Staff Interview (Part Four) - 10.16.08

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What are you afraid of? (failure, spiders, sock puppets etc)

Rich: I used to be afraid of flying, elevators, and rollercoasters but have since conquered those fears.
Joe: Spiders. One time I was laying in bed with all the lights off and I was on my phone so the only light was the phone's back light. I saw something moves next to my head and ran to turn the light on and see that a huge spider was crawling on my pillow. I FLIPPED out.
Drew: McCain becoming our next president.
Blake: Pretty and/or smart girls.
Julia: Getting stranded in the deep ocean. Eeee.
Jaime D: I HATE bugs. Any and all bugs. Keep them AWAY. Thx.
Paul: Most insects, being in water and not being able to touch the bottom (I can't swim), Chris Hansen arriving at my house one day.
Adrian: Aliens.
Chris: I'm going to be ridiculed for this but I hate birds. Their little eyes and the way their heads move freaks me out. If one flies too close to me, I panic like a frightened infant. Sarah Palin has the same effect on me, as well.
Anton: Spiders. See this and this.
Lueda: Insects, anything that crawls, the dark, Samara from the Ring, blood, heights, and the list is too long to continue.
Travis: Being alone, heights, enclosed spaces, 3OH!3.
Steve: Snakes and heights. Yikes.
Eric: I worry about having nothing to do after graduating. I donít want to work at Dennyís.
Jason: Needles. Massive, massive, massive phobia.

Does it suck to keep a level of professionalism when you post about bands you absolutely despise?
Rich: Not really. Obviously there are bands I do not like, but I donít think it is that hard to voice my opinion without being unprofessional.
Joe: No, I don't go back into the thread if it's a band I don't like.
Drew: I'm not a newsposter, so I can just pick and choose what I post as news.
Julia: No, I learned earlier on that my opinion doesn't need to be stated in every news thread of a band I didn't like.
Jaime D: I don't post about bands that I don't like.
Scott I: I always make my opinion on a band or album known somehow. It's not possible to escape bias, so why not embrace it?
Adrian: Iíve posted about bands I donít like Ė itís no big deal. I canít say I ďabsolutely despiseĒ any bands Iíve posted about though.
Chris: I don't see any reason why we can't have some fun and exaggerate our distaste for whatever bands we are each not fond of.
Anton: Nah, because if it's a band I don't like, I'll usually throw a slight dig in the news about it. Most of the news I post about a band I don't like is often to laugh at.
Linda: I have no problem helping each and every band. I will admit that I told one band that I did not think it would be a good idea to have a review for them on the site, but a staff reviewer did one anyway.
Lueda: No, because I don't really like to make a big deal out of my dislike for a band's music. I don't have a hard time working with bands that I don't like, but I don't go out of my way to promote their music.
Steve: I tend to ignore the shit I don't like. But if I feel like commenting, fuck it - we aren't paid to be professional or nice.
Eric: I guess thatís what I need to work on the most Ė separating wit from childishness.
Jason: I don't do a very good job at it. I sorta decided to say "screw it" years ago and realize that it would not be a very fun job to have to censor myself while working 10+ hours a day. There's a line between "professional" and "censored" - and I would rather be unprofessional and say what I feel than censored and make a few more bucks from a label or band I coddled.

Have you ever faced legal issues concerning the website?
Rich: Thankfully I have not.
Blake: I've only been told by a label that I was too harsh once, and I bet you can guess which label that was.
Julia: No. Jason gets all the good ones.
Jaime D: Personally, no; but Jason gets a lot of BS.
Scott I: I hope to one day or I haven't done my job as a critic.
Adrian: I have not yet been served a subpoena.
Tristan: Nope, but hopefully after my derision of Victory in a later question, I'll get some trouble, just to solidify my ideas about them.
Anton: I have been threatened to be sued.
Lueda: I'm a good girl.
Jason: Yes. Many, many times. Thankfully I have a pretty good understanding of the law, and more specifically the law as it relates to the internet and message boards, etc. Usually a phone call with the lawyer and they realize I know what I'm talking about and stop threatening ridiculously stupid things.

Best staff prank?
Scott W: Jason was up in Seattle at my place and we kept changing Steveís profile picture to some nasty stuff and banning him.
Drew: Pretending that I quit.
Julia: Remember our exclamation mark fiasco on April Fools Day? That must've gotten so annoying, but it was so fun to do.
Scott I: Didn't we feature a The Spill Canvas theme one time?
Jaime D: When Jason randomly closes the forums and all hell breaks loose.
Adrian: I donít know if itís the best, but I have a special place in my heart for my initiation.
Tristan: Haha Adrian's "initiation" was good, for sure. I don't really know if I've been part of any others.
Anton: Like Adrian said, when Eda and I called him out. I also loved the Absolute!Punk.
Lueda: I can't think of any other ones besides the one that Adrian mentioned. That was so good. I loved faking that screen cap of a post!
Jason: Hahah, there have been a variety of good ones. I deactivated every staff account once -- that was kind of fun.

What's the best avatar you've ever seen?
Drew: The one with Jason's face on Homer Simpson's body in the pool of gold coins. haha
Blake: Elemenohpe's rules.
Julia: Jason's Tiger Lou ones.
Jaime D: Jason always picks good ones. I also love seeing people with my favorite albums as avatars, especially from lesser known bands.
Adrian: King Jason.
Tristan: King Jason, definitely. I even changed mine to it for a few days.
Chris: Anything with Butch Walker or Joey Cape involved.
Anton: Fstftvsfences' Shooter McGavin avatar.
Lueda: The one that Christine (swirlofhues) has, because last year, I decided that if I were to change my avatar for the first time, it would be for that. But then she used it.. so I can't anymore!
Travis: Any of my favorite album covers, especially Moving Mountains Pneuma.
Steve: I have avatars turned off.
Jason: I totally forgot about King Jason. Amazing, I'll go with that.

Have you ever had an experience when you've received an album you'd never heard of and instantly thought. "These guys are gonna go places"?
Rich: A few times. The one that I have heard most recently that I had no prior exposure to that made me think that was Pomegranates and it seems like they are slowly starting to make a name for themselves.
Joe: Metro Station.
Scott W: Forgive Durdenís first EP.
Drew: All Time Low's The Party Scene, I might have been one of the very few people to review that.
Blake: Moving Mountains, This Town Needs Guns
Julia: The Gay Blades, Astronautalis, You Me and Everyone We Know, Pompeii, and The Dangerous Summer. And everyone knows I have a major love for The Graduate, so I'd like to believe they're gonna be the biggest band in the world.
Scott I: Yeah. Bands like Except After Sea, Slingshot Dakota, and Mass Movement of the Moth have all surprised me.
Jaime D: The Graduate, There For Tomorrow.
Adrian: The Long Goodbye by Dorsey.
Anton: When I heard Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down" for the first time, I knew they were not our band anymore. I thought this about Four Year Strong when Rob Hitt sent me some demos and said that they were his next signing. Also, when I first saw Forever the Sickest Kids and listened to their EP, I knew that they were destined for bigger things.
Lueda: To be honest, I'm not quite sure. I think, maybe, Death Cab.
Travis: Doves, Moving Mountains, Wild Sweet Orange.
Steve: I really thought The Late Night could have been big. Most recently, I was struck by Jeremy Larson and Mercy Mercedes.
Eric: Well this isnít a review CD I received, but thereís this local band from Chicago called de Triomphe who I fucking go insane for. These guys have just got to dominate the world!
Jason: Brand New, Saosin, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Thursday, The Used, Relient K, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, Four Year Strong -- off the top of my head.

