob, I play guitar and I sing
Spencer: I’m Spencer I play the drums
Mike: I’m Mike, I play guitar

Me: There really hasn’t been too much detail as to the recording of your new album [i]Life In Dreaming[/b], I was wondering if you could maybe provide some.
C: The release date is February 22nd, and Jim Wirt produced it out in California we were out in Santa Monica, there’s 11 songs on it.
M: Josh Wilbur mixed it for us.
C: Yeah, he’s an up and coming producer

Me: How was it working with Jim?
R: Jim was really great to work with, he’s been doing it for a long time so I think he really brought a really good guidance, he really kept get the project together, he’s just a great guy to be stuck in the studio with.

Me: Did you guys go with a different writing approach for this record, as opposed to the EP?
M: Writing approach… we really don’t have a set writing approach. Sometimes Rob will have something written or we’ll just be jamming out at practice and we always pull everything together and everything gets changed around from the way it was originally conceived. We really don’t stick to any set method. It kind of brings out how on the new record, none of the songs sound the same, they all go through different styles and different feelings.

:::Joe(vocalist) walks in ::

Me: What are some other artists, books, movies, TV shows, whatever that influenced you guys in the writing and recording of Life In Dreaming?
S: Each of us have different influences, It varies, ya know? It depends what we’re into at the time, I mean, we all have deep influences and stuff that stick with us I guess.
J: When Bob and I sat down to do vocals in some songs we were aiming at certain ideas, not at all trying to copy a band but to take our influences and use it to spark things. For example we tried to do a little bit of The Beach Boys style stuff, there’s definetly some Beach Boys influence in there

Me: Is there anything about the new album at all that you wish you could go back and change, or do differently? In other words, are you guys totally content with how it came out, or were you hoping for a different turn out?
R: I think forever, I know, personally, I’ll always be finding ways to change things that just kind of shows our character. Everyday we’re getting better and growing and you always want to be your best, so it’s impossible to be totally satisfied. I’m really happy with it, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been with anything but there’s always going to be the “I wish I did this” kind of thing, ya know?
M: It’s just how it is with everything, even records you listen to, you go “Man, I would’ve done it that way instead”. It’s just how it is.
S: Like, the first week we recorded, I remember listening to what I had laid down and being like “Man, I should’ve done it that way instead”, but I don’t know, you have to accept it and become content with it.
M: Now I put the record in and there’s stuff I would’ve done differently now but I’m glad I did it the way I did, just because there’s endless possibilities with music.

Me: How do you think Straylight Run’s and Something Corporate’s crowds will react to you guys? Do you think they’ll be welcoming…or dismissive?
C: I mean, if you look at our past touring schedule, we’ve toured with bands that have different styles than us so we try to mold ourselves into the different styles. We don’t consider ourselves to only suit one style of music so I think we should be fine.
R: We’ll go out there and we’ll play our rock songs, but we have some nice Ballad-like songs on our new record and we’ll play one or two of those and let kids hear that stuff too. As long as you can draw people’s attention it’s cool.

Me: This question is for Spencer, I know you joined the band not too long ago, how do you feel about playing the older songs?
S: Well, I didn’t play on the EP, so when we play those songs I kind of do my own things and sort of developed my own style. I mean, I didn’t totally re-write things, but I just kind of mixed my style in with the stuff that was written already.

Me: What are some of your favorite songs to play live? Least?
M: I think we all love to play a track off the new record named “Garden Statement”, we really don’t have any we don’t like playing. I mean, I know sometimes I’m in certain moods to play some more than others, but that’s with anything.

Me: How do you guys feel about the new Drive-Thru/Rushmore artists? Like Houston Calls, Adelphi, Track Record etc.
R: I’m excitged for our friends to get bumped up and to get a record deal. It’s hard right now because we have a full-length coming out and we’re really trying to concentrate on our careers. As far as our friends go, we think it’s great.
M: Yeah, any of the other stuff we’ve heard from new DTR bands sounds great, so god bless em.

Me What are some other records you guys are looking forward to this year?
all We’re really psyched on the police tribute. Some of stuff we’ve heard on the website sounds great and we all love The Police a lot.
M I’m really stoked for the new Shins record, cause that band rules a lot.

Me I know you guys weren’t too involved with this, but how did you feel about the Drive-Thru Records/Geffen split?

R: It didn’t really effect us too much. I know just talking to DTR, theyre our family and it’s who we care about, and you could just see a big sigh of relief so I’m happy for them and they assured us it was a good thing.
C: Yeah, we signed to Drive-Thru, not Geffen, so we’re more of an outside view on it.

Me: These next few questions are from Chitty of Houston Calls. He told me they were an “essential part of the interview”. He wants to know how you guys feel about drinking alcoholic beverages.
All: ::laughs:: we love ‘em. That’s a common sense question.

Me This question is for Rob, Chitty told me to ask you how it felt to have him right your final college Philosophy paper.
R: ::laughs:: I hope it doesn’t get back to my professor, but, wqhen we got signed, I was in college and we were on tour with The Starting Line during my final’s week. I was seriously doing papers in the back of the van and stuff. So I told Chitty, “ya know, I’ll throw you a hundred bucks why don’t you write this Philosophy paper for me?”. So he writes it, and he writes at like a grade level 25, like, I can’t even understand or read the paper I’m supposed be handing in. So I get it, and he e-mails it to me and the paper is due the next day and I was up till like 7 in the morning re-writing the paper because what he wrote was too good. ::laughs::

Me This is the last question, at this point in time, you CD hasn’t leaked yet, are you expecting it to leak, and will you guys be really upset if and when it does?
R: I thought it was out, I don’t even know
M: Actually, one of my friends is a moderator on IRC and he checks daily to make sure it’s not on there and it’s not yet.
C: It’s not? Wow. Apparently there’s some girl who has it, and apparently she’s giving it, or selling it to people.
R: I think she’s lying
C: I mean, we’re not really for that but I mean we know it’s going to leak so if it leaks, it leaks.
S: Yeah it’s going to happen, I’m just psyched for people to hear it.
C: I mean, if you have it, don’t go around selling it and stuff, just give it out if anything.
R: Yes…Sharing is caring. I mean, if we went on stage and told kids to burn it, we wouldn’t be living out our deal with Drive-thru, so if you do have it, burn it for five of your friends, come down to a show, buy a t-shirt and support the bands.
C: Yeah, we think kids should buy it anyway, I mean, the artwork alone is awesome. It was done by an up and coming artists and it’s great.

Me: Any last words or anything?
all: Hmm, We have a few huge tours coming up this year, just come out and hang with us and hear the new stuff. Thanks to everyone who’s been helping us out and supporting us and stuff. Thanks to Absolutepunk too.
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