Long Shot Hero - 03.31.05

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Long Shot Hero - 03.31.05First off, thanks a bunch for doing this. Why don't you start by telling the readers who you are and what you do in Long Shot Hero ?

My name is Chris. I sing, and dance like a retard.

Haha, right on. Well nice to have you. So, lets get right into it. What can you tell us about the new album coming soon ?

It's the greatest piece of musical anything that this band has ever put out. It's a 10 song full length called "Regrets No More", coming out May 22nd. It's turning out better than we could have ever imagined. This studio and our producer, Richard Gavalis (he also produced "hooray for boobies") are both amazing. It rips the balls off our EP.

I can't wait. Now, what's the sound on it like ? Does it stray away from what we've come to expect from long shot hero or basically follow the same format ?

It's a really interesting mix. There are 6 "punk with horns" songs and 4 "ska punk" style songs with upbeats. In terms of what you've come to expect from LSH, we're hoping that this cd transcends anything and everything you've ever thought we were possible of. You know, in a good way. Haha. What do you think, you heard that one track? It's soooo much more less pussy than our last cd, while retaining the same fun catchy pop-punk feel.

Well, I only heard it a few minutes ago, so I haven't had time to let it sink in. Let's just say, I think people are going to like it.

We'll take that.

What was it like working with a new producer this time around ? How was it different from when you recorded your EP ?

It was world of difference. Our last producer didn't do ANYTHING. Our new producer is so incredible, he really knows the sound that we're going for and is really working with us on new ideas, and ways to get our sound to the next level. Also, i've never seen someone edit so quickly. We've basically tracked the whole cd in like 3 weeks. Roughly 4 days a week for like 5 hours. So, we're hauling ass recording, mostly because our producer is the man. Also, the faster you get stuff done, the less you have to pay by the hour which is a bonus since the band is roughly 14 trillion skillion dollars in debt.

That's always a big help. So, does the band have any big plans for the remainder of 2005 ?


Would you care to tell us ? Or are your plans to take over the world a secret ? Haha.

Haha. Yeah, sorry. I typed like a 4 year old blind kid. On May 22nd, the new cd drops. This summer we're touring coast to coast for a month, I believe, and trying to get some label attention through some people we've been talking to. Just stepping up our game, in general. The rest of 2005 is going to be sweet as hell for us. We're trying to get on Warped Tour somehow too. That never works for us for some reason, but oh well.

Speaking of Warped Tour ? Are there any bands on the bill this year that you've just been dying to play alongside ?

Umm, I don't even know who the hell is on Warped Tour this year. Is Big D on it ? If so, them.

Yeah, Big D are playing the entire thing I believe.

Our friends in ASOB will probably end up on the Warped Tour somehow too, so them. Yeah, I have a mcboner for Dave Mcwain. And just all the bands in general I grew up listening to. We already played with MXPX, that fulfilled one big fantasy.

Must've been a pretty sweet experience. What's some crazy experiences you've had on the road thus far ?

Oh man, hmm. Besides not showering for days at a time and playing drunken video games at 24 hour Walmarts at 3am. Someone took a shit in a urinal somewhere in Tennesee on our last tour. And I fell on a skateboard doing at least 3 million miles an hour at Duke University and fucked my whole arm up. In Georgia, I hit Jeff Rosenstock from ASOB in the balls the first day I met him. That was funny. In Alabama some kid came to a party at our hotel after the show and took out his fake eye. That was interesting.

Haha. Awesome. So, you mentioned a summer tour in the works ? Are there any bands you're planning on hitting the road with there ?

Umm, yeah. We were supposed to go out with one band, but they dicked us over. So we met this band from Jersey the other day called Dirty Larry, and we were just like "Hey, you guys seem nice. We have a tour booked. Wanna come?" Haha, and they were really fired up. So I think them. Then we all got drunk together in West Chester to celebrate. Also, we talked about doing some dates with Overise. They're our friends from WC, not sure what's happening with that.

Ah, West Chester. The land that i've come to call "Long Shot Hero land". Seriously, everytime I hear the name I think of LSH. What's your hometown been like to you guys (and girls) ?

Umm, funny story. When the band first started, a lot of the original members were from Landsdale, PA. But after a bunch of lineup changes, West Chester became our hometown. Which is good because me, Kaity, Kate, and Doug all live here, and that's 4/6 of the band (or 66.66666666666666666666666666666666 66666% for those of you keeping score). We always hang out here, go to the bars here, and play to our hometown crowd here. I love everything about West Chester. Except when the jackass guys show up to the bar and take all the women. Haha, but they're nice guys. Speaking of bars, i'd like to give an official thank you and shout out to 15 North, Kildares, Baxters, and Jakes - 4 fine drinking establishments in this town.

You mean the ladies don't flock to the frontman. The man with the mic. C'mon, how's your girl situation, Chris?

My girl situation is horrendous as always. If you're a girl, please don't get involved with me, I always wind up fucking something up. Wow, I sound like a whining emo bitch. Haha, but it's true, i'm my own worst enemy with that. Joel just got dumped though, so ladies...go get em. He's a good kid.

Haha, it's alright. I'm the same. Oh well. Anyways, I won't keep you any longer. Do you have any last words for the ladies (and our readers) ?

No, but I do have some last words for anyone and everyone that has ever listened to our music, supported us, or came to a show....THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING THESE 6 PEOPLE TO PURSUE OUR DREAMS and basically just thanks to AP.net and all the sites that help us out. And our graphic desinger and DVD guy. Both of whom are working for free.

Well, thanks again man, and good luck with everything.

Thanks to you, Bran. You da man.

Nice rhyme. See you.



This interview was conducted with Chris Irons of Long Shot Hero on Wednesday, March 30th, 2005.
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