How many hours a day, on average, are you guys just sitting on a computer?
Rich: More hours than I should be.
Joe: Whenever I'm home.
Scott W: At least 10. I work from home.
Drew: A lot.
Blake: My major requires me to use Photoshop a ton, so that's a bit different. Working on the site or perusing the site, it would easily be 3 or 4 hours a day
Julia: At least three or four. If I'm just working on the computer that day, at least eight. My major is journalism and new media, so yeah.
Scott I: Actually, probably less than I should be.
Jaime D: I work on a computer all day long, so 12? 14? Kind of sick when you think about it.
Paul: More than 50 at least, considering that I sit in front of my computer for work too.
Adrian: Two to five.
Tristan: On average? Probably four or more, if I'm thinking realistically. That seems pretty sad.
Chris: I'm afraid to even think about this one. Probably an average of 5-6 ... I pray that's low.
Jamie P: About seven hours.
Anton: I sit on a computer at work all day, so probably a solid 12-15, depending on the day. Sick life, right? I have a girlfriend!
Linda: At least five.
Lueda: Not as much as I used to, but I'm sure I still kill a lot of time on the Internets.
Travis: On days when I don't have class, at least 8 or 9.
Steve: 10+ for work, then another 2-3 at home. That's awful, isn't it?
Eric: Counting this and homework, plenty. Counting ďCHECK OUT THIS YOUTUBE CLIP!Ē, less, but plenty.
Jason: 10+ ... from when I wake up to when I am asleep I have a laptop, Blackberry, or keyboard next to me.

What's your favorite band from MORE than ten years ago?
Joe: New Found Glory.
Scott W: Pink Floyd, Rush, The Beatles, The Who.
Drew: Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles.
Blake: Fleetwood Mac, Television and Pink Floyd.
Julia: A lot of older jazz musicians - Duke Ellington is my fave.
Jaime D: Does Radiohead count? If not, The Police.
Scott I: Can and Bessie Smith.
Paul: Beatles.
Adrian: The Get Up Kids. If they donít count, Iíll say Boston.
Tristan: I'll say someone besides The Beatles and outside of older rock music since I've said it so many times before. Sunny Day Real Estate.
Chris: I'm a big Beatles fan, but I'm also into a lot of bands that were never as big but just as influential, like Descendents and Agent Orange.
Jamie P: Weezer and Ace of Base.
Anton: Boston, easily.
Lueda: Pet Shop Boys, Backstreet Boys and Ace of Base.
Travis: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Smiths
Steve: The Beatles, Oasis.
Eric: When I was a kid I listened to Less Than Jake and Five Iron Frenzy a lot, and I totally still do. Pennywise also has remind one of my favorites. My 311 phase sort of wore off though. Theyíre alrightÖ
Jason: The Smiths, Joy Division, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel.

Jason, you said before if you could change anything about the site it would be the name. what would you call it now?
Jason: AbsoluteMusic.

Who is/was your favorite boyband?
Rich: I have always had a severe dislike of boy bands.
Joe: 'N Sync.
Scott W: All Time Low.
Blake: Day 26.
Julia: 5ive and *N Sync.
Jaime D: I LOVED The Backstreet Boys when I was younger, so it has to be them.
Paul: Does All Time Low count?
Adrian: Blink 182.
Chris: Does BBMak count? Because I thought they wrote some snappy pop songs, plus were able to play their own instruments.
Jamie P: I would have to agree with Chris and say BBMak.
Anton: Hanson count? If not, 5ive. They were so bad, haha, I loved it.
Lueda: Backstreet Boys, of course.
Travis: *N Sync.
Steve: *N Sync and/or Justin Timberlake, probably. I also liked Take That.
Eric: He doesnít count as a band but JT regulates.
Jason: Blink 182.

Over the next few months, what releases are each of you looking forward to most?
Rich: My Bloody Valentine (if it comes out), The Appleseed Cast, and The Jealous Sound.
Joe: Fall Out Boy, Houston Calls, Lovedrug, and The Jealous Sound.
Scott W: Unearth.
Drew: Saves The Day, T.I., Unearth, Fall Out Boy.
Blake: Moving Mountains, The Jealous Sound and Semiotics.
Julia: Dear and the Headlights, Manchester Orchestra EP/DVD, Annuals, Pompeii.
Jaime D: Ben Folds, Saves The Day.
Scott I: There's supposedly a Joan of Arc EP being released soon.
Adrian: Manchester Orchestra EP/DVD. Julia and I match once again.
Chris: Dead to Me, Butch Walker, Bayside and Jack's Mannequin.
Anton: Razia's Shadow, Manchester Orchestra, Thursday.
Lueda: Imogen Heap. I just can't wait.
Travis: Copeland, Moving Mountains, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, Razia's Shadow, Manchester Orchestra
Steve: Copeland, Jeremy Larson, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, and The Jealous Sound.
Eric: Well shit dude, Iím still freaking out about TV on the Radio! And I still have to listen to Metallica... What is wrong with me that I didnít already hear that?
Jason: Fall Out Boy.

If somebody had to CEO other than Jason, who would it be?

Rich: My guess would be Anton.
Scott W: Jake Wallace.
Blake: Anton or Julia.
Julia: Anton. Maybe then he'd finally get Midtown to reunite. And GPress.
Jaime D: Anton. I don't think I know anyone with better ideas or more motivation. Probably Julia, too. They both do so much for this site, it's admirable.
Adrian: Jason has said GPress. I say GPress, Anton, and Julia.
Chris: Anton. I think he's got what it takes.
Anton: Gotta be Garrett. The guy does so much behind the scenes and hardly ever gets credit because it's not visible. Kudos to you, sir.
Lueda: I would pick Linda, based on the way that she has handled problems and certain situations in the past.
Travis: Sir Richard Branson.
Steve: Either myself, Anton, or Garett.
Jason: I would have no problem with Anton/Adrian (power-twins) or Garrett running the website if need be.

If AP.net were a high school, what roles would each of you take on (nerd, jock, whore, etc)?
Rich: Most definitely the nerd haha
Drew: Jock.
Blake: I was the funny guy who nobody took seriously, but really I was hiding a debilitating depression and severe anxiety issues. Love me, please.
Julia: I may have smoked a lot of weed and I may have been on the debate team, just sayin'.
Jaime D: I guess I'd be the jock? Since I hang out in the Sports Forum more often than not.
Paul: Regina George.
Adrian: Geek.
Tristan: Hall monitor, I guess.
Chris: I'm a cornucopia of stereotypes who got along well with everyone. Nerd, pothead, clown ... that was who I was back in the day.
Anton: Middleman. Friends with everyone from all walks of life.
Lueda: Hmm... probably the girl that no one expected to be such a nerd.
Jonathan: <--- stoner under the bleachers.
Travis: Band geek with a heart of gold.
Eric: That guy who hangs out with different types of people. Ha. I guess thatís not the type of answer you guys were looking for, but I was a pretty normal, regular guy in high school. Except I was very vocal about peopleís t-shirts that had band names on them. ďOh yeah? I heard of Millencollin before you did, poser.Ē
Jason: Cocky asshole.

What was your first real concert you attended?
Rich: Rage Against The Machine in the 5th grade.
Joe: Probably Backstreet Boys a long, long time ago. The concert that got me into the music I listen to now though would be Blink-182/The Used.
Scott W: Mxpx/Home Grown.
Drew: Relient K back in 2000.
Blake: It was a local show back in high school. Boy were they bad.
Julia: Our Lady Peace, 30 Second to Mars, and Fingertight at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. I suppose some local shows before that, but this one was definitely the first.
Jaime D: Goldfinger. They're still awesome.
Scott I: The Wallflowers.
Paul: Warped Tour.
Adrian: My first show was the Pop Disaster Tour in Selma, Texas at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. It was on May 10, 2002, and as with every show back in high school, my friends and I drove for hours to get there. Jimmy Eat World opened, Green Day followed, and Blink 182 closed.
Tristan: I was made to go to a Backstreet Boys concert because my mom bought tickets and wouldn't let me stay at home. First real one though was Blink-182.
Chris: "Weird Al" Yankovic when I was 12.
Jamie P: Finch, From Autumn to Ashes, The Kinison, and Endor.
Anton: Z100's Jingle Ball one year. Maybe 1996? I don't really remember. Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, and more? Sign me up.
Lueda: I think it was Warped Tour in Montreal.
Travis: One of the Warped Tours, probably.
Steve: Oasis back in high school right after Be Here Now came out.
Eric: At some point in middle school, maybe 7th grade, I saw Bad Religion. Before that Iíd seen some really small groups but Bad Religion is the first memorable one.
Jason: The Ataris / MxPx.

