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Quietdrive - Deliverance

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Quietdrive - Deliverance
Record Label: The Militia Group
Release Date: October 14, 2008
The term "deliverance" is defined as the following:

1. The act of delivering or the condition of being delivered.
2. Rescue from bondage or danger.

It is also defined as "a publicly expressed opinion or judgment, such as the verdict of a jury," and the verdict for Quietdrive's sophomore release, Deliverance, is in: slump.

In a perfect world, slumps wouldn't exist -- we like to see people persevere and succeed; it's the reason why underdog stories are so appealing in nature to us. However, after a rather decent major-label debut, Quietdrive has redirected their sound to be more defined, but merely come off as an even more slickly-produced clone of their former selves. The sound is clean, vapid and dismissive; at first, it's a blast to listen to: opening track "Believe" (Fall Out Boy fans might enjoy this one) and breathy Third Eye Blind-ish "Motivation" are significantly catchy and capture the personality that made their cover of "Time After Time" a good-sized hit. Minus the falsetto backing vocals, "Hollywood" would be a fantastic, darker track and "Take Me Now" is a healthy wall of sound that sounds more like some of the band's earlier work.

After a few more listens, however, the album loses its twinkle; the superiority it hints at topping the debut is quickly crushed upon repeat listens. Therein lies the ultimate problem with this disc -- it's separated by hooks and hits rather than connecting tracks that each contain resonance. With a switch over from major-label Epic to indie The Militia Group, the expectations with this album would be somewhere in-between Cartel and The Rocket Summer, which in all honesty, this is. The loud pop-rock aggression of Cartel with the youthful romanticism of the Rocket Summer would normally bring a forgivable sound to many young bands -- however, this is just a step in the wrong direction; Deliverance is like drawing a "4" during the board game Sorry, having to retreat backwards from your color's safe zone -- it's a step you don't want to take, but unfortunately get pinned to.

Let me back up a second here and beckon all you total disbelievers: it isn't that bad a record; the first half has some solid numbers, but overall, Deliverance lacks the charisma When All That's Left is You presented. Overflowing with over-produced nonsense (the unpalatable and silly "Daddy's Little Girl") and acoustic party jam "Birthday," which is just another stereotypical "oops" song with terrible lyrics ("I'm sorry I forgot your birthday / I thought it was on a Wednesday"), the album is just wrought with moments that try too hard. The double-threat of "Secret" and "Starbright" make for the hardest work of all: the former is a Latin-flavored gothic tune that sounds like a b-side from El Phantomo de la Opera and the latter is a heavy-handed dose of Boys Like Girls-esque pop-balladry. "Afterall" is candidate for oddest catastrophe; it's spastic and mellow all at once, getting more obnoxious after a couple listens.

Kevin Tuckenmiller yearns to be Patrick Stump or Will Pugh, but tries too hard to instill emotion into these songs -- he's much more suited for the booming rock songs ("Promise Me"), which this record lacks a concerning amount of. "Maybe Misery," "Rise Up From the Ashes" and "Take a Drink" were the perfect combination of mainstream appeal and rock aggression, and nothing here carries the same weight. Percussion-happy new-wave single "Pretend" is a good representative choice: terrible lyrics surrounded by a flurry of sounds with an irresistible chorus.

After this half-hearted attempt at recreating pop-rock, it's evident not all bands can soar at this genre like Valencia and Punchline have successfully proven this year. Looks like Quietdrive have produced the most ironic album title of the year -- right now, the only ones in need of rescue are these ne'er-do-wellers.

Recommended if You LikeThe Academy Is' Almost Here; Cartel's Chroma; Paramore's Riot! and Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High
Choice Cuts"Believe," "Motivation" and "Hollywood"

Track Listing1. Believe
2. Deliverance
3. Daddy's Little Girl
4. Motivation
5. Birthday
6. Afterall
7. Pretend
8. Hollywood
9. Kissing Your Lips
10. Take Me Now
11. Promise Me
12. Secret
13. Starbright
Band MembersKevin Tuckenmiller: vocalist/acoustic guitar
Matt Kirby: guitar/vocals
Justin Bonhiver: guitar
Droo Hastings: bass
Brandon Lanier: drums

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This review is a user submitted review from smoke4thecaper. You can see all of smoke4thecaper's submitted reviews here.
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02:01 AM on 10/15/08
Obama/Biden 08'
User Info.
Sarbear's Avatar
Love the "Sorry" reference...my boyfraaaaaan is so smart :D

but seriously...awesome review, good sir.
02:02 AM on 10/15/08
I was born a wise man
User Info.
smoke4thecaper's Avatar
Thank you my good man. Salutations!
04:29 AM on 10/15/08
I feel so L.M.N.O.P.
User Info.
josh8282's Avatar
Good review, I pretty much agree with the scoring too. Such a dissapointment that they decided to go this route with their sound.
05:02 AM on 10/15/08
at least I'm not a UT fan
User Info.
refgirl23's Avatar
Good review. And I completely agree with the way it's enjoyable at first, and after so many listens it loses it. I enjoyed it the first few times, and then the more I listen to it, the more I skip to only certain songs.

I find the lyrics on "Birthday" more amusing than anything else. Mostly because the chorus the first time (and I can't find anything to back me up on this one) I swear goes "I'm sorry I forgot your birthday/ I'm sorry because I was shitfaced."

I couldn't pinpoint why I enjoyed this album, and your sounds like explains a lot.
05:46 AM on 10/15/08
promesas son sombras
User Info.
EchoPark's Avatar
Chris,One of the few reviews that you have done where I might have to disagree with you.

I thought this album was solid from start to finish and much better than When All That's Left is You
06:01 AM on 10/15/08
easy come and easy go, whatever
User Info.
Jeff_Ryan's Avatar
"Recommended if You Like The Academy Is' Almost Here; Cartel's Chroma; Paramore's Riot! and Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High"

that's almost insulting, since all of those albums are much better than this
06:32 AM on 10/15/08
Registered User
User Info.
dontsneeze's Avatar
refgirl's right, the lyrics are "i'm sorry cuz i was shitfaced." if you don't take birthday too seriously than you'll probably enjoy it. this is actually a decent album, in my opinion much better than their last.
07:06 AM on 10/15/08
User Info.
jusscali's Avatar
Chris,One of the few reviews that you have done where I might have to disagree with you.

I thought this album was solid from start to finish and much better than When All That's Left is You

How could you possibly ever feel that way. The lyrical content throughout this entire album is some of the worst I've ever heard - and I listen to a lot of shitty music
07:28 AM on 10/15/08
Steve Henderson
User Info.
Steve Henderson's Avatar
I had never listened to these guys before - this album sounds much more cock-rockish than I had expected. Not a fan at all.
07:28 AM on 10/15/08
User Info.
Everiggs's Avatar
I agree 100% with the score...This record is quite disappointing for me.
07:58 AM on 10/15/08
beau blood rush
smoke & mirrors.
User Info.
beau blood rush's Avatar
lyrically it was pooey as

i don't mind some of the musical idea's
pretty fun
08:38 AM on 10/15/08
Knows the words to 'Bye Bye Bye'
User Info.
S9Dallasoz's Avatar
I had never listened to these guys before - this album sounds much more cock-rockish than I had expected. Not a fan at all.

Go check out "Rise from the ashes', "Rush Together" & "Handsome Devil's Benediction" please.
08:49 AM on 10/15/08
Just An End
Can your walls hold a gorilla?
User Info.
Just An End's Avatar
anyone who uses "over produced" to describe this album has hit the nail on the head
09:05 AM on 10/15/08
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I actually wanted to hear this...maybe not so much now

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