The Letters Organize - 04.03.05

Interviewed by
The Letters Organize - 04.03.05So what is The Letters Organized all about?

pretty much, writing music for us, music that we would want to hear.

Any significance behind the band name?

i am not sure, donnie our drummer called me one day a long time ago and
said, "hey, i was working and i came up with the name the letters
organize." the band agreed on it, and he just sorta keeps the meaning to

The debut full-length "Dead Rhythm Machine" was just released. How does it
feel to finally have the album out?

amazing, we have been doing stuff for so long ourselves, out of our van,
or just touring and working very hard...it feels good to have acomplished
something that feels larger than us. also, we are all very stunned with
how good the album sounds, it really captured the sound of what we do,
which has always been a problem with us on record.

It was released on Nitro Records. How did you guys go about getting signed
with them?

last year, we opened a show at sxsw for sparta...actually, alternative
press set it up for us. after the show, nitro and a couple of other labels
approched us, and nitro sounded like the best option.

What is the whole concept behind the album artwork?

well, rob dobi did it...which was a gigantic deal for those of us that
have been fans of his for sometime. we have always done our own artwork,
and when it was suggested that someone else do it, the only thing we could
do to give ideas of direction was..."we like art work to look how the
music sounds." that is exactly what he did.

Who would you say are some of your biggest musical influences?

the obvious like refused, led zepplin, nirvana...mostly older acts like
frank zappa, mc5...but i can't leave out, jr ewing. actually we are sorta
all over the place, from radiohead, to black flag.

If you were asked to describe what your band sounds like or what other
band is compared to you, what would you say?

if you could have a sound track to a panic attack...that is the best we
could do.

Since the album just came out, are there any big tours or plans for the
coming year to help support it?

we are not really sure about that, this year is pretty much nothing but
tour, and we are going to europe at the end of the year. actually, i am
touring right now. as far as big plans go, there is talk, but i can't say
for certain.

What are you favorite movies of all time?

the big lebowski, a clockwork orange, fight club, igby goes down, requiem
for a dream, trainspotting.

You guys are rockstars, I am sure you guys have had some crazy things
happen to you on the road. Is there one that sticks out above the rest?

we are not rockstars..but, we still have had some stupid things go wrong
on the road...from ben, the other in the dark member of our band almost
jummping off of niagra falls in a drunking rage, to our trailor wheel
blowing off and our trailor going up in a blaze. one day, we will write a
widely unpopular book with all of our stories.

Have you already started writing stuff for the next album?

sorta, we have about 2 or 3 songs in the works.

What do you think of the music industry and the direction it is going in?

it is really boring to me. there is nothing that stirkes me as good, and
by the chance that something does sound good...no one cares because there
is not some 80 year old man telling them to like it. i feel the way about
music today they way that most bands must have felt about hair metal in
seattle in 87.

How do you feel about album leaking and downloading?

i don't really mind it.

Where does the band want to be in 10 years?

if we are still around in 10 years, surviving with integrity

Well, I guess that's about it. Do you have anything you would like to say
to the readers out there in AP land?

listen to black sabbath.
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10:41 AM on 04/06/05
Registered User
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some of the most real guys out there. the albums great.
10:56 AM on 04/06/05
romantic rights
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romantic rights's Avatar
one kick ass band with one kick ass album
12:26 PM on 04/06/05
keep cool, but care
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projectmayhem16's Avatar
awesome interview for an awesome band

sorry I just had to keep that little thing going :animateds

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