How often do staff see each other in person?
Rich: I can only speak for myself, but very rarely.
Scott W: I have met Jason and Jon Lally in person, and former staffers Gabe Gross and Darren McLeod.
Blake: I've only met Jon and Adrian and they are awesome.
Julia: A few times a year, at least for me. Bamboozle is always a grand reunion, and Jaime D. and I always find a way to meet up when The Graduate is on the East Coast.
Jaime D: I've met Jared K, Julia, Anton, Tony, Garett Press, and Tom Good. I rarely see Anton anymore since he moved but Julia and I meet up as often as we can.
Scott I: Never. I hope to change that someday soon.
Paul: Lally every few months.
Adrian: Itís a rare (and delightful) occasion for me.
Tristan: I see Eda daily. I haven't met anyone else, but I'm still holding out that Jason will visit Canada some day.
Chris: I live close to Jason and grew up in the same area as Weebs, but we've never met.
Lueda: Never met any other staffers besides Tristan. That's good enough for me, though. Sorry guys!
Jonathan: Tao cow regularly, Blake, Adrian, Scott, Jamie P. and Jason.
Travis: I haven't met any of these wonderful people yet
Steve: I have hung out with Russ before, but still need to meet the others. Maybe I will roll out east for Bamboozle this year or something.
Jason: Whenever they come visit me. I have a spare room just for staff.

What's the greatest opportunity/event you've experienced because you were AP staff?
Scott W: Anything involving Gatsbys American Dream.
Julia: I introduced myself to Kenny Vasoli and he knew who I was. Very very cool experience. The Unsigned Band Merch Hook-Up was also amazing and very satisfying.
Jaime D: Meeting band members and having them know you/the site is awesome.
Scott I: Being a part of something budding and rich with opportunity, and working with very talented writers, etc.
Adrian: I should work on creating a better answer to this question.
Anton: I wrote a story based off of Full Collapse for my senior project in college. I was able to give it to Geoff from Thursday. I've pretty much accomplish all I wanted to in life.
Linda: The thrilling opportunity to send several large donation checks to PCRF because of the tremendous response to the I WILL FIGHT wristband fundraiser.
Lueda: Being known by bands that I love.
Steve: Meeting/interviewing Aaron Marsh and the Copeland dudes, hanging out with Circa Survive after Warped last year, and drinking with the guys in The New Frontiers.
Jason: The thank yous.

Do you have one central building somewhere where you pop in from time to time, or Jason's house?
Rich: Nope
Scott W: Man, people have some misconstrued ideas.
Julia: Yes, it is located inside of the staff forum. I would love to work out of an office though. I would leave cute post-it notes everywhere.
Adrian: Oh yeah, I hang out at Jasonís house all the time. Just the other day Jesse Lacey, Pete Wentz, and Max Bemis showed up to play foosball and watch Gossip Girl.
Anton: By the way, Max Bemis is not that good at foosball and he likes to do voices for every character.
Linda: We all work from our own homes/computers. The central spot that we all pop into is the staff forum.
Lueda: No, Jason is too far away!
Jason: My office is in a bedroom of my house - everyone is welcome, few show up. Haha, and Eda - that's your fault - bring your stupid boyfriend and come visit. Bring beer.

What is one idea you would like to see implemented into the site?
Julia: I want AbsoluteINK back, most definitely, but I'm gonna be working on that soon. I'd love to have an introduction tour for new users, just to give them a bit of help when they first come to the site.
Scott I: A more diversified taste amongst the readers.
Adrian: The return of AbsoluteINK. Anamericangod can be hired to help Blake with it once it really takes off. Iíd also like band members to have more of a presence posting around the site.
Anton: There's so so so much I'd love to do. I would love to have more chats with bands, I want to make the band forum more active and have bands be more active on the site so being here is more of an interactive experience. AbsoluteINK would be great to have back on the site. I want more features and there are many that should be started soon. I want a weekly e-mail newsletter highlighting the going-ons of the site for those that missed big stories. I want more user interaction in what gets on the main page...our blog section is really interesting. I would love for more high-resolution art as I would like this site to be the best site on the net to find the images you want. I want more submissions for user-created art as well. AbsoluteART? Haha. That's more than one... but there's a heck of a lot that I still want to do. Mostly, though, I want to get the non-profit stuff going. I think we have a real opportunity to do some good with this website and we should use that opportunity more.
Linda: I would like to see a section for music-related book reviews.
Lueda: I would love for the site to work more with indie bands, and put more effort into relationships with those bands and Indie labels in general. I think that would do so much for the site in the long run.
Travis: More indie book reviews would be great, although I'm not volunteering.
Steve: We need to bring back King of the Hill, but for unsigned bands only.
Jason: I like that staff want some of these things -- hopefully they'll help me bring them to fruition. Reading my "inside ap.net" column on my blog is the best way to answer this. Because I have a lot.

What was the most difficult thing you had to do for your job?
Julia: Trying to moderate the Valentine's Day TWLOHA chat. I've never been overwhelmed working here.
Scott I: Interviewing Tim Kinsella without sounding like a total naive tool.
Adrian: Trying to keep up with the user review queue after the feature exploded and before Chris was hired.
Anton: The All Time Low chat was rough. Banning people is always difficult to do and there was one night recently when I had to make a judgment call to ban about a dozen people for one heinous act. Another rough thing was a night where the servers pretty much went down and Jason was on vacation so it was up to me to save the day and work hand in hand with Buzznet to fix things. Dun dun dun...
Lueda: Keeping things under control in the General forum, when people just wanted to create chaos and get on Jason's nerves. This has happened multiple times, but each time, our users have responded well (at least to me), when they have been asked to simply calm down and stop acting in ridiculous ways.
Jason: Multi-task on levels you wouldn't believe. However, from a personal level I wrestled with the decision to sell the website for months.

Is there something you listen to that would surprise us?
Blake: I have an unhealthy obsession with Garth Brooks.
Julia: Prince. I fucking love Prince. I also enjoy select harder bands. Sometimes I'm just in that mood.
Jaime D: I guess it depends on how well you know me. I have a very eclectic musical taste.
Scott I: M.I.A. is the farthest thing off the grid for me. The only hip-hop I can tolerate.
Paul: I listened to Korn in 1999.
Adrian: Brooks & Dunn and Run-D.M.C. may surprise some people.
Tristan: Like I said before, certain pop acts, both of today and of the 80's. Jazz and psychedelic rock/folk of the 60's too, as well as 70's progressive rock like Yes (before Owner of a Lonely Heart) and Genesis (before Peter Gabriel left).
Chris: I enjoy just about everything, and I think anytime I admit to being a big punk music fan and a pop music fan, I split the opinion of the crowds.
Anton: Nah, I'm pretty boring.
Lueda: A lot. But one of main ones that I can think of: Britney Spears?
Travis: I have a healthy collection of gangsta rap from days gone by.
Eric: Totally. At work today I went from Bruce Springstein to Nirvana to the Beach Boys to Blood Brothers to the GZA. I donít like to stay in one spot for too long. The new guy kept asking, ďIs this still your music?Ē and the people who already knew me all nodded.
Jason: I'm currently listening to Evgeny Kissin.

Do any of you think that Victory Records has any worthwhile artists signed at the moment? If so, who are they?
Rich: In my opinion, no. None of the bands on their current roster are bands I listen to though, so take that for what its worth.
Joe: The Scenic, The Audition, Hawthorne Heights, Bayside, Secret Lives! of the Freemasons
Scott W: Nope.
Drew: Bayside, A Day To Remember
Julia: Bayside and Secret Lives I appreciate, but not as much as when I was younger. Spitalfield and The Forecast are great. The Scenic and Thieves & Villains are good people.
Jaime D: Bayside. And Spitalfield before they ruined them.
Scott I: Whether they do or they don't, I honestly don't think anyone should spend money or time on that label. Brummel's way of handling artists and employees is disgusting.
Adrian: The only recent Victory Records album Iíve heard is Find Yourself Here by The Scenic, and I like it.
Tristan: I'm glad there isn't, because I think they're despicable. I'm sure other labels are bad, but they seem to be the worst from what I've heard.
Chris: Bayside could do better, but have been the only artists that haven't really been screwed over by the label - or at least, have used it to their benefit.
Anton: I hold a grudge against Victory Records for lying about that whole stealing music thing. Fun fact, it didn't work, as I don't even remember the band that supposedly got screwed over. No lasting value!
Lueda: I don't keep up with that label.
Travis: None, in my humble opinion.
Steve: Fuck Victory Records. Any band that would sign to them knowing what everyone knows now needs to wipe the dollar signs out of their eyes.
Jason: I support Hawthorne Heights.

