My America Is Watching Tigers Die - 3.07.05

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My America Is Watching Tigers Die - 3.07.05Well, before we get started please give us your name and position in MAIWTD:

My name is Matt, and I play the guitar, mash buttons and turn knobs on small pieces electronic equipment. My name is Brian, and my main job is to seriously hurt other members of the band on stage, second to playing the occasional bass line or two.
And I am David...I sing, well...scream I guess, and get hurt by the other guys in the band.


Over at AP it was noticed that you got some attention due to your name, some positive, and some negative; for the kids that don't know, please explain what your name means again:

Matt: Initially, the band name issue came when we went through this period of change. We were at the time going by another title but we wanted to take a new direction. We also had gone through some lineup changes so we figured it was the appropriate time to change it. We always knew we wanted to change it but we couldn't think of anything that we really connected with for the longest time.

Some time passed and somewhere at some point one of our close friends Cheyne, who plays drums in Ever Since Radio, pitched us this line from a song he had written as a different band name. He really wanted to help us out with kind of taking this new direction, so he suggested it, and we loved it.

After we adopted the name, we then all sort of developed our own personal take on the name and since then it's just become a lot more meaningful to us.

Brian: To me, the name is a simple symbolic reference to the phasing out of creativity in all forms of art in America. i could go in depth about it, but i don't want to give the impression that we're in any way political, and i'm going to have faith that people are intelligent enough to decipher a meaning from our overly cumbersome name.


Who would say your main influences are:

Matt: Everyone in the band has a couple similar influences I feel, but for the most part we are all over the places for the majority of the things. I'd also like to say, at least for me, I don't think I pull from a lot of the musical influences, but more from things around me, things I am around and observe. That's why I love implementing a sampler to our sound and fusing it with electronics, because sometimes I think I am just very inspired by little things like conversations or the sound of people walking- like just everyday noise.

But for the more by the book answer, things like The Jesus Lizard,
The Birthday Party, and then more directly I guess Botch, Converge, Isis. That's about it though for the heavy stuff, I don't really find myself listening to too much that's really like "heavy" music these days.

David : As far as heavy stuff goes... I'd say all the same stuff Matt said, plus a few others like more aggressive punk type stuff like Sex Positions, Give Up the Ghost/American Nightmare, and Curl Up and Die. I'm really into the dancier stuff like These Arms are Snakes, and The Red Light Sting too... that's probably the type of music I draw from the most.


Have you guys talked to any record labels, or come to any deals that you can let us know of:

Matt: We've been talking to a group of really nice guys from around home who want to help us out but there is no definite word on any of that. And there have also been a couple other small interests, but we are just trying to keep our options open. I feel like we still have a lot more to do, and we are also young. There is a lot more growth that needs to happen before we are ready to sell our records in stores, even though it sounds like an amazing idea. We still just need to keep pushing.


What is your favorite part of being apart of a band:

Matt: Playing shows and talking to people I have never met before. There's nothing that beats playing somewhere you've never played before and you are in a room with completely new people and you are just like showing off your hard work and creativity, and then even having people come up to you and tell you they enjoyed it. It's just a beautiful feeling.

David: Being able to hang out with my best friends all the time. On top of that, seeing places that I've never had the chance to see before and making new friends in different places with different bands, it's just amazing to be able to network like that, and know that a few years down the line one of the guys you have become friends with, or maybe even you could end up getting huge and being everywhere.


What would you say non-musically influences you the most:

Matt: Sex.
Brian: Sex, as well.
David: They took the good answer... Beer.


What bands have you been listening to:

Matt: I can't stop listening to the new Hood record and of course the new Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower. Everyday.
Brian: Mum - Finally We Are No One. Shit's tight.
David: Owen - No Good For No One, and The Red Light Sting - Hands Up Tiger.


Any music / new songs / CD news?

David: We have been writing a lot and testing out a few of the new songs live. We plan on just writing until we have a good amount of songs, and then recording a full length at some point in the near future. We planned on recording a lot sooner…but we keep pushing it back because the more we write, the more satisfied we are with the results. I think we are finding our "niche," so we just want to make sure that when we do record the album it's really what we want it to be and a good representation of where we are at that point in time. Though, we are going to be demoing a few of the new songs in the next few months, so there will be some new material out there relatively soon.


I understand this is a very generic question, but if you could tour with any band, who would you tour with:

Matt: and of course I have to reply with the most generic response to this question...
Does the band still have to be together?

If not- The Birthday Party. If so- I would say Isis. I could die after either of those tours and be perfectly content in my grave.

David: These Arms Are Snakes... or... Botch, or The Sleeping, just because we enjoy playing and hanging out with them so much, they are the best guys ever and I know it would be a really good time out on the road with them.


And to end, tell the kids why they should listen to your band:

Matt: Because we are good music to make love to.
David: And it will increase your penis size by at least three inches or more!
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10:12 AM on 03/08/05
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Originally Posted by Pat Marquez
And to end, tell the kids why they should listen to your band:

Matt: Because we are good music to make love to.
David: And it will increase your penis size by at least three inches or more!

haha nice answer from matt and specially from david.another nice interview from you pat.
havent heard of that band before so i'll check them out now.

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