And this one for Jason - What exactly happened between Jesse Lacey and you? And is there any chance that Brand New would ever come back for an interview or a chat someday?

Jason: Nothing that I know of - last year around this time Jesse and I had a beer together out at CMJ. We were joking around about how long it had been since I'd seen them in person. I have a great relationship with their manager (my favorite in the business) and their lack of interview/chat is just something they decided to do -- they don't like doing press. It caused them problems in the past and they made a decision not to be a part of it. I love the band and have nothing but respect and admiration for Jesse Lacey.

Who are your respective favorite record labels?
Rich: My favorite ďnewerĒ label is Hobbledehoy Records, which is based in Australia. Other labels I like a lot are Arts & Crafts, Polyvinyl, and Barsuk.
Scott W: Fat Wreck, Suicide Squeeze.
Drew: Equal Vision, Vagrant.
Blake: Anticon, White Whale, Big Scary Monsters and Sub Pop
Julia: Eyeball Records EASILY. I love the staff and nearly everything they release. I'm the ultimate fangirl for that bunch. They even sent me flowers on Valentine's Day. I've also been keeping up with Suicide Squeeze and Favorite Gentlemen recently, and I will always have a soft spot for Dischord.
Jaime D: Equal Vision, Eyeball.
Scott I: Flameshovel Records
Paul: My label, IAMSOUND... but aside from that, Moshi Moshi and XL.
Adrian: I donít judge according to record label, but I have an affinity for Vagrant Records. Remember, they released Something to Write Home About. Iím also keeping an eye on Favorite Gentlemen and Procrastinate! Music Traitors.
Chris: Fat Wreck, Asian Man, Vagrant, Epitaph.
Jamie P: Saddle Creek and Vagrant.
Anton: I don't have a favorite, but I will say that I admire Eyeball Records. They're definitely in it for the right reasons and truly love music. You never see any flash in the pan bands from them.
Lueda: I love so many, but I'll list just three: Arts&Crafts, Morr Music and FatCat Records.
Travis: Saddle Creek, Eyeball, Favorite Gentlemen
Steve: The Militia Group, Equal Vision, and Eyeball in that order.
Eric: Hydra Head is always interesting. Discord is a classic.
Jason: Equal Vision, The Militia Group, 111, Eyeball, Vagrant, Epitaph. I have pretty good relationships with most labels -- there are only two (I can think of) that don't show (or deserve) respect.

40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up, or Pineapple Express. Which is the funniest?
Rich: I have not seen Pineapple Express yet, but of the other three I would probably say Superbad.
Joe: Superbad. I haven't seen Pineapple Express, 40 Year Old Virgin was pretty funny, and I thought Knocked Up wasn't that funny but it was the better movie. I've probably seen Superbad four or five times and I laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw it.
Scott W: Knocked up or Pineapple Express.
Drew: Superbad.
Blake: Superbad fo sho
Julia: I think it comes down to Superbad for me. Michael Cera is my dream nerd boy.
Jaime D: Haven't seen Pineapple Express yet, but of the three, Superbad.
Scott I: 40 Year Old Virgin.
Adrian: 40 Year Old Virgin. I laughed out loud quite a bit during Pineapple Express, but I was drinking at the time, which assisted the comedy.
Chris: Superbad never gets old.
Anton: Superbad. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
Lueda: Forgetting Sarah Marshall!
Travis: Haven't seen PE, but I'm a huge fan of 40 Year Old Virgin. That's mostly because I love to slay hood-rats.
Steve: Superbad, easily.
Eric: Okay, tricky... Superbad is probably my favorite, but 40 Year Old Virgin has to be the funniest overall. Pineapple Express fucking ruled though! I saw it twice in three days when it first came out. And Knocked Up was cool, but not as excellent.
Jason: 40 Year Old Virgin.

Do you guys feel like you're making an impact on the way people view bands? Say you don't like a band and write about your opinion will carry over to a user?
Rich: I would like to hope so. I donít think my negative reviews really carry over, but I know some of the positive ones have helped people find bands they like.
Joe: Not all the time. There are times though when users say that they've picked up a specific album due to a review of mine which is cool.
Scott W: I know we make an impact. Otherwise, why would people read? In no way is that meant to sound arrogant.
Drew: Yes, I know I have made some impact on what people buy and listen to.
Blake: I think we do. It's an arrogant thing to be a reviewer and assume people care about your taste. Whether it's getting them riled up or agreeing, our pieces change at least a few people's views.
Julia: I hope so. Not that I want bands to fail, but it would be good to know that my opinion isn't a waste.
Jaime D: Isn't that the point?
Adrian: I think some people will listen to a band if I praise them, so I suppose the inverse may be true. But if I donít like a band, I usually donít bother voicing my opinion.
Anton: Yes.
Lueda: Sometimes, yeah. But it all depends on how much other people value our opinions to begin with.
Travis: I'm not as concerned about my negative opinions as I am my positive ones. My only hope is that my little reviews will turn some people on to some fantastic bands.
Steve: I think we can be considered tastemakers in a sense, sure.
Eric: Well, I wrote an angry review about Emmureís The Respect Issue and if you go to their Wikipedia, thereís a link to it. Which I find hilarious.
Jason: I think this is definitely a possibility. But to be honest I am more interested in empowering users. I am more interested in people discovering bands and then them sharing their own opinions on the music. For me I am very excited about sharing new music I love with the community (my blog, news, features, etc.) and I hope to get people to be just as excited about music. Of course there are a few bands that I just can't stand - and it actually frustrates me that they sell records - but that's definitely the minority of my time.

If you weren't/aren't committed to anyone in a relationship in the "real world," who would you most want to date and/or marry from AP.net - member or employee? Facebook? MySpace? Why?
Scott W: Iím married.
Blake: Absolutecat
Julia: Saving jonathan is my homefry.
Jaime D: My boyfriend is a member, so him (Smithers). Haha.
Scott I: Lucid.
Adrian: Does Natalie Portman post here?
Chris: I'm far too happy already.
Anton: We've posted about Scarlett Johannson before. Does that count?
Lueda: He's already a member.
Jason: Hmm, I think I have a pending "domestic partnership" agreement with a certain member. Hmm, from other websites? I dunno. Someone famous.

How many hours per day do you listen to music?
Rich: Too many to count.
Scott W: Not as many as I used to, thatís for sure.
Drew: Almost all day.
Blake: If I'm not around people or walking to/from class, I'm listening to music. I'd say at least 6 hours a day, maybe more.
Julia: It varies from all day to just an hour or two. Depends on what I'm doing. If I'm driving, I'm listening to music though - that's a given.
Jaime D: Pretty much all day long.
Scott I: I couldn't say. It became habitual at some point to let my iTunes run while I do things around my room.
Adrian: A bit more than the hours Iím in front of the computer, so two to six hours a day. I always listen to burned CDs in my car, and yeah, I sing along too.
Tristan: On the computer, in the car. Pretty much any time I'm near a set of speakers or headphones.
Chris: Judging by my last.fm account ... a lot.
Anton: Probably a solid 12 hours. However, I do sleep with music on, so I'm going to say I'm most awesome.
Lueda: Not as much as I used to, and I find that so sad. I have been trying to work on that lately, though.
Travis: All of them, if possible.
Steve: As much as I can at work on my iPod. I would say 2-3 hours a day on average, then another hour during my commute.
Eric: Letís count it up. Hour and a half at the gym, four hours at work, couple hours doing homework, maybe a half hour going to sleep. Weíre looking at 8 hours, give or take. Then I get really pissed off when my Zune battery dies.
Jason: Pretty consistently. I'd say if I am awake and not watching TV (I have an addiction to TV on DVD), I am listening to my iPod at good 85% of the time.

Favorite brands of cereal/what do you generally eat for breakfast, if at all?
Joe: I don't eat breakfast but my favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch, frosted flakes and frosted mini wheats.
Drew: Toasted plain bagel with cream cheese.
Blake: I really love Froot Loops, but I usually have a Capri Sun and milk and cereal bar on the way to class.
Julia: Iced coffee. When I actually go out for breakfast, I really love lox bagels and cream cheese - it's the Jewish New Yorker in me.
Jaime D: Wheaties, Crispix.
Scott I: I've grown out of eating breakfast for some reason, but on that rare occasion then it'd have to be Honey Bunches of Oates.
Paul: I usually eat a banana and whole-grain toast with jam. Thank god for Trader Joe's.
Adrian: I donít usually catch breakfast, but Kellogg's Special K Red Berries is my favorite cereal.
Tristan: I usually have two slices of toast for breakfast. One with peanut butter, one with whatever jam I have. I usually drink a glass of some sort of juice with it. Or just cereal if I'm in a hurry.
Chris: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I eat cereal without milk for a snack most of the time.
Anton: Raisin Bran Crunch, Cinnamon Life, Honey Nut Chex. I hardly ever eat breakfast and it is sad, but I make a mean egg and bagel sandwich when I have time on Sunday morning. Mmm Sunday morning breakfast with OJ and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Seriously.
Linda: Breakfast is my favorite meal. I generally eat cereal in the morning (Golden Grahams are a favorite), but I love to have eggs and hashbrowns for dinner. Waffles, pancakes, crepes, omelets, quiche, cinnamon toast, donuts, bagels ..... YUM!
Lueda: I don't usually eat breakfast, but my favourite cereal is either Honey Nut Cheerios, or Nesquik.
Travis: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, a banana, and a shitload of coffee.
Steve: Jimmy Dean D-Lites sandwiches are my daily breakfast.
Eric: Every single day I eat a bowl of oatmeal. Itís pretty boring, but itís really easy in my dorm.
Jason: Golden Grahams or a bagel and cream cheese.

How much time do you put into the site weekly?
Blake: It varies heavily, but if we're using this week as an example: lots
Julia: I would say anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a week, but it really depends on what projects I'm working on. Luckily, I can stay updated from my Blackberry.
Jaime D: Depends on how much time I have and what's going on.
Adrian: I check in on the site every few hours during the day, and I actually put in work anywhere from three to ten hours per week. This particular interview is taking a long time to complete!
Tristan: Almost as much as I'm on the computer in general. I'm on this site 95% of the time I'm on the internet.
Chris: I try to do as much as I can to help out, whether it's big things or little things to clean up the forums, etc. I try to put 2-3 hours into my site work each day, if possible.
Anton: I'm always on this site at work, but at least 15 focused hours a week.
Linda: At least 30 hours each week. Probably more.
Lueda: It depends on what I'm doing.
Travis: Well, I've just begun, so the sample size is pretty small, but quite a few.
Eric: A couple of hours, as of right now.
Jason: Over 80 hours - roughly.

How do you pick which articles get posted and which don't? I do a lot of interviews for my review site and always submit them as news, but none get posted. How do you choose what goes up?

Joe: Unless your interview contains some major info, I'm most likely not going to post it. I don't hate you, it's just how it is. As far as news articles go, if there's no source I won't post it. If the band is unsigned and I've never heard of them (or have never seen them on AP.net), I'll send it to Jamie for the Small Band Round-Up.
Anton: News is posted depending on the amount of newsworthy things in it or how much people will talk about it for me. That's why you'll see stuff with Hayley Williams getting her septum pierced... as un-newsworthy as it is, people want to talk about that kind of thing. I try not to post things from competing sites, but will always source if I do. I will not post anything if there is no source, and we get a lot of submissions in the news queue from people telling stuff we know is true, but we can't post it because there's no hard evidence. It sucks because we want to be the first to break certain news, but we can't when there's nothing physical behind it to prove that it's true. For smaller sites, we're not going to continue posting someone else's interviews because we do interviews ourselves...if we posted every single thing another site did, it would not only decrease the importance of our interviews but it would also give everyone the opportunity to deserve to have all of their interviews posted. This would inundate the site with a bunch of news that frankly doesn't need to be posted.
Lueda: I only post about bands that I like and support 90% of the time, unless it's important news that should be posted on the site.
Jason: Usually it depends upon the content within the article submitted. If it's just "this interview was done" - we aren't going to post it because .. frankly, we get a lot of those. However, if the interview breaks a cool story - of course we're going to post it. It's just about what the content is and how helpful it would be to our users.

Jason and Drew: do you buy physical copies of ALL your music?
Drew: I try my very best to get a hold of everything.
Jason: I own the physical copy of everything that is on my computer with a few exceptions: b-sides I can't purchase other places, songs I bought from iTunes or Amazon, albums sent to me digitally (by the band, label, PR, etc.) I think it's extremely important to support the bands putting out the music. If I love something enough to want it to be part of my collection -- I think it is the right thing to do and pay for it.

So whats the whole story with Jared Kaufman leaving? I just remember lots of drama.
Joe: I don't think there was drama at all. He just had personal issues I think. He should come back.
Scott W: Jared is one of the greatest people to ever work here. Really miss that dude.
Drew: Jared is one of my best buds, he left because he just got busy with real life.
Jaime D: He had a lot going on and all the drama here wasn't helping. He's still an awesome dude and we're still in touch. I'm hoping to coax him back here eventually!
Adrian: Iíd welcome Jared back with open arms.
Anton: My goal when becoming staff was to be the next Jared Kaufman. Legend.
Linda: No drama as far as I know. He had been a staffer for several years and wanted to take a break.
Jason: I don't remember any drama. Jared and I still talk on a pretty regular basis (AIM, facebook, in our forums). He just was ready to not be staff anymore. Didn't really have the time and wanted to focus on some other aspects of his life as he grew older. He's still around here. I offered to keep him on as a moderator - but he was looking to not have that responsibility. Great guy.

When is Madison Bleek / AbsoluteDrama.com coming back? That gossip board was the shit.
Drew: Probably never.
Jaime D: I enjoyed it as well, but it cost more to keep than it's worth.
Adrian: Madison Bleek moved to Russia to escape the AP.net related controversy. He (or she) will not be returning.
Jason: Hahaha, we cause enough drama.

How many of your real life friends know about what you do on AP?
Rich: A good number of them. Some of them come just to see stuff I have written, others generally just always visit the site for other reasons.
Joe: A few, but they don't understand how big of a deal it is.
Scott W: Yeah, and lots of them donít get it.
Drew: A good handful of them, even my parents read my reviews haha.
Blake: A good amount of my close friends, but we rarely talk about it. It's just kind of a different world. I think they think it's a much smaller deal to me than it actually is.
Julia: Most of mine do, the ones that listen to the same music I do, at least. The ones that aren't all up on the music stuff know that I work for a music website, but they don't really know how how big of a scale it is relatively. One time I tried to explain AP.net to a co-worker of mine, and the week after he asked if I could get him into an AC/DC concert.
Jaime D: Pretty much all of them. I've even gotten some to post here.
Scott I: I never feel I have to share the fact that I write for a website. My friends always tend to find out themselves. There have been instances where people I know try to take advantage of my working here: getting free/unreleased music out of me for example.
Paul: A lot of my music industry friends know about what I do, and maybe a quarter of my "real life" friends that aren't connected to work.
Adrian: My good friends know. Iíve even made profiles for some of them filled with inside jokes that no one but me finds funny.
Tristan: Pretty much all of them, although they may not really get what that means.
Chris: Most of the people I hang out with in real life aren't computer people, so they don't really "get" it or care to understand. My family understands and respects it, and so does my girlfriend, who probably understands best.
Anton: All.
Lueda: Quite a few now. When I tell new people I meet, they're always surprised. I usually get the "I wouldn't have imagined someone like you working on a site like that," response.
Travis: Most of them. I'm still waiting for the awkward posts on my reviews to begin.
Eric: They all know about it. I really like that I do this, and they all know that I really like that I do this.
Jason: Most of them. They still give me a hard time about it. We have an ongoing joke where we take our group of friends' jobs and tear them down to the bare minimum. For example, one friend is a financial adviser - we say he's a bank teller. So basically I get made fun of for playing on the internet all day.

What would you be doing with your life if AP didn't exist?

Rich: Probably the same things I am doing now, only writing for another site.
Scott W: Posting about sports on a different site.
Drew: Writing for the school newspaper.
Blake: Watch TV.
Julia: Booking and promoting shows and bands with my roommate and BFF, Jacqueline, like we do now. Still working at Starbucks. Still writing.
Jaime D: Probably do more actual work. Haha.
Scott I: I probably wouldn't be as interested in writing as I am. Working here kind of started this chain of events that led to me branching away from just journalism in to creative writing where I've actually found a great liking for.
Paul: Working in the music industry.
Adrian: Tough to say, since Iíve been hanging around this website for about half of my life. This website has shaped and affected me in big ways. Still, Iím sure Iíd be much the same person, except Iíd have a different hobby to occupy my time throughout the day.
Tristan: Sitting bored in Vermont getting prepared to live a crappy boring life doing something I don't like. This site has changed the course of my life completely.
Anton: I would have a different life, as working here helped me get my current job. I have no idea what I would be doing, but it would probably involve working in New York City and it would probably involve me hating it.
Lueda: I don't even want to think about this. I think my life would be more different than most's. It's scary to think about.
Travis: Crying. A lot. And getting a lot more "real work" done. So thank god it does exist!
Steve: I might get more sleep and listen to shittier music.
Eric: More homework, going to class on time, etc.
Jason: Something with technology and music. Those are my two passions.

Favorite memory? Proudest moment as a member of the staff?

Blake: Anytime I get a PM from users that contain kind words or tips on new bands. I don't deserve it.
Julia: Posting big features. When a band thanks me in their liner notes. The Unsigned Band Merch Hook-Up was my baby project. I was so proud of that one.
Jaime D: Meeting and chatting with musicians that I admire. Geoff Rickly and John Gourley were probably the two that I was most excited about. Of course I was wearing a Thursday T-shirt the day I met Geoff! (Not at a Thursday show, I'm not 'that guy' haha) Proudest moments would just be simple thank yous from bands that I've posted about/helped in some way.
Adrian: My favorite memory is getting hired, and Iím always happiest when I receive ďthank youĒ messages.
Anton: I loved the Straylight Run chat because it was great hearing that band which has pretty much always been reserved in terms of discussing things talk about anything and everything. That was the moment that I realized that we can have great interaction with bands and this site and that there was so much more that we had potential to do. I do love when people say nice things about what I do for the site; it makes it worth it.
Linda: My proudest moment would be the same as the greatest opportunity that I mentioned above (sending off the checks to Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation). My favorite memory was receiving the poem from the band called Love You Long Time.
Lueda: There are many, but as I have mentioned above, it feels great to have a musician or band - that I love - acknowledge my work and be grateful for what I have done for them. I have had small and unknown bands thank me for supporting them and posting their news on the site as if I had just signed them on a label. It's a great feeling.
Travis: Anytime anyone whom I don't know personally is genuinely nice. It's so easy to be an asshole over the Internetz, so I'm just not used to it. Also, whenever a band is happy with a review I've written of their music.

Now that YOU are an employee of Buzznet, does that make everyone working on the AP.net staff an employee of Buzznet? The details of the merger/buy-out (what was it anyways?) seems really confusing and not a lot of details came through.
Scott W: Weíre volunteers. Weíre not employees.
Drew: What Weebs said.
Anton: I still don't know the details. I do know that Mr. Buzznet does like sending diamond-encrusted checks for millions of dollars for every news post I make about Buzznet.
Linda: I continue to volunteer my time to AbsolutePunk.net
Lueda: I don't think any of us get any $$ for doing this. We're such great people!
Jason: Technically no. There are no contracts beside the click-through TOS that applies to every member of the website between staff and AP or Buzznet. Everyone is given as much freedom as they want to contribute what they can. I kept most of the details private for a variety of reasons -- legal and personal. It was technically a buy-out. It's not really confusing at all -- I still maintain control of the website and have editorial control and Buzznet sells the ads, helps with hosting, promotion, funding, and different access we can't get. Speaking of which ... we need to get those merch items made.

Even though not much time has passed, are you happy with (any of) the changes that AP has gone through?
Drew: I love the changes, makes the site run a lot smoother and look sleeker. It's only going to get better once Jason launches the updated design.
Julia: It's all about interconnectivity. There are so many twists and turns of the website that people don't realize, and when Jason rolls out the beta, I think this expertise is especially gonna shine through. Oh, and User Control Panel, ftw. I'm also ready for a change.
Jaime D: Definitely.
Adrian: Quite a bit of time has passed (in Internet years), and I see this website constantly improving. I donít want to think about life before Who Quoted Me? or the User Control Panel.
Tristan: There's nothing I could complain about. The site is great. Can't wait to see where it takes us next.
Chris: Pardon me while I sound a little Obama-ish here, but I believe this site continues to get better each day. Every time Jason adds something or we work as staff members to implement some changes, it only improves the site.
Anton: Honestly, I'm surprised that other sites haven't integrated a Who Quoted Me? feature. It's so intuitive and brilliant. I can't imagine this site without it anymore. There are other smaller things that Jason's implemented that have only made the site better. He likes trying out new things and is humble enough to take things away when they detract from the experience or don't add anything.
Lueda: The site has changed in so many ways, and so many times, since I first came here. I really love the layout and all the extra features that we have now. I can only imagine how much different everything might be a few years from now. I look forward to it!
Steve: I am constantly amazed how AP.net continues to grow and evolve.
Jason: Yes. One of the better decisions I have made in my life. I've made a lot of mistakes -- this was not one of them.

If you could choose any one more site member to be a staff member, in any capacity (either moderator, reviewer, user review editor etc), who would it be?
Scott W: FondestMemory for president.
Drew: Rick (Fullcollapse3k) and deadkidsean for hip hop reviews.
Blake: MARCO (feynman wannabe)
Julia: Anamericangod. I think he's a great writer.
Jaime D: Dan (IAmNietzche) or Dom (Love As Arson).
Adrian: Duffmanrxbandit (interviewer, reviewer, blogger), CatchThePhoenix (reviewer), anamericangod (weíll work it out), El_Jeffe (music forum moderator).
Tristan: I'd like to see Dom (Love As Arson) do something, especially with politics, but then again I think he might be listened to more as a regular user. I think Craig (El_Jeffe) would make a great moderator if another is needed.
Chris: TheOtherAndrew and CharlieKilo would make excellent reviewers.
Linda: There are several user reviewers who I would love to add to staff.
Lueda: Probably Dom.
Steve: Probably anamericangod.
Jason: AndrewLove recently submitted a whole bunch of great ideas for the website. We're going to be implementing some of them soon actually.

Jason - how much say do the other staff members get in selecting new staffers?
Jason: Quite a bit -- I email the staff all the time about possibilities and they usually weigh in with nay or yay. I always take their comments into account before making any decision. Same goes for those they bring to my attention -- if any staff member, right now, said they wanted to hire someone to work under them, help with their tasks, etc., I would say yes in a heartbeat.

Who was the first person you interviewed that you were actually star struck with?
Rich: Chris Broach. I wouldnít say star struck, but it was definitely weird to get to interview him since he is one of my favorite musicians.
Joe: Since my interviews are through email, I don't exactly get starstuck. But there has been times where someone has IMed me and said that they were so and so from a band I'm a big fan of and that gets me excited.
Scott W: Jim from Jimmy Eat World.
Julia: I've interviewed a lot of bigger bands, but the first biggest was Hayley from Paramore. Not really starstruck, but more like ... out of place. It was surreal. I was more "starstruck" with my Andy Hull and Bob Nanna email interviews because those are musicians I very much admire.
Jaime D: John Gourley of Portugal. The Man.
Scott I: Tim Kinsella. I have evidence of this because I turned on my tape recorder before I gave him a call. My breathing was heavy and I was cursing aloud like, "Oh shit, oh shit."
Jamie P: Pretty much all of my phoners or in person interviews. I am usually nervous the first few minutes.
Anton: Hanson. I had to bring my sister with me (Hey Danielle!) so that I would be able to function.
Lueda: Jacob of the Faint. The whole experience was just surreal. Chatting with Rocky Votolato was pretty amazing, too.
Steve: Talking to Davey Havok (AFI) on the phone was really surreal. It wasn't bad though, since he was one of the nicest guys ever.
Jason: Midtown.

How many songs do you have on your iPod/MP3 player?

Drew: Over 11,000.
Blake: 5500 on my iPod, because that's all it will hold. Thanks for reminding me to beg my parents for a new one.
Julia: On my iPod Nano I keep all the albums I am in the process of reviewing or am enjoying at the moment (651 songs), but iTunes is a totally different ballpark.
Jaime D: A lot? I have a 30GB and it's full so I need to keep swapping things out.
Scott I: 4,141
Paul: About 16,000.
Adrian: 660 at the moment. But thatís only about 5% of my music library.
Tristan: A large number.
Chris: Over 22,000. I listen to a variety of music and like having a large selection to choose from, new and old.
Anton: I have a full 30 gig Zune.
Lueda: Over 10,000 as far as I know. I don't keep up with it.
Travis: Just under 9,000.
Steve: Aww, Anton has a Zune. I have about 60 GB on my iPod, I believe.
Jason: 13,297.

How much detail do you want on a news submission?

Julia: Just look at all of our news posts for an idea. If it's something that might be controversial, try to include a source.
Anton: I like as much as possible, so I can edit/include all that is necessary.
Lueda: I agree with Anton, but at the same time, there can sometimes be too much information.
Eric: When Iím reading the news, I like for it to be simple but you really do need that stamp of approval that is the source name.
Jason: My mentality has always been to offer more news bursts than "stories". Some websites take all day writing out a story from a two-line piece of news. Not worth it to me - I'd rather give people the 2 lines and move on. The pertinent information is what I want. Not the entire background of the band, etc.

What is everyone's favorite 80's pop/synth-pop song?

Rich: Easily Modern English's "Melt With You".
Joe: Same as Rich's. Love that song.
Scott W: Toto Ė "Africa".
Drew: "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls.
Blake: The Outfield - "Your Love".
Julia: "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds
Jaime D: Huey Lewis and the News - "Power of Love"
Scott I: Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Paul: New Order - "Age of Consent"
Adrian: ďTake on MeĒ by a-ha.
Tristan: Damn you Adrian, no one had said that until you. That's mine as well.
Chris: Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend". Brings some "oomph" to your mid-day lull.
Anton: Blake is correct. Midtown covered it (excellently) for a reason.
Lueda: "Heart" by Pet Shop Boys.
Travis: Same as Scott I.
Steve: Soft Cell - "Tainted Love"...song was way ahead of its time.
Eric: Ha, does Bad Religionís clunker synth experiment Into the Unknown count? Iíd chose that, at least for novelty. Otherwise, I have an illogical liking for Genesis.
Jason: Duran Duran - "Ordinary World".

What movie has your favorite music in it?
Rich: A lot of movies here and there have had a lot of my favorite artists in it, but my favorite soundtrack I have heard goes to the Lost In Translation soundtrack.
Joe: The "American Pie" series. Blink-182, New Found Glory, All-American Rejects, Sum 41, Green Day.
Drew: Garden State.
Julia: Well, it's definitely not Titanic. The Cruel Intentions and Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack (with Leo and Claire Danes) I spun a ton when I was younger.
Jaime D: I loved the American Pie soundtrack back in the day. Pretty much any Zach Braff movie has good music (The Last Kiss, Garden State) and the Over The Hedge soundtrack which was done entirely by Ben Folds.
Scott I: I only bother with soundtracks that have music scored or made for the lone purpose of using it in the movie. The last really great one I remember is "There Will Be Blood."
Adrian: American Pie. I love the scene when Stifler opens the door to his house and shoos away the band geeks Ė I believe Oleander can be heard coming from inside. Can't Hardly Wait has a great soundtrack as well. Also, Garden State implements The Shins beautifully.
Tristan: Perhaps the new version of Solaris with George Clooney. It has some cool sounds. Oh wait, of course it's Blues Brothers. That has some fantastic music. I listen to the soundtrack on a regular basis. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings have great original scores as well.
Chris: I still have a vast appreciation for The Lion King.
Anton: Wow, speaking of Can't Hardly Wait, I made a reference to that movie earlier. Can you find it? Space Jam has probably the best soundtrack of all time. All Disney movies have great music.
Linda: Once.
Lueda: Probably Good Will Hunting, because of Elliott Smith.
Travis: Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Pulp Fiction
Steve: Dumb and Dumber has a great soundtrack, as does Garden State and Empire Records.
Eric: Clockwork Orange is one. I love the arrangements of Beethoven in thereÖ itís supposed to be a tiny bit in the future, and apparently thatís what classical music sounds like in the future.
Jason: Damn, I dunno. I usually like scores more than I do soundtracks.

What is the hardest part of your job?
Julia: Saying no. So many opportunities come my way, but I just don't have time to do everything.
Anton: Moderating and being fair about it.
Linda: Duelling the email monster. He is like the Eveready Bunny and keeps going and going and going.
Lueda: Getting bands to grant me interviews.
Jason: Temperament.

Who is your favorite user on the site (not a staff member)?
Rich: TheBaroness and Bluecrunchy.
Joe: Go go gadget!
Scott W: FondestMemory.
Drew: Fullcollapse3k.
Blake: It will always be the world's cutest Seanda, droppedurpocket.
Julia: Savingjonathan, RyanFTW and MasonR5 for introducing me to All Get Out. Passed Out is my roommate, so she's a given.
Jaime D: Smithers, we are cured, CarlosLunes.
Adrian: Hardluck.
Chris: I can't pick one - I would hate to leave someone out. I'm pretty sure that, by now, those who have talked to me know if I like them or not. I don't keep it quiet for very long.
Anton: Too many to name. I don't have one favorite, I have about a hundred.
Lueda: There are many, but I'll always have a soft spot for Dom/Christine/Alyssa. And my real-life friend, Tamara, too.
Steve: Anamericangod, WarpSpeedChewy, Ozgur Kurtoglu, TSLROCKS, and others I might be forgetting.
Jason: I think some of the conversations with Jessooker in the TDK thread were a whole lot of fun. Lately, I have found myself agreeing a whole lot with NFGGC10.

What band has contributed most to AP.net?
Julia: Say Anything and Fall Out Boy. So many, but I think those are the biggest.
Jaime D: Both Say Anything and Fall Out Boy, for sure.
Adrian: Fall Out Boy.
Anton: Say Anything and Fall Out Boy, gotta be.
Lueda: I should have answered these questions sooner!
Steve: Easily Fall Out Boy.
Jason: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, Brand New, Thrice, Say Anything. They've all been very good to us.

At what age did each of you lose your virginity?

Julia: Not answering this question because my mom will probably forward this to my whole family.
Paul: Dawn Schweitzer is a fat virgin.
Anton: Looks like I'm the only one that has so far, score. 18.
Lueda: Anton is the only virgin on staff.
Eric: 18.
Jason: Younger than I should have.

Can you disclose any operating costs / revenues / profits for the site?

Anton: I earn a revenue of adoring fans!
Jason: I no longer know the operating costs, as that is handled by the accountants at Buzznet. Revenue is only raised via advertisements on the website. We also make some money from those "buy here" affiliate links around the website; however, I donate every penny raised from those links to charity.

How is it determined what bands/members get their user names in blue?

Julia: We usually set those up when we are doing a chat, so that they're easy to distinguish in the chat thread.
Adrian: Being signed to a record label is usually a distinguishing factor.
Jason: Their label and following on the website. I mean, we have to know who you are. Haha.

Was is it like to have a relationship with all of your favorite artists?
Scott W: Fucking awesome.
Julia: Never gets old. Makes everything worth it.
Jaime D: Incredible. Can't put it into words.
Anton: What everyone says. It is really indescribable to be able to contact your favorite band at a moment's notice and for them to treat you like an equal. I find it very difficult to not geek out in situations like these.
Lueda: It's just great.
Eric: Itís incredible to be able to offer feedback to people who really care about it! Iíve gotten some very appreciative emails so far, and Iím really just getting started.
Jason: Very satisfying and humbling.

Are the band interviews by the staff conducted online or in person?
Rich: It varies.
Julia: I do phone, in-person and online interviews. I prefer in-person interviews though.
Scott I: Two out of the three interviews I have done have been over the phone.
Jamie P: Both. And phoners too but Iím usually at work or in class so I donít do those often.
Lueda: It depends on how the band would rather do the interview. Mine have mostly been online and phone interviews.
Steve: In person are WAY better since it lets you roll with the questions/answers. It lets the interviews come out much smoother.

Jason, Mac or PC and why?

Drew: I love my Macbook, so I prefer it over PC, but I'm not going to say one is better than the other, just depends on what you use your computer for/what your preferences are.
Scott I: I own and use a PC, but would love to switch over to Mac if I had the money.
Paul: Mac. So much easier and less hassle.
Tristan: I like PC; I don't want to learn Mac and I've never had any problems.
Jamie P: Once you go mac, you never go back!
Lueda: I like my PC.
Jason: I own both (so I can see how AP works in a variety of different settings) - and I think both have pros and cons. However, from someone that spends countless hours on a computer a week - I would prefer to use a PC for most of my tasks and a Mac for basic web-browsing or checking email. Here's my reasoning: PC's are easier, for me, to multi-task on. Being able to use a task bar that puts all of my windows in an easy to read format is important to how I work. Having to minimize, or F11, or guess what each window is on the dock, isn't very convenient when I have so many different things open while trying to code/work/post/research/organize. The system I have set up on my desktop is just much - much easier to use. Again, this is for me. Some people are different and more power to them. I don't see any reason why someone can't enjoy both systems. There doesn't have to be a war. Both have pros and cons - neither is perfect. If I am laying in bed checking email and harassing people on AIM - I'll use my Macbook. If I am writing a new PHP script while fixing some things in Photoshop while browsing the website, RSS, my email, AIM, and doing research on improvements to the website -- I'll use my PC. Task management it just that much better for my needs.

Jason, how many songs are on your iPod? How many iPods do you own?
Drew: I have owned 4 iPods: 3rd generation 20 GB, 5th generation iPod Video 80 GB, iPod Touch 8 GB, and now my iPhone 3G.
Scott I: By my iTunes count, I have 4,141 songs at my fingertips, though a substantially larger CD collection because I don't feel the need to upload most of the junk I get sent.
Eric: 4 gigs.
Jason: I have 13,298 songs (66.50 gb) on my current iPod. I use the black 160 gb classic as my main music listening device. I also own one of the small silver clip-on shuffles for jogging. I have had two previous iPods that have been given to my parents and sister. This one, and this one. All of them still work, although the batteries no longer hold charges very well in the first two.

What is each of your Mega Tour consisting of:
1 headliner band active today
1 band that is defunct or no longer active
1 band that is not big yet but you want to break out
1 band that is underground/local that is not well known

Rich: My Bloody Valentine (technically active), The Dismemberment Plan, Pomegranates, and Algernon Cadwallader.
Joe: New Found Glory, Blink-182, Action Item, and Vivacity.
Scott W: Mxpx, Pink Floyd, Time to Fly, Lars Katz.
Drew: Saves The Day, At The Drive-In, Asteria, The Chemist vs. The Computer.
Blake: Anberlin, Park, Moving Mountains (relatively small still), Brave Citizens.
Julia: Manchester Orchestra, Hey Mercedes, Pompeii and Love&Reverie. Oh my god, just thinking about this gets me pumped.
Jaime D: Jimmy Eat World, Midtown, The Graduate, Lannen Fall.
Scott I: Joan of Arc, Street Smart Cyclist, Bound Stems, and Shh...This Is A Library.
Adrian: Brand New / The Get Up Kids / Manchester Orchestra / David Shultz and the Skyline.
Tristan: The Mars Volta, Sunny Day Real Estate, Zookeeper, The Bell Drive.
Chris: Less Than Jake. Marvelous 3. The Swellers. Five Cent Wing. I'd say that's a pretty good mixture of pop and punk.
Jamie P: Ben Folds, Blink 182, Valencia, and Lido Beach.
Anton: Jimmy Eat World, Midtown, Inept, The Speakeasy.
Travis: Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Bon Iver, Wild Sweet Orange.
Eric: Converge, Fugazi, Darker My Love, de Triomphe.
Jason: Brand New, Blink 182, Lydia, The Narrative. Blink would be the outcast here - but it would be great anyway.

What is the process in picking bands for the Absolute 100?

Rich: We each are allowed to pick any five bands we want and sometimes we get more choices depending on how many people are doing it or who wants to contribute more.
Julia: When we decide to start The Absolute 100, we each get an equal amount of bands to pick. And then as some staff members decide not to participate, we collectively start filling in the extra spots.

Jason, do you go out and buy the music you get sent. Like if a band sends you a early cd, do you still buy it on release day?

Jason: Depends on the release and the version of the CD I get sent. Sometimes I really want the artwork - and then I will if I only get an advance. Also depends on how much I like the band.
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09:13 PM on 10/26/08
Don't give me no hand me down love.
User Info.
Klatzke's Avatar
And thus, i reach the end.

Good work.
09:25 PM on 10/26/08
User Info.
TheDillon's Avatar
hahah this was awesome and fun to read
09:26 PM on 10/26/08
MO/AGO/LP fan.
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avowtostay's Avatar
Wooo, I'm looking forward to some new MO too :)
09:36 PM on 10/26/08
You're the one I like the best.
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Jessooker's Avatar
Haha Jason, I feel special.
09:53 PM on 10/26/08
i can spell confusion with a K.
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danielinskeep's Avatar
Jason: Brand New, Blink 182, Lydia, The Narrative. Blink would be the outcast here - but it would be great anyway.
If only, if only...
09:53 PM on 10/26/08
Said Ripley to the android Bishop
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amorning_ofsleep's Avatar
Fun read.

It's good to see that other people have heard The Narrative.
09:54 PM on 10/26/08
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birtcho's Avatar
that was a good read
10:12 PM on 10/26/08
Dorsey / Andy
User Info.
midtown4657's Avatar
dammit. i can't find anton's Can't Hardly Wait reference. i need to get my chops back up to par on that movie.
10:15 PM on 10/26/08
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newfoundmichael's Avatar
Fuck guys, I was supposed to be doing homework and now it's past midnight. Haha, it was a great read though.
10:19 PM on 10/26/08
is looking for that clearer water
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bduke13's Avatar
Paul: Dawn Schweitzer is a fat virgin.
hahahahha that made me laugh out loud. I love that movie! (no homo)
10:43 PM on 10/26/08
John is a cult
insidethetargetcar.bandca mp.com
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John is a cult's Avatar
finally got to the end! I'm kinda new here, but i've been reading for years. just started posting not to long ago.
good work, and classy answers lol
11:01 PM on 10/26/08
Registered User
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absolutecrunnk's Avatar
absolute great read love the behind the scenes info
11:08 PM on 10/26/08
Hurry up with my damn croissant
User Info.
RunningFool's Avatar
That was a lot.
11:11 PM on 10/26/08
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themadsilentist's Avatar
Ye gods, that was a monster. My weekly reviews are officially late now. You guys are a terrible influence.
Really interesting, though. Thanks for taking the time to do it!

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